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hanover Welcome to The Hanover Directory

Our July issue features an interview with one of the new councillors in Hanover, Elaine Hills, who tells us how she came to be a councillor. Congratulations to Hanover resident Dominic Haslam who has been awarded an OBE for his work with Sightsavers – we ask him more about the charity. If you’re looking for something to do at the weekend, how about the annual Patchfest in William Clarke Park (Saturday 13th July) or a new event CleverGreen Festival on The Level (Saturday 20th July) - which promises to inspire you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. We didn’t quite get the weather most of us wanted in June... Here’s to a sunny July! The Hanover Directory Team info@hanoverdirectory.co.uk www.hanoverdirectory.co.uk Front cover: PatchFest

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hanover hanover An interview with one of the two new councillors in Hanover...

Meet Councillor Elaine Hills

Elaine was elected in May as a Green Party councillor for Hanover & Elm Grove. How long have you lived in the Hanover area?

I’ve lived here for 10 years and I lived in central Brighton for 10 years before that. Food brought me to Hanover! I was working in London so I didn’t have much time to cook, so I started buying ready-made vegan meals from a woman in Hanover Street. I explored the area more and decided Hanover would be a great place to live as it’s close to town and I loved its environmentally conscious vibe. What’s your background?

I’m from South Shields, which is between Newcastle and Sunderland. I went to university in Birmingham to study communications and politics. After that, I travelled, ending up in Melbourne, Australia, where I got involved in community TV. I then moved to London and worked in writing and editing jobs, as well as in a music press office promoting bands. I formed a band myself – an all girl band. We got a bit of press

soapbox soapbox apbox soapbox

and made a record but it fizzled out and I came to Brighton. I worked as a production journalist in London and commuted, but then retrained as an FE teacher and I got a job in 2005 at what is now the MET. Around this time, I also became a freelance video journalist for ITV Local, which gave me my first taste of the local political scene.

DRY CLEANERS & LAUNDERETTE DRY CLEANERS & What LAUNDERETTE do you do outside politics? OPEN DAILY / 8AM - 8PM I’m now a lecturer at the University of Brighton, NERS LAUNDERETTE Washing & ironing OPEN DAILY / 8AM - 8PM DRY& CLEANERS & LAUNDERETTE where I prepare international students for Master’s Che ap e

DAILY / 8AM DAILY OPEN / 8AM - 8PM H -&8PM WAS RT . .£1.50 . .£1.50 . .£1.50 . £2.50 . £2.50 . £2.00


courses. I also still write and teach journalism. I also have an MSc in digital media, and designed an educational app although CheI’m still looking for ap I hang out with someone to program it! To unwind, es my husband and daughter, or have a chat over a G&T with friends. And if no-one’s around, I like to strum the odd tune on the guitar.

Washing & ironing Br


ighton & Hov e

. . . . . .


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What made you want to become a councillor?

