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WEST HOVE October 2017 ISSUE 77



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WELCOME TO OCTOBER IN WEST HOVE! Summer has now receded into the past and autumn is well and truly upon us, the days are shortening and temperatures are getting lower. On 29th October the clocks change and it’s dark from late afternoon. However no need to feel down…The West Hove Directory has just arrived full of local news and items for your enjoyment!! We invite you to make a cuppa and take a 10 minute break, put your feet up and have a read through your local magazine and see what you find!! We are really interested in your feedback on what you might like to see in The West Hove Directory. We really want to make the publication as useful and interesting as possible so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell us what you want!! We do strive to include as much local 3 – to let us content as possible but we do rely on you – the residents know what is happening so don’t be shy, drop us a line! Have a great October!! The West Hove Directory team


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With even more brand new facilities, Hove Village is Hove’s creative day nursery. Get month Get one month FREE FREE childcare childcare when when you you register register now. now. 01273 358 589 With even more brand new facilities, Hove Village is Hove’s creative day nursery. toOne advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021 free childcare applies to new customers only who register their child between 17th August 2017 358 and 16th October 2017. The 01273 589 Getmonth one month FREE childcare when you register now. 01273 358 589 month 7 regular childcare fees will be waived. Does not apply to sessions booked as extras. Registration fee is £50. Other terms and


Meet a very busy West Hove resident...

LOCAL PERSON – PRIYA DESHINGKAR Priya Deshingkar lives in Westbourne Villas. She is a chef and also a migration research scholar. How long have you lived in West Hove? I have lived in West Hove for the past seven years. I used to live in Brighton in the Hanover area but we moved here to a bigger family home. I was brought up in Delhi but have a longstanding bond with 5 Britain: I was born here when my father was a student in London. I spent my teens in India but then moved back to pursue a PhD at the University of Sussex where I met my husband and made the UK my home. I would describe myself as an Anglophile Indian! What do you like about the area? West Hove is the perfect place to live with a rare combination of peace and quiet and the bustle of a vibrant


Doors and Conservatories

city. Totally suited to a culture fiend and literate foodie like myself - everything I enjoy is within easy reach including restaurants, libraries, the cinema, theatre, the sea and the wonderful Sussex countryside. It is the most culturally diverse place that I have ever lived in and where I have felt that I can be myself. Tell us about your work... I wear two hats: I am a senior research scholar at the University of Sussex, leading a seven year research programme on migration and poverty in the Global South. I am also a cook, bringing home-cooked Indian food through monthly supperclubs and popups to Hove through my company Deccan Tiffin. How did you come to be a chef? I have always been a foodie and come from a long line of food lovers. My father’s family were Zamindars in Southern Maharashtra where the cuisine was purely vegetarian but highly sophisticated. Many other influences have shaped my journey with food including extensive travelling with parents when I was a child. In my adult years I spent 12 years in Hyderabad which is the home to Nizami and coastal Andhra cuisine.

FREEPHONE 0800 0961696

Factory & Showroom: Units 4, 5 and 6, Southern Cross Industrial Estate, Freemans Road, Portslade. BN41 1GS

I am often asked why I started the food business when I already had an established career as an academic. The turning point came for me some years ago when I had a serious health problem and had a brush with death. I had always dreamed of starting a food business and that was the now or never moment. There are limits to what I can do because I have a full time job but come the weekend, I am immersed in food! I run a monthly Maharani Supperclub at my residence or popups in different locations around the city. To find out more, visit my website

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J.H. BRICKWORK Interior Design & Fashion

THE ONE & ONLY LAURA ASHLEY store in Brighton & Hove




07539280253 / 01273 832558 J.H.BRICKWORK@OUTLOOK.COM

Furniture • Decorating • Fashion

Visit & enjoy an illy Coffee


01273 933 480 6

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A hand-tinted colour postcard showing Station Road, c1907. The Railway Inn can be seen on the right. ©Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove


TEDxBrighton 2017 Wonderland? 150x107 SUSSEX.pdf




Friday 20 October Brighton Dome

Tickets £45 ConcessionS £38 on sale now on Eventbrite


/TEDxBrighton @TEDxBrighton @TEDxBrighton Please send local articles about local events and items of interest to


l ia ec rs Sp ffe o

Say goodbye to being overweight once and for all! Hands up all those who feel they’re in a constant battle to achieve a healthy and sustainable body weight. How many diets have you tried and failed, feeling totally frustrated and not knowing what to do next? Having had a weight problem for 35 years, Rachel was desperate to find a way of being able to lose weight once and for all. ‘I had just about resigned myself to the fact that I would be overweight for the rest of my life, when I came across the principles of the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. I followed these and to my amazement, I lost 3 stone in just over 3 months and then went on to successfully maintain my weight. The relief was enormous to have found something that finally worked for me.’ Rachel became passionate about wanting to help as many people as possible with their weight problems, which led her to become a qualified weight loss consultant. In the last 14 years, she has helped over 5,000 clients from all walks of life to help bring their dieting days to an end once and for all. ‘My clients’ ages range from 8 years to 90 years old, so there is hope for everyone!’

‘This isn’t an open-ended slimming club,’ says Rachel. ‘We set your target weight at the beginning and then get on with the business of helping you lose the weight, addressing any difficulties along the way, then we concentrate on keeping it off – for good!’ For those who are not able to visit, a very successful remote support service is provided throughout the UK - distance is no object!

“Your support was invaluable and made it possible for me to lose 3 stones. My health, energy levels and selfesteem have all improved. Thank you so much." Joanne from Surrey.

One of the popular aspects of the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is there’s nothing faddish about it. There are no meal replacements, diet shakes or diet pills. All the foods on the programme are easily obtainable. Clients frequently say just how easy it is to follow, they don’t feel hungry and are not having to constantly battle with cravings. The four stages of the programme are tailored as necessary to provide the maximum results for each client. Rachel and her team give weekly one-to-one consultations, guiding you through the programme with personalised support, lots of empathy and total conviction in the success of the programme. Email support is available in between consultations.


Rachel Ricketts, Weight Loss Consultant

Clients often comment on how impressed their doctors are with their results. ‘My doctor is very happy– I’ve been able to come off blood pressure and cholesterol medication,’ says one. Another doctor said, ‘All my lady patients on thyroid medication are struggling to lose weight, but you’ve lost 2 ½ stone despite being on thyroxin – well done!’

With an average weight loss of 7-14lb a month for clients and hundreds of hand written testimonials, Rachel’s results speak for themselves. ‘I see real results daily, time after time I see people’s lives change in front of me.’

Rachel offers free consultations for those who are wanting to lose their weight once and for all.

