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GIANT Whether you opt for a juice-only detox or simply want to introduce some vital nutrients into your diet, Matt Guy Wright has some juicing advice for you


o juice or not to

Gwyneths, the Stellas and the

a ‘modern’ diet can do wonders

juice? That is the

Siennas can live off juice, juice

inside and out – a bit like a

question. Juicing

and only juice every single day

colonic irrigation, but without

has now got serious

without suffering the slightest

the embarrassment of it all.

– it’s big money and like all

craving for a Greggs pasty or an

things, when they become part

M&S cheese sarnie. These stars

of juicing is that you infuse

of the mainstream zeitgeist,

don’t do middle ground. Oh no.

your cells with those magical

controversy soon follows. The

They turned kale from cow chow

enzymes, micronutrients and

benefits of juicing are now a

into the rock star vegetable and

phytonutrients, which get

highly contentious issue in the

there’s no going back now.

destroyed in cooking.

media. While some ‘experts’ say

We have reached new territory

The other main advantage

With juicing there is no ‘one

it is the best thing since sliced

in juicing so don’t even think

size fits all’, so the best way to

bread (although they wouldn’t

about filling your body with one

approach it is to find what works

be caught dead eating it) others

of those banana and strawberry

for you. You can do a juice-only

are now saying that juicing is, at

smoothies in the shops that are

programme for five, 10, 15 days

best, a waste of time and at worst,

more sugar-laden than a can of

or more, or you can just commit

actually bad for you.

coke. If your juice doesn’t contain

to replacing one meal daily with

So what’s the answer? Juicing,

at least three plants you’ve never

a juice. But the real point is to get

in my experience, is very good for

heard of that grow somewhere on

more nutrients – in their purest

detoxing and cleansing the body,

a mountain then frankly, you’re

form – into your body.

losing weight and giving your

just an amateur.

skin that radiant healthy glow.

Some critics of juicing say

Now talking of pure, the purest of purists who worship at the

But how much is too much? That

that it depletes our bodies of

altar of the juicer, maximise

depends on how driven you are to

fibre, but for me, that’s the whole

their intake of all things good

look and feel your best. How can

point. Essentially, you’re giving

and glorious by adding some key

you unleash your inner goddess

your body a chance to ‘rest’ by

superfoods. These can be bought

without becoming a bona fide

introducing only liquids. You

in powder form and dissolve in

total juice bore?

don’t want to do that forever but

water, ideal for those who haven’t

giving your body a short break

the time or inclination to become

from the hard work of digesting

a true juicing devotee.

Yes, we all know that the Madonnas, Angelinas and the

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