I didn’t until a few years ago. I’ve always had strong beliefs about social justice and the environment but I saw putting your head above the parapet Dry cleaning and standing for office as something other people Small wash up to 12lb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £8.80 Two-piece suit . . . . . . . £10.95 Scarf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £4.45 did. I joined the party about five years ago and Prices may vary slightly according to cording Trousers. . . . 20lb. . . . . . . £6.45 Medium to wash up. . .to . . . . .Blouse . . . . (Plain) . . . . .. . .. .. . .. .. . .£5.95 . . . . . . £13.40 was asked to help the local party produce their School Ware . . . . from £4.50 Coat . . size . . . . . . . . and . from £8.95 material, bulk. Large wash up to 27lb. .. . .. £3.15 . . . . .Sette . . . Covers . . . . .. .. . .. from . . . £12.95 . . . . . . . £16.60 Curtains newsletters, just before the 2015 election. So I Football kit . . . . . . DRY . . . open .CLEANERS . . . .from . . .&. LAUNDERETTE . . . . . . . . . . . . . from . . £14.60 Staff counter 8.00am to 8.00pm got to know all about what the Greens were up OPEN DAILY / 8AM - 8PM Monday to/Friday - Closed Sleeping bag / Blanket Throw . . . bank . . . holidays . . . . . . . . from . . .£9.20 Wash, dry toWash, locally. Cllr David Dick Page (the Washing & and ironing fold dry Gibson andand fold Shirt . . . . . . .(01273) . . . . . . . . . .£1.50 Tel 691297 previous HEG councillor) suggested I stand in the cleaning Trousers. . . . . . . . . . . .£1.50 & Montreal Road, Brighton BN2 9UY . . Small . . . . . . wash . . Blouse .43.Duvet .. . .. ... up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £8.80 . . . . . . . . . .to .£1.50 12lb SH . next . . election. . . . . .I half-agreed . . . . . .and . . they . . made . £8.80 Small duvet . . . . Duvet . . . cover .www.soapboxbrighton.co.uk . .(small) . . .. . .. £2.50 . . . . .W . .A. S. H..I.R..T . .. .. . .. .. . .. . .. .. £12.60 me stick Sheet (medium) . . . . . . . £2.50 RON LY I 0lb. . duvet . . . .. .. . ..wash .. .. .(large) .. .. .. .... . ...up Towel . .. .... £2.00 Large .. . ..to .. . .. 20lb. .. O. .N. .. . . . .. .. .. .. ..£13.40 .. . .. . .. .. £16.20 Medium . to. my . .word! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £13.40


£1.50 soapbox washes Service washes (unlined per sq yard)

Che ap e








ighton & Hov e

Prices may vary slightly according to material, size and bulk.

551021 or visit www.hanoverdirectory.co.uk b. . . . . . . . . . . . .Service . . .towashes . advertise, . . . . . please . . . . call . . 01273 £16.60 Dry cleaning

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CCTV Surveys Insurance Work Undertaken All Work Guaranteed ������������������������

12/06/2019 12:09:11




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hanover hanover A major new free eco-festival...

CleverGreen Festival on The Level

Sustainable lifestyle and green business CleverGreen Group is launching the CleverGreen Festival at The Level on Saturday 20 July. Over three million people attend UK festivals each year and between them generate a staggering 23,500 tonnes of waste – equating to 2.8kg of waste per person, per day. Research suggests that, of that amount, only 32% is recycled, with the other 68% heading for landfill sites – and so CleverGreen is a festival with a difference.

The free-to-attend event aims to be as close to zerowaste as possible with: •

No single-use plastic on site.

Power provided by options such as vegetable oil, solar panels and bike-powered generators.

An extensive waste management plan.

commitment to educate others with A workshops, talks and demonstrations.

The packed line-up brings together a market full of ethical brands, sustainability talks, workshops, a dedicated kids area, live music and sustainably sourced food and drinks – creating an essential space for festival-goers to discover the importance of sustainability and eco-living.

The main stage and acoustic tent will be lined up with the best homegrown musicians that Brighton has to offer, which includes TenderHooks, Snipit And The Hotrocks, The Big Sky, Lucy Wylde, Across The Sea and many more. For adults, the festival will have a CleverGreen Wellbeing area where various classes, including meditation and yoga, will take place. With the clothes-swapping trend taking off across the country,

Tim the Gardener

The festival will also feature a range of activities for children of all ages, from spin art to junk modelling and felt classes.

Whether you’re looking to stock up on grocery staples or try something completely new, there are plenty of opportunities to discover a selection of wonderful eco-essentials, and sustainable, zero-waste food and drink at the event. Festival director Jo Child says: “Not only is it a fun day out for friends and family but it’s a great opportunity to find out more about all things eco-living and the benefits it has to offer you, your family, animals and the planet. Gates open on Saturday 20th at 11am – and we can’t wait to welcome you!” For more information, please visit www.clevergreengroup.com.