Rachel Ricketts 01342 327396 Email

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Local news...

UPDATE FROM THE FRIENDS OF HOVE LAGOON Friends of Hove Lagoon’s (FoHL) aim is to protect and promote the Lagoon area as a destination amenity without undue detriment to the interests of local residents. To this end, we encourage local residents and businesses to join our Supporters’ list (we are up to 130 names), hold regular Committee meetings at the Big Beach Café, which are open to all Supporters 9 and hold one or two general meetings a year. Our Committee comprises resident and business representatives who were voted in at our AGM in January. Since then (and with our aim always in mind), we have informed/lobbied for/influenced and intervened in a number of matters affecting the Lagoon, many of which those of you who use the Lagoon will be aware of. These include the new children’s play area, the adult gym, the less than successful cleaning of the two Lagoon pools in March, “Littergate” (or the strange disappearance of the litter bins resulting in a rubbish-strewn Lagoon), graffiti and vandalism, a successful Lagoon litter and weeding clean-up and an upcoming art installation and meadow planting project on the Wharf Road butterfly bank. We have also received a grant from the West Hove Forum to enhance the planting on the Lagoon’s north bank. Our two most ambitious plans are: 1. A landscaping project using grasses and native plants and 2. Lagoonfest 2018. We have become involved in activities that support our aims and bring benefits to Hove Lagoon. These include attendance at, for example, West Hove Forum and similar groups’ meetings and lobbying for Hove


We can Clear, Clean, Repair or Replace

0790 002 0039

Lagoon to be included in new initiatives such as the BTN Bikeshare scheme and the B&HCC CityClean #StreetsAheadCampaign. We are taking the opportunity to publicise FoHL at the Lagoon whenever we can, so look out for the FoHL (well, Liz’s actually) gazebo when you visit – we may be there! We had a very successful day at our gazebo on 9th September telling users of the Lagoon about FoHL and recruiting them to our Supporter & Volunteer list. Up to now we have been operating on a shoe string and a few small donations. However, in order to develop our plans further we need to raise funds and find some sponsors. We also need more volunteers to help us with our activities. If you would like to help us with any of these, or would like to be added to our Supporters’ list, please do let me know. Sue Johnson, Secretary (email) (website) @friendsofhovelagoon (Facebook) @LagoonHove (Twitter)

Salon 65 65 Sackville Road

Now under new management. We are open Tuesday to Saturday, so please come down and meet the new team. Produce this advert to receive your 10% discount for the month of October 2017... This can be used against either a hair or nail treatment.

Call JULIE on 01273 771845

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Quality Kitchen Facelifts

Re-freshup your kitchen Brighten your kitchen this summer ready for Christmas...

Why replace when you can reface?

Est. 1999

• Senior citizens discount • 50% deposit, balance on • completion Installed by local skilled tradesman

Call The Showroom For a Free Estimate:

01273 415 141

Visit our Showroom: Dream Doors Hove & Brighton, 50 Boundary Road, Hove, BN3 4EF

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Here’s a treat for classical music lovers...

BRIGHTON EARLY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2017 27TH OCTOBER TO 12TH NOVEMBER It’s only a short bus ride to some excellent music this autumn! There will be three long weekends of concerts in venues around Brighton & Hove, including two new productions of early operas. The theme of this year’s Brighton Early Music Festival (BREMF) is “Roots - discovering the tangled origins of classical music”. The festival will explore the origins of some of classical music’s best-loved forms, with over 30 events taking place across the city. Flagship events include two new opera productions – Monteverdi’s Orfeo and Rameau’s Pygmalion which ‘bookend’ the early period of operatic development. Orfeo will be staged at The Old Market in Hove in11 a new production by Thomas Guthrie, and will feature a cast of talented young singers headed by tenor Rory Carver as Orfeo. Pygmalion, at the University of Brighton’s Sallis Benney Theatre, will be presented in a new staging by Karolina Sofulak, in collaboration with the baroque group Ensemble Molière. The development of early oratorio is explored by Musica Poetica, culminating in a performance of Carissimi’s poignantly beautiful Jephte (4th November, St George’s Church). The festival ends with a rousing performance of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio (12th November, St Martin’s Church). Folk enthusiasts can enjoy performances by Old Blind Dogs with singer Siobhan Miller (collaborating with L’Avventura London, 27th October, St George’s Church), and The Askew Sisters (2nd November, Ropetackle Arts Centre). Families are catered for with OAE TOTS concerts for pre-schoolers (pre-festival, 7th October, Friends Meeting House) and Tales in Music: The Pigeon & The Albatross (for 5-11 year olds), a family concert with the Little Baroque Company (11th November, Komedia Studio & South Portslade Community Centre, Church Road, Portslade). For those who prefer to attend daytime events, there are matinée performances of both Pygmalion and

The Little Baroque Company perform a family concert at South Portslade Community Centre

Orfeo, and each weekend provides at least one lunchtime recital. Tickets start at just £5 and can be booked online at the festival website - (no booking fee) or via Brighton Dome Ticket Office (01273 709709). You can also request a festival brochure and join the mailing list via the festival website or by phoning 01273 833746.


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BLOCK PAVING SLABBING Fencing TARMACCADAM Jet washing Landscaping JET WASHING LANDSCAPING FENCING TURFING GRAVELLING We provide high quality new driveways, patios and landscaping at prices you can afford. We have many years experience in providing new driveways and patios giving you the peace of mind that our experienced staff will install and finish your new driveway or patio to the highest possible standards.

Office: 01273 256738 Mob: 07585 879 621

Cover all parts of Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas 12 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021


This is a great idea from a West Hove resident...

SAVING THE PLANET... ONE PUMPKIN AT A TIME! About this time last year I read an article in a publication I like, Positive News. They only report positive news from around the world as an antidote to all the negative news we are regularly fed in the press.


It told me that each year, in the UK alone, 18,000 tons of pumpkins go to landfill after their brief time in the spotlight on 31st October.

Were you satisfied with your body on holiday?

John Joseph Williams – Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant

I felt this was a terrible waste of all the energy it takes to grow them so I decided to ask my neighbours to help me give them some more ‘life’. I put a poster in my window asking my neighbours to please not ‘Dump their Pumpkins’ after Halloween but leave them on my front path to be composted in my garden bin. This was a huge success! I woke up on 1st November to a few on my doorstep already. They looked great with the autumn sun shining on them and we could all appreciate the amazing diversity of designs people had carved into them. As fast as I took them away more appeared and this went on for over a week. My compost worms had the feast of their lives and my garden plants subsequently benefited all year. This year I plan to repeat my request for my neighbours’ used pumpkins but with the added ‘ask’ that they let me have their pumpkin scoopings once they are carved so that I can run a Halloween Pumpkin Soup and Cookies Kitchen outside my house for hungry trickor-treaters on the night. I will ask people to bring their scoopings in old ice cream containers so that I can freeze them until ‘Bake Off’ time.

