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Be beach ready Don’t let a holiday undo all your hard work: personal trainer Matt Guy Wright has seven easy exercises you can do to stay trim and toned while you’re away


ummertime – and the livin’ is easy, apparently. But summertime can be anything but easy, as this is August, the ultimate month of leisure, vacations and fun in the sun – and we’re forced to get our flesh out. Perhaps you have the body you deserve, and now it’s on full show. I know the words ‘workout on vacation’ may sound blasphemous to some of you, but taking a quick 10-20 minutes out of your morning to break a sweat will leave you looking that bit more toned as well as feeling that bit more energised for the rest of the day (and less guilty when you tuck into those countless wines, beers, mojitos, and loaded plates later). You know you’re going to be exposed every day in front of

strangers, with only a skimpy swimsuit to camouflage your birthday suit. But panic not. Here are my top seven travel exercises, designed to hit every part of your body – and the beauty of these exercises is that you can do them anywhere. No gym required!

1. THE PLANK Targets: your core strength from head to toe, abs, back and waistline. Lie on the floor face down. Cross your hands, keeping your forearms and toes on the ground then elevate yourself up. Pull in the abs and hold very still for 60 seconds. Repeat five times a day. Top tip: raise one leg high for 30 seconds each side during the plank to work your abs a little harder.

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2. MARCHING LUNGES Targets: thighs, butt and core. Standing bolt upright, lift one foot high and in one large stride, plant it on the ground as far in front of you as possible. Establish your balance then vertically descend until your back knee touches the ground. Hold for five seconds then stride forward, powering yourself with your rear leg. Each lunge moves into the next without the moving foot touching the ground until you’re into the next position. March for ten lunges per set, and do four sets in total. Top tip: think like a soldier – keep your upper body standing to attention throughout this set and never let your knees protrude over the front of your toes.

3. PUSH-UPS Targets: chest, biceps and core strength. A few push-ups will pump up your chest and arms in no time at all so do these often, several times a day. Top tip: the slower you go, the harder you work your muscles. Do one push-up in 30 seconds if you want to make it intense!


Targets: centre of the chest, triceps and shoulders. Place your feet on a bed, low wall or sturdy chair. Place your hands on the floor so you’re at a declining angle. Push only your forefingers and thumbs together so they form a perfect diamond

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