HOLISTIC CLEANING COMPANY www.littlemissdoitall.org


07949 643105


01273 282017

jack bond ELECTRICAL


T !! H




Trees Hedges Lawns Fences Clearances

CleverGreen will also feature a dedicated Clothes Swap Arena (aiming to be the biggest one ever put on in Brighton) where participants can refresh their wardrobe by swapping their own clothes for someone else’s donated garments.

0780 573 0838




For reviews & more info


24 Lynton Street Hanover Brighton t: 01273 692860/ m: 07789553617 e: jackbondelectrical@gmail.com

to advertise, please call 01273 551021 or visit www.hanoverdirectory.co.uk

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NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY while you wait service Monday to Saturday

“Amazing results, saved me £300, thank you!” Mrs B. Hove.

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1111 11

hanover hanover An annual summer event in William Clarke Park...

Patchfest 2019...Saturday 13th July, Noon to 9pm

Celebrating the 150 years since the opening of the Kemp Town Branch Line. The Friends of William Clarke Park community group will be hosting the annual summer festy for the Hanover and Lewes Road areas - Patchfest 2019 - on Saturday 13th July from noon to 9pm. This amazing effort from local volunteers will showcase loads of local musical talent on two stages, a market-place, food stalls, bar, football tournament and kids area. Organiser Duncan Blinkhorn said, “Patchfest is an expression of a love for living it local. A great day out, on your doorstep, for catching up with friends, family and neighbours, and enjoying some great entertainment.”

He added, “This year is a bit special because we’re celebrating 150 years since the opening of the Kemp Town branch railway line in 1869. The line ran until 1971 when it was taken up and the cutting between Hartington Road and Elm Grove filled in to create what is now ‘The Patch’. At Patchfest we’ll mark that bit of history with a new mural featuring the old steam trains that ran on the line and an exhibition of photos

The BCCC is an award winning business based just on the edge of the City We make our own High Quality garden and horticultural products including Organic Compost, high grade Top Soil, Mulches, Bark Chip and Woodchip

of the line, including the old Lewes Road Viaduct, the tunnel and Kemp Town Station.”

The group are planning further events to mark the anniversary with an official unveiling of three new murals in the park, funded with an Awards for All lottery grant, on the anniversary date - Friday, 2nd August, 3pm - and an autumn event - ‘Choo Choo 150’ - on Saturday 21st September. Further details to follow or check http://www.williamclarkepark.org.

We also provide Brighton & Hove residents with a reasonably priced and efficient Garden Waste and old soil collection and clearance service

An event at Brighton Racecourse...


01273 620489 Or

07795 821916

Rum and Reggae Festival

The Rum and Reggae Festival comes to Brighton Racecourse on Saturday 20th July, from 7-11pm.

You will be able to take a rum journey around the world, tasting craft rums from the West Indies, Cuba, South America and the United States. Alongside this, there will be reggae acts including Harmony Reggae and Friendly Fire, plus carnival dancers and performers to get your body moving, and traditional Jamaican food.

Tickets are available from www.eventbrite.com and are cheaper if you get them early. to advertise, please call 01273 551021 or visit www.hanoverdirectory.co.uk


FRIDAYS (term time)

Every Friday starting 7th February @ Hanover Community Centre @ Hanover Community Centre Baby Class 12.30 - 1.30pm 1+years Class 9.30 am- 2.30pm Mixed 1-3 Class 1.30 Baby Class 12.30pm Introductory FREE CLASS FREE TASTER Contact Belinda McBrideSESSION 07582 256957 or Contact Belinda McBride 07582 256957 belinda.mcbride@musicalbumps.com

Put a Spring in your Step Learn the Alexander Technique A gentle, self-care skill to improve balance, movement and coordination Reduce pain, stiffness and Manage stress and tension

Jeanette Philpott BA Dip MSTAT

www.positivepoise.co.uk positivepoisebrighton@gmail.com Phone 07500 750 240

Sarah Bradley

Life Coach EMCC/EQA Qualified Coach Practitioner My coaching sessions are solution-focussed, goal driven and bespoke. I practise from my home in Hanover Brighton and offer sessions for both adults and young people (14 to 21-year olds), helping with many issues such as‌ Young People: Time management skills Goal setting Building resilience Study skills

Adults: Work-life balance Managing work-related or personal change Mid-life pressures

For a free, no obligation, consultation‌

Contact me on 07765370715 or Email sarahnbradley60@yahoo.co.uk www.sarahbradley.net

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hanover hanover Yoga classes for children in Hanover...