Contact me now for your one-to-one consultation: Mobile: 07504 413985 Home: 01273 706641 Email:

So please, if you can, get more life from your pumpkins. How about trying this in your own street? Small hungry mouths will be waiting for my neighbours’ pumpkins from 31st October. That’s the worms in the compost as well as my neighbours’ kids. Sue Milner

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If you need to contact your local councillor...

Worried about


Inheritance Tax?

The Conservative councillors for Wish ward, Garry Peltzer Dunn and Robert Nemeth, hold an advice surgery on Saturday 14th October (the second Saturday in the month) as follows: 9am-10am: 234 New Church Road 10am-11am: Sanders House, Ingram Crescent 11am-12 noon: The Hive café, Stoneham Park No appointments are required and if anyone is unable to get to the surgery venues the councillors are very happy to visit your home. You can also email them at: or The Westbourne councillors hold a surgery on Friday 13th October (the second Friday of each month) at Hove Museum: 4pm-5pm: Cllr Tom Bewick (Labour) 5pm-6pm: Cllr Denise Cobb (Conservative) You can also email them at: or

Ask the experts

Your trusted local advisers Established for over 30 years £180 million of funds managed for our satisfied clients

Call one of our Inheritance Tax team today for a FREE telephone consultation on 01273 921990 Square One Wealth Management, 117 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2AF Telephone: 01273 921990 Email: and regulated the Financial Conduct stAuthorised philips adv4 by3/2/15 17:03Authority. Page 1

St. Philips Church Hall Church Hall available for parties, events, wedding receptions & family parties 

Use of kitchen

Wheelchair access and toilet facilities

Tables and chairs available

Off-road parking

Please call the Church Hall Lettings Department on 07808 154203 St. Philips Church Hall

New Church Road, Hove

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Where in West Hove were these photos taken?


Answers for last month’s pictures:


1. Road sign for New Church Road on the corner of Westbourne Gardens 2. Golden lion above the entrance to Lion Mews off Richardson Road 3. Giant Twister ice cream lolly outside The View café on the seafront

Relax in Comfort


with a new

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Walking Aids

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110 Warren Road Woodingdean BN2 6BA

18 Boundary Road Hove BN3 4EF

Opposite Sussex Nuffield

Opposite Kwik-Fit

01273 69 22 44

01273 424 224

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Save Madeira Terrace er b m e g v r o o . N e c a 30 r r e r e t o f a ir be e e d g a d m e e Pl v a s . w at ww

Help restore Brighton seafront’s historic terrace for future generations 16 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021


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01273 303842 18 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021


News from the Secret Garden Group of a Halloween event...

TRICK OR TREAT EVENT TUESDAY 31ST OCTOBER, 4PM UNTIL 6PM The Secret Garden will be hosting another Trick or Treat event this year. There will plenty of treats and spooky nonsense. It is fun and suitable for children of all ages. Drop in as part of your ‘trick or treat’ evening. Watch out for candles and trip hazards and things that go bump in the night! Donations to the Secret Garden Group are very welcome, but this is a free event. If you have any spare Halloween decorations please bring them along before the event and leave in our greenhouse. We will give a small prize to the best Halloween decoration/pumpkin brought along on 19 the evening. We will be taking photos that may be published so let us know if you object. For more information on this event or information on joining the Secret Garden Group please email: Volunteer days are Wed and Sat, 11am until 2pm. Behind St Leonard’s Church (through the eerie graveyard), New Church Road. Bring a torch - it gets dark!!!

Local development news...

SACKVILLE HOTEL ... DECISION DEFERRED A decision on whether to grant planning permission for a new development at the former Sackville Hotel site (189 Kingsway) was deferred by the council’s Planning Committee at their meeting in September. • Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Deputyships • Family Law (Divorce, Dissolution, Pre-Nups, Financial disputes, Children matters) • Residential Conveyancing and Commercial Conveyancing, shop & lease sales • Personal injury - all forms of accident claims • Defending DWP Benefit Fraud investigations, Interviews under caution & Prosecutions • Criminal and Road Traffic Defence advice • Civil litigation / Debt recovery

Call or email us today on:

tel: 01273 734 600

email: web: 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB

The site is within the Sackville Gardens Conservation Area and has been empty since the hotel was demolished following a fire in 2006. The development, by Hyde Housing, would be eight storeys high (26 metres tall), with the top storey set back, and it would step down to five storeys on its eastern elevation on Sackville Gardens. (A previous application for a 17-storey building was withdrawn in 2016, following strong opposition from local residents.) There would be 60 flats, including five affordable rented units, with 27 car parking spaces and 80 cycle parking spaces. Some of the councillors were happy with the new design, saying it was much improved, but others thought it was too tall. Cllr Lynda Hyde said she thought the north elevation was “diabolical” but overall she would be pleased to see the site developed. The decision was deferred due to concerns by councillors over the way in which the amount of viable affordable housing had been calculated.

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Nosce Te Ipsum

Challenging our pupils to become the best version of themselves

6 months to 11 years 30 hours funding available in the Nursery

Everyday is open day! Come and see our newly refurbished school.

Tel: 01273 418984

30 Hours free childcare coming soon! Use your free hours between 8:30am-5:30am Monday-Friday

Nosce Te Ipsum

N An exceptional nursery







An independent nursery and school situated in Hove 6 months - 11 years

Large sunny rooms • French and music sessions • Full timetable of activities • Term-time only option

Please visit our website or telephone 01273 418984 for more information and to book a visit. 195 New Church Rd, Hove BN3 4ED 20 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021


This is a great new local venture...

CYCLING WITHOUT AGE...BRIGHTON AND HOVE A non-profit volunteer group, we are a local chapter of the global initiative ‘Cycling Without Age’. Our volunteer cycle-pilots take local elders and care home residents out on ‘Trishaw’ cycle rides to feel the wind in their hair!  We do not receive any funding from the global initiative. We raise all funds for cycles and running costs ourselves. We bring generations closer together using very special Trishaws (three-wheel cycles with a passenger cab out front). They have electrical power assist, so no need to be super-sporty to be a volunteer cycle pilot.  Our principles are generosity, slow cycling, storytelling, relationships and community. Our rides are comfortable, fun, fully insured and free. They enable people to experience the city and nature close-up from the bicycle. There’s opportunity to regain social connection and for people to tell their story in the environment where they have lived their lives. 21 Our work builds bridges between generations and reinforces trust, respect and the social glue of our society. Our cycle pilots and passengers alike enjoy the physical and emotional wellbeing benefits.  The joy of riding in the Trishaw cab stimulates spirits to fly and stories to flow!  We’re not short of volunteers, 125 have signed up to be volunteer cycle pilots already! A success in 26 other countries and about to start in many other UK locations – we know our rides really make a big difference. Brighton and Hove Council’s Older People’s Housing Manager is a fan and 100% backs this initiative.

A trishaw ride along Hove seafront

We have one Trishaw cycle in operation and a second on the way. We hope to gain three more via fundraising and sponsorship this autumn. We can then offer 2-3 rides per day, seven days a week, year-round. We’d like to achieve 4,000 rides a year!

Your local experts in... Based in HOVE • Tree surgery • Lawn installations • Garden Restorations • Lawn mowing services • Zero Maintenance gardens fully insured and licensed Jonathan Ellman- Brown 01273 239100 / 07876 593896

How you can help - Recommend elder passengers or care home residents to us. - Follow us and share our posts: Social media has brought in all our volunteers, many new passengers and supporters. Your shares really help us: - Facebook: Cycling Without Age Brighton & Hove - Twitter & Instagram: @cwabrighton - Do you have a garage/lock up we could store a Trishaw cycle in? - Could your company sponsor a Trishaw cycle? Naming and branding included! Contact us:

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Funeral Celebrant

22 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021

 WHD October 2017


... weather’s fine e th ile h w , e graded Now’s the tim serviced or up , d e k c e h c m Get your syste Boiler installations, service & repairs Energy efficiency specialists Multi zone smart systems

company company

Hot water storage solutions Smart heating installers

Chris 07595 307962 Dan 07720 058782 24 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021



off your hot water and heating costs with a unique Solar Assisted Heat Pump Your local electrical company is delighted to introduce the latest unique concept in affordable, renewable energy...

Call 07497568082 email Please see our website for more details

Wills & Estate Planning Probate Administration Lasting Powers of Attorney Business Continuity Advice Debt Recovery Management Contract/Policy Drafting and Review Business Wills & Lasting Powers of Attorney LEGAL ADVICE & GUIDANCE SERVICE

Basepoint Business Centre, Little High Street, Shoreham by Sea, BN43 5EG Suite 6, 10 Churchill Square, Kings Hill, West Malling, ME19 4YU 01273 610001 01732 31 6000 HOME VISITS AVAILABLE Diligent Law is a trading style of Diligent Law Limited (Company No. 08879093) Diligent Law is a trading style of Diligent Law Limited (Company No. 08879093)

 WHD October 2017




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Hovian Walkers Meet at King Alfred car park on the seafront at the end of King’s Esplanade; 7.15am-8am Red Jelly Playgroup 10.30am Hove Methodist Church 01273 930013 Ladies’ Exercise Class Suitable for all; drop-in for a 30 min session any time between 9.30-10.30am United Reformed Church Hall, just off Boundary Road Contact Eire on 07928 463279 Pilates Mat Classes Beginners Plus: 6.30pm-7.25pm Int/Adv: 7.30pm-8.25pm Masons Yard, Westbourne Street 07973 719363 Holistic Yoga 6-7.15pm; The Hive Brighton Theatre of the Air Radio Drama Meetup group 8pm Goldstone Ex Service Club, 20 Shirley Street / 07818 118062 Beginners Flamenco Dance 7.30-8.30pm The Dance Station, 57, North Street, Portslade BN41 1DH Contact Ana: 07939 938565 2nd October Portslade & West Hove Carers Afternoon Tea 2-3.30pm The Railway Inn 2 Station Road For more information, contact Pam on 01273 746222 2nd October Make at the Museum Craft workshop £16; drop-in 10am-12.30pm Hove Museum 23rd October Love Your Museum Family-friendly activities 10am-4pm Hove Museum


Seated Exercise Class (age 50+) 10.30-11.30am; £5 St Barnabas Church 01273 726507 to reserve a place Pilates Mat Classes Gentle Beginners: 9.45-10.40am Beginners: 10.45-11.40am Beginners Plus: 11.45am-12.40pm Masons Yard, Westbourne Street 07973 719363 Badaboum! French musical playgroup 9.30-10.30am; The Hive Elastic! Pre-School Ballet 11-11.45am; The Hive Singing for Pleasure 2pm (Taster session £3.50) Hove Methodist Church Contact: Corinne Blass 01273 565130 Singingforpleasure@ Mindfulness 7.30-8.30pm The Hive, Stoneham Park Antenatal classes 6.45pm Holy Cross Church, Tamworth Road To pre-book call 07494 002577 or email bookings@ 3rd, 10th and 31st October Art Group for Adults £3 donation Drop-in; 3-4.30pm Hove Museum


Hovian Walkers Meet at King Alfred car park on the seafront at the end of King’s Esplanade; 7.15am-8am Ladies’ Exercise Class Suitable for all; drop in for a 30 min session any time between 9.30-11am United Reformed Church Hall, just off Boundary Road Contact Eire on 07928 463279

babyballet® Pre-school song and dance for boys and girls 9.40am Movers: 3-4 years 10.25am Tinies: 18 months-3 years 11.15am Tots: 6-18 months 1pm Movers 1.40pm Tinies Westows, School Road brightonwestandhove@ Music with Mike 2-3pm The Hive, Stoneham Park Mindful Yoga 27 Drop-in; £8; 4-5pm The Hive, Stoneham Park Contact Jane on 07812 578181 or FunkYoga Tweens (10-12 year old girls) 5-6pm; The Hive Contact Jane on 07812 578181 or Holistic Yoga 7.30-8.45pm The Hive, Stoneham Park Fun Cake Decorating for all 7-9pm 49 Langdale Road Contact Pat Ashby 01273 736722 Pilates Mat Classes Beginners: 6.45-7.40pm Masons Yard, Westbourne Street 07973 719363 1st Wednesday of the month Interfaith Prayers All welcome, of any faith or none 6-7pm Hove Methodist Church (front entrance)


Red Jelly Playgroup 10.30am Hove Methodist Church 01273 930013 MyPilates 10-11am The Hive, Stoneham Park Contact Rachel: Ballroom Dance for Kids Age 5-9 years: 4.30pm Age 10-14 years: 5.30pm £6 drop in or £20 a month The Hive, Stoneham Park Contact Inessa 07954 074612

Wish Wudang Practical Tai Chi Club 8-9pm King Alfred Leisure Centre Contact Tim on 07914 388290