Local Business...WiggleBums Brighton Gina Morelli lives in Islingword Street. She runs WiggleBums Brighton - yoga classes in Hanover and Kemptown for pre-schoolers and 5-8 year-olds & their grown-ups. How long have you lived in Hanover? I’m a local. I actually grew up near Queens Park, and eventually I came to Hanover with an intention of staying a year or two – that was 12 years ago and now I’m a vegan yoga teacher, so where else could I live! When did you first start practising yoga? I started doing classes in a sweaty gym in 2003; like lots of people I was drawn to the idea of toning and flexibility. Over time I’ve come to experience the deeper benefits of yoga for mental and physical wellbeing. What are the benefits of yoga for young children? Yoga helps with sleep and managing big feelings; so many families suffer when their child is struggling with sleep, worry, tempers or over-excitement, and so doing yoga with children benefits the whole

ess for indfuln up! M & nPlay Yoga, nd their Grow a Kids al! Essenti Booking ♥ Fun & wellness together ♥ ♥ Helps with sleep, worry and big emotions ♥ ♥ Develops strength & flexibility of body & mind ♥

Find out more & book your mat with Gina Email: wigglebumsbrighton@gmail.com Contact: Gina on 07825 774802 www.wigglebums.uk/brighton1 Facebook.com/WiggleKidz ♥ a happy, confident, joyful child = a happy, confident, joyful family ♥

family. It’s also great for developing body awareness, strength and confidence, and building empathy and social skills. Tell us about your classes... They are so much fun, I just love them! We have full parent participation, so the classes are as much about the grown-ups as they are about the children. We sing an om song to start and end, which sometimes brings about fits of giggles, and other times stillness settles over the room, and so this sets the tone of the class! We move through a yoga flow and story which helps the little ones remember the poses, and then we use play, music and breathe to practise presence. We always end with rest and snuggle time which is, after all, the most important part! The most magical moments happen when you think the really little ones are away in their own world, and then they pull out a perfect tree pose! What do you like to do when you’re not teaching? I love being outdoors and active, in fact I need it! So aside from WiggleBums and WiggleKids, I have a garden maintenance business, and I make time every day for a run or a walk with my lovely scruffy dog (AKA my BFF!). To book your family’s mat, visit www.wigglebums.uk/brighton1, or facebook. com/WiggleKidz/, email WiggleBumsBrighton @gmail.com or phone 07825 774802. Come say ‘Hi’ at Paddle round the Pier, and the Brighton Yoga Festival too!

to advertise, please call 01273 551021 or visit www.hanoverdirectory.co.uk


000010_2018 flyer.pdf





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Congratulations to Hanover resident Dominic Haslam...

Dominic Haslam awarded OBE...

Dominic Haslam of Carlyle Street is Director of Policy and Programme Strategy at the charity Sightsavers, where he’s worked for 13 years. He also chairs the International Disability and Development Consortium. He has been awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to people with disabilities. How long have you lived in Hanover? 15 years. Tell us more about the charity... Sightsavers is an amazing organisation, based in Haywards Heath and with a lot of Brighton and Hove based staff. We work in nearly 30 countries around the world supporting governments to deliver health care and work with individuals and local organisations of people with disabilities to ensure they can access health, education and other services An event for Bowie fans... and achieve their rights to political participation, employment and to fully engage in their communities.