7th & 14th October Arty Crafty Club £8 per child; drop-in; 8-12 years 2-4pm Hove Museum

5th & 12th October Picture Time and Story 2-5 years £2 per child; drop-in 10am-12 noon Hove Museum

7th October Vestry Café 10.30am Vestry, St Philip’s Church

5 October Social Club for over 50s 2-4.30pm Vestry, St Philip’s Church New Church Road th

5th October Roots Night Concert by Joe Solo 8-11pm The Railway Inn


Hovian Walkers Meet at King Alfred car park on the seafront at the end of King’s Esplanade; 7.15am-8am Red Jelly Playgroup 10.30am Hove Methodist Church 01273 930013 Ladies’ Exercise Class Suitable for all; drop in for a 30 min session any time between 8.30-11.30am United Reformed Church Hall, off Boundary Road Contact Eire on 07928 463279 Chi Gong 9.30-10.30am The Hive, Stoneham Park Vital Danza Dance for health and happiness 8.15-9.45pm; £10 The Float Spa Third Avenue, Hove 1st Friday of the month Film Club 7.30pm Hove Methodist Church 20th October Choo Choo Ch’Boogie Dance to music from the 30s, 40s and 50s with DJ Jivin’ Jim Dandy 8-11.30pm; free entry; The Railway Inn, 2 Station Road


Gentle Exercise Class for older or unfit people, followed by tea and a chat 4.30-6.30pm Hove Methodist Church

14th October Jumble Sale 11am-12.30pm St Philip’s Church

Sundays (Sun from April to October) Hove Lagoon Model Yacht Club New members welcome 10am-2pm Contact Les Baker: 07515 673494 1st October The Tale of Miss Fox A tale of the forest told through woodland sets and handmade animal puppets. After the show make paper puppets in an artist-led workshop. 11am-12pm, 2-3pm & 3-4pm. £6 per child; age 5+ Hove Museum 03000 290902 15th October Myth, Magic and Mischief Hear some magical traditional tales told by Eleanor, one of the exhibiting artists. Free; drop-in; all ages; pop-up café 10.30am-12.30pm & 2-4pm Hove Museum Three Ribbons A tale of ritual, revenge and redemption, with storytelling, table-top and shadow puppetry and ageless magic. Admission £8; age 16+; advance booking not required. 3-3.25pm & 4-4.25pm Hove Museum This is not a definitive list of events. If you would like to add your event, please email us at info@westhove We try to ensure the listings are correct, but please check with the organisers of activities when attending for the first time. Some events may be term-time only.

Please send local articles about local events and items of interest to





Green Wright Chalton Annis SOLICITORS

Green Wright Chalton Annis Solicitors has been established for over 100 years and has 6 local offices covering East & West Sussex.

Our experienced and friendly team will provide you with an affordable Green Wright Chalton Annis professional service in the following areas of law. SO ITORS • L I CBuying,

• • •

Selling & Re-Mortgaging Commercial Property Conveyancing Wills & Probate Civil Litigation

• •

Relationship Breakdown, Divorce & Family Litigation Personal Injury & Medical Negligence Claims

The following staff cover our Hove Office, in order to contact them please call 01273 253500 or email: Malcolm Dickson: Personal Injury Malcolm Fitzgerald: Civil Litigation Katie Carter: Wills & Probate

Colin Edmonds: Conveyancing Simon Rowe: Divorce & Family Litigation Laura Wetherell: Commercial Conveyancing

29 Boundary Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 4EF GWCA is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority No. 205902

ORGANIC PRODUCTS Paraben and sulphate free

Book your appointment now 01273 323597

Visit us at 82 George Street, Hove, BN3 3YE 28 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021


Nathalie’s Monthly Health TIP...

SLEEP… THE BEST WELLNESS TOOL IN YOUR KIT Having recently given up alcohol in order to improve my sleep, I have had the most restorative nights of the last decade. But giving up alcohol isn’t the only thing you can do to improve your sleep. Here are some habits you can easily adopt that will really make a huge difference: 1.

Eat dinner as early as you can – ideally light foods, such as low animal protein and soups or vegetables. Remember food = energy so don’t ask your body to go to sleep after a big plate of spaghetti Bolognese.


Turn off electronic devices and keep them away from your bedroom – including and especially your phone. 29 Get a battery-powered alarm clock if need be.


Set up a calm, peaceful environment in your bedroom. De-clutter, keep the light soft and temperature slightly cooler. This is your haven of peace so cherish it.


Wind down – set at least 30 minutes to relax, away from screens, before you switch off the lights. Write a daily journal, list five things you’re grateful for, meditate, listen to soft music, read, have a candle-lit lavender oil bath and enjoy the peace.


Side effects: You will cope better with daily stresses, fewer food cravings, better weight management, less reliance on energy quick fixes, better mood, skin, confidence etc. Nathalie X Nathalie Sansonetti Health & Nutrition Coach, Founder of the Gut Loving Life. Like my FB Page at Gut Loving Life and book a free Body Transformation discovery session. Or email me:



07913869339 Please send local articles about local events and items of interest to


A complete range of ethical tree services provided by a qualified and experienced Arborist

Renu Your Bath Chipped? Stained? Rough? Discoloured?

Please call Iain on: 01273 275726

Baths restored to NEW without removal. One day service. Any Colour

Get a free quote online at or call 01273 956 290

The Arbor Barber

Professional Tree care

THE FOOTMAN HOME VISITING FOOT CLINIC • Treatment in the comfort of your own home • Nail care and foot pain • Corns and calluses • Ingrowing toenails • Verrucas

Peter Alexander BSc Ost MCFHP MAFHP Foot Health Professional

0771 444 0739

30 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021

Higgins Joinery Units 2-6 Lion Mews BN3 5RA 01273777785 Bespoke Joinery Manufacturers Replacement doors and windows to match your existing and double glazed to latest regulations Listed building and conservation joinery 31

Period moulding. Skirtings and architraves Bifold door sets Staircases.

Email: ‘Higgins Joinery’

SuSSex Funeral ServiceS independent Funeral directorS ‘For caring, compassion and choice’ Proprietors: Phil and Sallie

Why chooSe uS?

Some oF our ServiceS oFFered

• Independent & family owned • Passionate & committed • 24 hour service

• ‘Bespoke’ funerals • ‘No Fuss’ funerals • Prepaid funeral plans

our hove oFFice 185 Portland Road Hove BN3 5QJ

Tel 01273 736469

our Brighton oFFice 230 Eastern Road Brighton BN2 5JJ

Tel 01273 670066

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This article is by Kingsway resident Mike Sharman...



or k

in g C



“He’s Mutton Jeff and has lost it!” I wanted to share my experienc it encourages you to go along. First, a bit about my deafness. I sta years ago. The ENT specialist told me I had a smouldering ear infe hole in the eardrum. The infection threatened to spread and caus


L ea r

I had a large operation in 1990, lost the middle of the three little bones in my right ear. The surgeon saved my brain but couldn’t save my hearing. He looked crestfallen when, on removal of the ear dressings, I was totally deaf in that ear. He had hoped to bring back my hearing. My deafness had come on gradually, with a sudden total loss after the operation. One-sided deafness but still a good left ear.

gT o g e

Unfortunately, in my family relatives all get age deafness. Horrible to find that you cannot hear, everybody thinks you are demented and ignores you frequently, either talking quietly amongst themselves or shouting at you so that you can hear. (Advice: go twice as near and you hear four times as well. Don’t shout.) Deafness isn’t silence, it is noisy silence. Tuning early radios made a horrible hissing or whistling noise if slightly off station. Tinnitus, a drumming, waterfall, screaming or buzzing noise, can drive you to distraction. “Humour

Susan Rothwell

er th

Benfield & Hangleton Primary Schools maintain their uniqueness, whilst combining their resources, leadership and governance through federation. We pride ourselves on uniting the best of both worlds to ensure the highest quality of education for all. This involves the schools having a single Executive Head, Mrs Emma Lake and Governing Body who work strategically across both schools.


Auctioneer and Valuer Valuations for Probate & Insurance Properties Cleared

01273 779940 26 Modena Road, Hove, Sussex. BN3 5QG

Brighton General Auctions

Follow us for live updates on upcoming auctions

Benfield Primary School Hangleton Primary School

Tel: 01273 917 118 Mob: 07956 296 183

32 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021



ce of attending lip reading classes in the hope arted to lose hearing in my right ear about 50 ection, since childhood. I knew I had a small se meningitis.

Lip reading teacher Gill with her Hearing Dog

him, poor boy, he’s deaf.” Are they saying rude things about me?  The moment I walked through the door of my lip reading class in Lancing Village Hall my life changed. I was with friends who all understood. Better still, the teacher understood! My confidence rocketed and I now have a friend who has almost perfect lip reading ability because he is so severely deaf. Try a taster class, have fun, make new friends and learn new skills. Early days for me but I now use lip reading every day especially when it’s noisy at meetings and pubs. I’m so glad I took the first step and made that call. Mike Sharman


If you would like to go along to the Lancing lip reading group, please contact: Heather Wilson at:  or 07806 666112 Facebook: The first session is free then it’s pay as you go - massive value for two hours at £4 per lesson. You can get there by train or on the 700 bus. There are also classes at Hampshire Lodge in Kemp Town. Contact

ClarkesofBrighton BUILDING



Specialist Roofing Services • Roofing Repairs • Roof Tile Replacement • Re-Roofing • Scaffolding • Slate Roofing

• Leak Repairs • Flat Roofing • Complete Roof Replacement • Fascias and Guttering

For a free building quote or estimate of repairs call us on 01273 380914 or 07786 101912 LOCAL, RELIABLE & TRUSTED Full Public Liability Insurance Company No 09982598

A club for unattached men and women, aged 50+

Eating out, quizzes, music, walking, golf, theatre, sport,arts & holidays

Are you single and Regular club meetings in Brighton aged 45+? & Hove,Lewes, Mid-Sussex Are you looking for activities and events in your area? and Horsham For further information visit our website:

The Group, a club for single men and women, may be exactly right for you. We meet in Burgess Hill, Lewes, Horsham and Brighton, and there are always things to do.

Walks, theatre, golf, dining, holidays, arts and music, and lots more.

Not a dating agency

The Group is not a dating agency - but it is an opportunity to meet new people doing the things you enjoy.

The Group

Please send local articles about local events and items of interest to 33 Take a look at the website:

Funeral Director of the Year 2014

01273 621444 Traditional and Green Cremations & Burials At ARKA Original Funerals we make sure that you feel comfortable and unpressured about making decisions for the funeral of a loved one. Our team has a wealth of experience arranging unique ceremonies with sound environmental practices and sustainably sourced coffins. 136 Islingword Road BN2 9SH • 01273 621444 or 39-41 Surrey Street BN1 3PB • 01273 766620 •


urser y N w e N N Villas NOW OPE all, Glebe

club and Villas H in Glebe w nurser y, after school


a ne group d toddler n a t n re a p


Teacher led pre-school education Open 7.30am – 6.30pm also flexible hours Home Cooked Food – Prepared on Site Large Garden – Open Plan Rooms Term time childcare available Competitive rates

Now taking bookings for free pre-school places for September 2017 01273 418089

The Garden Nursery and Pre-School, 201 New Church Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 4Ed. 34 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021


This is a great cause...

HELP SAVE THE SEAFRONT’S MADEIRA TERRACE Help restore the Victorian Madeira Terrace on Brighton & Hove seafront by pledging your support. VisitBrighton, the city’s tourism unit, has set up a crowdfunding platform so that everyone can take part. Crowdfunding is a modern twist on the traditional way Victorian public buildings were funded in the first place. A recent family fun day on the seafront raised more than £1,400 through bucket collections, sales of 35 merchandise and online pledges. Madeira Terrace is an 850m long stretch of 151 seafront arches on Madeira Drive in Brighton and thought to be the longest cast iron structure in Britain. The campaign aims to start the journey of bringing it back to full use – it has been closed to the public since 2012. To make a pledge and find out more go to: Residents, visitors and businesses have registered over 700 pledges so far.

Plumbing/ Heating Emergency?

Trust us

No job too small. We will always respond and provide a specialist long-term service for West Hove Residents. Emergency number 0800 1182796

New Bathroom or Boiler Plans?

Trust us

We will always give you a free quotation and respond as we promise. Office 01273 803130 Mobile 07795 166649 300463 Email Website

More are needed. The campaign has an ambitious target of £431,000 by the end of November. This will kick start the regeneration of Madeira Terrace and be used to bring at least three of the arches back into use. You can also pledge your support by cheque (made payable to Brighton & Hove City Council) c/o VisitBrighton Marketing, 1st Floor Brighton Town Hall, BN1 1JA, or donate cash at the Brighton Centre ticket office. Commenting on the campaign so far, head of VisitBrighton Howard Barden said: “Just over a third of the total is now pledged, thanks to people’s generosity. Restoring the whole of Madeira Terrace will cost an estimated £24 million, and these initial funds will help attract investment. With your help we can reach the target – whether £10 or £10,000 – every pledge counts.”