TEL: (01273) 381716 MB: (0778) 9827281 GUTTERING BRICKWORK PATIOS DECKING

On 12th July there will be a tribute to the art and music of David Bowie, celebrating 50 years since the release of his song Space Oddity, with talk and discussion from Brighton lecturers and guest speakers, covering music, journalism, photography and graphic novels. Contributors include Stephen Bull, author of Photography and Celebrity, and collage-based artist and writer Paul Burgess. Tickets cost £8 (or free if you dress up as David Bowie!) at: www.brighton.ac.uk/ openlectures

R HUGHES DECORATING SERVICES FAMILY RUN, HANOVER BASED See R Hughes Decorating on for recent reviews

Free Quotations References Available




Friday 12th July, 7pm Sallis Benney Theatre, 58-67 Grand Parade

T !! H

What do you like to do when you’re not working? Right now, sleeping comes to mind! It’s a tough job to live with for my family (thanks guys!) so I like hanging out with my kids, barbecuing with friends in the patch and binge watching too many episodes of Homeland with my wife, Imogen. And cooking! For more information, visit www.sightsavers.org

Forever Stardust


How do you feel about being awarded an OBE? It is an amazing recognition of the work we do. I’m currently in New York, meeting at the United Nations with individuals and organisations working in disability rights from around the world. There are so many people celebrating this OBE because it’s for them. The external acknowledgement that this is an important area in international development work means a great deal to all of us.

07403424751 r.hughesdecorating@gmail.com

to advertise, please call 01273 551021 or visit www.hanoverdirectory.co.uk


Jan Davies

BSc, MSc, MBA (War wick), MBCPA , MREPS, cert ECBS, MBTPA

Suffering back pain? Want a leaner, fitter, flexible and toned body?

then try... BODY


A posturally based body conditioning method which builds strength from within by targeting deep stabilising muscles

Classes in Brighton Beginner courses in January 2018

10 weekand beginner courses starting w/cRottingdean 8th January Hanover Kemptown and

Mondays 3pmplus/intermediate/adv Rottingdean Village Hall classes Beginners/beginner Mondays 7.15pm St Marys Church Hall Kemptown Thursdays 4.45pm and Fridays 6pm in Hanover Community Centre Saturdays 9am Kemptown Crypt Community Centre

Next batch of 10 week beginner courses will benow!inBookSeptember “Make that New Year resolution your place with Jan and

commit to a longer, leaner, more supple, flexible and mobile body and banish in Hanover, Kemptown and Rottingdean those aches and pains” Prebeginner course special offer 1:1 1hr sessions £35 vs £45 Contact Jan for details and to reserve a place

Contact Jan now to reserve a place

Jan has taught on the Brighter Outlook Programme supported by MacMillan for people living with, and recovering from cancer

Teaching Pilates since 2001

07904 187257

jan@movementandhealth.co.uk www.movementandhealth.co.uk

July 29th to August 30th 2019

hanover Your monthly update from the Hanover Community Association...

Hanover Community

Hanover Centre on Southover Street. The charity is run your feedback and suggestions, so please get in touch compliments or complaints. New Garden Group at the Hanover Centre Last month we mentioned that a new garden group is forming, under the guidance of Hanoverian Ross. Ross is keen to see the garden flourish and hopes to introduce the concept of permaculture. Now if you thought permaculture was something involving 1980s hairdos, then read on… “Permaculture is defined as consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fibre and energy for the provision of local needs” — David Holmgren

“Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labour; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single product system.” — Bill Mollison

As Ross explains, ‘The garden is already very well established and would be a perfect platform to demonstrate permaculture principles that work with nature. This would focus mainly on perennial plants that are low maintenance as well as plants and trees to encourage birds and insects.’ He suggests we make the garden more appealing to visitors by adding interesting plants, flowers and food crops, making use of some of the older and more neglected raised beds/planting areas. These could include scented plants, edible flowers and even hops growing along the back wall!