There’s a lot going on in Stoneham Park...

THE FRIENDS OF STONEHAM PARK Stoneham Park, just north of Portland Road, is delighted that its biodiversity has helped it win another Green Flag. The local volunteers of the Friends of Stoneham Park have been busy getting the City Council to replace the slide and fill up the sandpit while we have also painted a beautiful mural on one of our walls. This month we will be putting on events for all Hove residents to enjoy. Halloween will be celebrated in the park with pumpkin carving and an original multi-media theatre production, The Haunted School House, on Saturday, 28 October. It promises to make your hair stand on end! Find us on Facebook for more information.

Please send local articles about local events and items of interest to


36 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021


This article is from the St Leonard’s Heritage Open Day team...

STORIES FROM HERITAGE OPEN DAY AT ST LEONARD’S In 1992, Mandy Prout and Michael Leppard were married in St Leonard’s Church, Aldrington. On Saturday 9th September, St Leonard’s opened as part of Heritage Open Day and Mandy and Michael decided to come along with the hope of privately renewing their vows. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t all that private! One of their daughters revealed why they were there and when we found out we passed the message on. Amongst other things, a feature of our open day was the presence of the bell ringing team. When they heard about Mandy and Michael, they rang a peal of bells in their honour. We were thrilled to meet with Mandy and Michael and 37 delighted to share their special day. We hope that in another 25 years they’ll return to St Leonard’s – which we are determined will stay open – to share another special day with them. Congratulations to Mandy and Michael - and daughters. Lots of interesting family stories were sent in for the open day - we didn’t have room for everything. One story was of Eric Hamel, who was a member of the choir for 77 years! His daughter told the story of the day in 1948 that the main stained glass window was dedicated in St Leonard’s. Share the Roads, Brighton & Hove




Mandy and Michael Leppard

That evening, Eric and his then fiancée, Gwynneth, were to sing at the big ceremony and she waited for him to meet her. Unfortunately, Eric had decided he’d rather go and watch Brighton Tigers ice hockey team - and Gwynneth waited in vain! When Eric returned home, his mother and an angry fiancée were waiting for him. Gwynneth threw her engagement ring at him and when he later walked her home she was on the pavement and he was in the gutter. Fortunately, they made up afterwards, or else their daughter couldn’t have told us the story! We had over 100 visitors in the first hour and a half of the open day and raised £180 for Marie Curie. The Heritage Open Day team at St Leonard’s Church

42% of collisions in Brighton & Hove occurred because people were not looking properly

Ted & Dolly Pet Services Friendly family run business For the love of dogs!!

DOG WALKING AND DOG BOARDING Fully insured, licensed and CRB checked

07789644029 01273 380914

Dogs humanely transported in Council approved converted car

6241_road_safety_A6.indd 1

Please send local articles about local events and items of interest to 14/09/2017 15:07


new THE DYKE pub&kitchen

218 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 5AA

a real community pub

A PUB TO FEEL POSITIVE ABOUT (subject to planning permission)

All Sussex Ale line up including Harveys Freehouse with the finest craft beers available Log fire and lots of cosy places to sit The best gin selection in the city Library - bring a book/take a book, with great kids section Gourmet pizzas and extensive menu Entire original terrace retained Sharing platters including local cheeses and seafood The original bar and back bar reinstated Kids menu (with healthy and treat items) Sussex wines

new THE DYKE pub&kitchen a real community pub

OPENING DISCOUNT 50% OFF Weʼre offering 50% percent off all food and drink with this voucher during our first week of trading so that everyone can come and try out the pub and see what all the fuss is about. Simply cut this off and bring it with you to get the discount. Weʼll advertise our opening date as soon as we are able. We look forward to seeing you!

£50k investment to make the place look amazing 12 new jobs created A sustainable pub for the community Available for hire for weddings and other community functions South facing windows that let the light flood in Sponsoring BOAT Everyone Welcome - old friends and new Independently owned local business

Please help us make this happen by supporting our planning application. Go to the link below and click on comments and register your support! Join our facebook group for all the latest news ‘LET’S GET THE DYKE OPEN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE’ 38 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021


News from the council about proposals which will affect part of West Hove...





Boundary Road





Old Shoreham Road



Coleman Avenue


Wish Road

This area would move into the PACA catchment 526250E






need to make light-touch temporary adjustments to our catchment areas to make things work better.” The proposals aim to reduce pressure on school places. They have been deliberately designed to be as ‘lighttouch’ as possible, and to take into account as many factors as possible including accessibility and travel times. The proposals include changes to the Dorothy Stringer / Varndean catchment area, which would see the incorporation of two areas in its west into the Blatchington Mill / Hove Park catchment area. With regards to the Blatchington Mill / Hove Park catchment area: a section to the west of the catchment area (between Boundary Road and Wish Road/Coleman Avenue as well as an area to the north of Portland Road) would be incorporated into the Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (PACA) catchment area. The city’s two secondary faith schools, Cardinal Newman and King’s, have their own admissions arrangements and are not affected by these proposals. The proposals would run for two years, starting for Year 7 admissions in September 2019. They will be subject to extensive public consultation before a final decision is made in the new year. Planned dates for public consultation events include Wednesday 11th October (evening) at PACA and Wednesday 1st November (evening) at West Hove Infant School (School Road). There will also be an online consultation response form.







Brighton & Hove City Council’s Children, Young People and Skills Committee were asked to approve plans to consult on the proposals during the autumn. The proposals have been recommended by the city’s cross-party working group on school admissions following detailed discussions by all three political parties. They have also been considered by a working party of local head teachers and school governors. The cross-party group is suggesting a temporary change to the catchment areas because of the decision by the Education and Skills Funding Agency to delay the opening of the new secondary free school in Brighton. Cllr Dan Chapman is chair of the Children, Young People and Skills Committee and Cllr Vanessa Brown is the lead committee councillor for the opposition. Cllrs Chapman and Brown explained: “Increases in secondary pupil numbers mean some catchment areas no longer have enough places for each child in their area. Until the new school opens we



Proposals to consult on light-touch temporary changes to secondary school catchment areas in Brighton & Hove for the Year 7 starters in September 2019 were approved by councillors on 18th September.





 WHD October 2017


A funeral plan from Bungard Funeral Directors makes perfect sense. Dedicated caring service from Richard Whittle & Ben Day

Our Funeral Plan for your peace of mind Not every funeral plan provider is independent. Make sure that you plan your funeral with an Independent Funeral Director. • Guaranteed peace of mind • • Create a plan to suit you • • Best value and service • • Independent Golden Charter trust fund guarantees financial security • • Guaranteed no more to pay for our services - no matter how high prices rise •

To discuss your funeral plans please call Richard or Ben on 01273 820018

Richard Whittle is the great, great grandson of the founder and Managing Director of Bungard Funeral Directors. Richard and his wife have recently had a son whom he hopes will one day join the family business.

Ben Day is the Principal Funeral Director of Bungard Funeral Directors. Ben lives in Hove with his wife and two children. Ben and his wife Leila are keen to support the local community and be as involved as much as possible.

90 Sackville Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3HE 01273 820018 (24 hour number) @BungardandSons

The UK’s largest independent funeral plan provider

Brighton & Hove’s oldest independent family funeral directors 40 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021


News from local charity the Starr Trust...

FAMILY FUN DAY AT HOVE LAGOON RAISES OVER £4,000 FOR CHARITY For the second year running, local charity the Starr Trust held a free Family Fun Day at Hove Lagoon on Sunday 3rd September and raised an incredible £4,000 for local children and young people. This multi-sport event, Starr Water Wars, saw 12 teams of local businesses battle it out at Hove Lagoon Watersports. The teams of four went head to head in some wonderful water activities such as paddle boarding, kayak water polo, raft building and log rolling whilst back on dry land there was some crazy golf. Local DJ Guy Lloyd of Juice Brighton was the host with the most and presented the coveted first prize to Jury’s Inn Waterfront Hotel, with Sheridan Coopers and Team Webb in second and third places respectively. Starr Trust Events Manager Rosie told us: “The day couldn’t have gone any better with so many teams getting involved and Guy Lloyd helping to create a fantastic party atmosphere. We are so grateful to all the businesses that took part. In excess of £4,000 was raised which will help local youngsters achieve their goals in art, sport and education.” supporting

Showtime Productions & Music Theatre 2000 Presents

A Traditional Family Pantomime

On the podium: first place went to Team Jury’s Inn Waterfront Brighton, second place went to Team Sheridan Coopers Wine Cellar and third place went to Team Webb

Proceeds from the event will go to the Starr Trust, which supports individuals living in the BN postcode area aged 10-18 to fulfil their potential in art, sport and education by providing a helping hand to achieve their goals at a time when they really need it. For more information about the Starr Trust go to:

A local evening of songs...

AROUND THE WORLD WITH HARMONY! October 14th; 6.30pm United Reformed Church, Station Road

20th - 27th December 2017 Windmill Theatre

Nevill Avenue, Hove, BN3 7BW BOX OFFICE/ENQUIRIES:

01273 565130

(24 HOURS)

Book direct

An enjoyable evening of songs from around the world with Portslade Community Choir – there will be plenty of opportunities to join in and sing along! Free entry but donations are requested for two charities: Time To Talk Befriending, an inter-generational befriending project which aims to help people aged 65+, who are socially isolated, chronically lonely and have limited or no access to services, to build lasting relationships with like-minded volunteers; and The Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team, a specialist team set up to prevent suicides at Beachy Head.

 WHD October 2017


WEST HOVE Auctions & Valuations Susan Rothwell...................................32 Bath Refurbishment Renubath...........................................30 Beauty Salon 65...............................................9 Blinds & Shutters Sussex Blinds........................................4 Bella Vista...........................................18 Bricklayer J.H. Brickwork.......................................6 Builders AT Construction Ltd..............................3 Walder Construction..........................23 Rainbow...............................................1 Cafe Anna L Designs.....................................6 Chiropractic Best Practice.........................................1 Children’s Clothing Bonnie Mob........................................43 Driveways Rightmove...........................................12 Firewood Brighton Log Centre...........................25 Conservatories Premier Windows................................5 Countryman.......................................10 Domestic Appliances Carters................................................36 Electrical Installations Rainbow...............................................1 Electrician Mack Electrical...................................25 Estate Agent Williams Residential...........................25 Sinnott Green.....................................30 Healy & Newsom................................44 Events TEDX Brighton......................................7 Pirates at Hove Lagoon.......................26 Showtime...........................................41 The Bonnie Mob Sale..........................43

Fitness Change Hove.........................................2 Foot Care The Foot Man......................................30 Fundraising Appeal Save Madeira Terrace..........................16 Funeral Services Jefferies Funerals.................................22 Sussex Funerals...................................31 ARKA Funerals.....................................34 Bungards.............................................40 Garden Services The Sussex Tree & Lawn Company......21 Gutters Sussex Gutters.......................................9 Hairdresser Salon 65.................................................9 Samuel Chapman ...............................28 Hall Hire St Philips Church..................................14 Heating Fired Up Plumbing & Heating..............35 The Central Heating Company.............24 Homeware Anna L Designs......................................6 Inheritance Tax Advice Square One..........................................14 Joinery Higgins Joinery.....................................31 Laundrette West Hove Laundrette........................29 Locksmith Lee’s Locks...........................................39 Loft Conversions Taylor & Coles ....................................42 Kitchens Dream Doors.......................................10 Mobility Equipment Clearwell Mobility...............................15 Music Tuition Creative Music Brighton......................18

Nursery Hove Village..........................................4 The Garden Nursery..............................34 Deepdene Nursery................................20 Painting & Decorating Finishing Touch......................................11 Pet Services Ted & Dolly Pet Services........................37 Pointing J.H. Brickwork.........................................6 Public House Railway Inn...........................................17 The Dyke Tavern...................................38 Road Safety Brighton & Hove Council......................37 Roofing Clarkes of Brighton...............................33 Satellite, TV and Aerials NORSAT.................................................24 Schools Benfield Primary...................................32 Deepdene School.................................20 Singing Classes Singing’s Cool ........................................6 Singles Group The Group............................................33 Solicitors GWCA............................................1 & 28 Crosby and Woods...............................19 Diligent Law..........................................25 Spare Rooms Needed Barnardos.............................................23 Tiling Pentagon Tiling..................................,..29 Tree Surgeon Arbor Barber.........................................30 Weight Loss Rachel Ricketts.......................................8 Cambridge Diet....................................13 Windows Premier Windows..................................5 Countryman.........................................10


42 to advertise in the WEST HOVE DIRECTORY please call 01273 551021

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LAWRENCE STUDIO, 16 Kingsthorpe Road, Hove, BN3 5HR Local Brighton & Hove designer baby & kidswear brand. Find great deals on Winter styles, cashmere blends and organic cottons. Perfect Christmas gift ideas. SIZES 0-7 YEARS. Follow us for updates


@TheBonniemob  WHD October 2017

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West Hove Directory October 2017  

West Hove Directory October 2017