est. est.30 30years. years

Ballet classes - September

4 weeks FREE TWO FREE trial lessonstrial during July in Reception Ballet (ages 4-5) Book your place soon... Wednesday 4:00 – limited spaces available.


three 4:30 upwards

01273 565881 info@alexandradance.co.uk www.alexandradance.co.uk See this logo on adverts and find local reviews of that business at www.trustedandlocal.co.uk

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y Association News

n by a committee of voluntary trustees who live locally. We always welcome h if you’ve attended an event or activity at the centre and have comments, tiny new friends as well, for Ross would like to see a small patch of the grass become a wild flower meadow for bees and other pollinators/beneficial insects. If you are interested in joining a meet up group to improve and maintain the garden at the Hanover Centre, please get in touch with the centre office. The group would meet regularly on Tuesday afternoons for a few hours. Hanover Beer Festival – Save the Date! Yes, it’s time to get out your diaries and pencil in Friday 4th and Saturday 5th October for the best party in Hanover – the 32nd Hanover Beer Festival. If you want to get the latest details as they are revealed, follow our Facebook page @HanoverBeerFest for some exciting news… Talk to Us! If you would like to join in with our projects, run a course, volunteer or enquire about a booking or a class, then please leave a message or email with a daytime phone number and we’ll call you:

Garden Ross

Planting and labelling the plants helps to educate children, especially in regards of where their food comes from. So when you bring your little ones along for a play, they can learn too. They may make some

Hanover Centre, 33 Southover Street, BN2 9UD Email: office@hanovercommunity.org.uk Website: www.hanovercommunity.org.uk Phone: 01273 694 873 (24 hours) Join Facebook group: “The Hanover Centre” The office is open Mon – Fri 10am-12pm.

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All work guaranteed Roof repairs, renewal and replacement Guttering installation - UPVC fascia boards Flat roofs - Supply and fit Velux windows Chimneys lead work - firewalls No job too large or too small Day evening and weekend service Free estimates Mike Bishop Ltd.

01273 819808 • 07956 998965 mbroofing@hotmail.co.uk www.mbroofing.co.uk

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hanover An event on 19th July to get busy people more active...

Run 5.30 – Brighton’s earliest morning run... On Friday 19 July the alarms of hundreds of people will buzz earlier than usual to get to New Road for some early morning exercise whilst the city is still asleep.

Run 5.30 is a 5k event that starts from the city centre at 5.30am on a business day, to promote the positive effects of daily physical activity and healthy eating. The unconventional format shows participants they can fit exercise into their busy lives by waking up just a bit earlier. Over 500 people have signed up for this year’s Brighton event. Last year, 450 people took part in Run 5.30 Brighton, including newly elected Brighton & Hove Mayor Alex Phillips who waved the start at 5.30 am, before joining the participants along the route for a jog. Sabrina Severi, Italian co-founder says: “We are passionate about promoting a positive lifestyle which can be achieved with a little movement every day and by paying attention to what we eat.”

Run 5.30 Brighton is the only event outside Italy. As well as promoting physical exercise the event pays particular attention to nutrition. Participants will enjoy a locally-sourced delicious and healthy breakfast made of cherries and organic yogurt. Participants will enjoy an exclusive closed road, city centre course, starting from New Road, weaving through the Lanes, then down to the seafront and back through the Royal Pavilion Gardens. Run 5.30 will donate part of the entry fee to children’s charity Rockinghorse. Everyone interested in walking or running the event can register online at www.run530.com.

Councillor Details

The Green Party councillors for Hanover & Elm Grove, David Gibson, Elaine Hills and Steph Powell, hold an advice surgery every second Saturday in the month, from 10.15 to 11.15am at Elm Grove School. You can also email them at:

David.Gibson@brighton-hove.gov.uk (tel: 01273 291424 / 07810 150833) Elaine.Hills@brighton-hove.gov.uk (tel: 07704 314867)

Steph.Powell@brighton-hove.gov.uk (tel: 07795 335967)

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ROOFING all roofwork undertaken

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Fully insured Free estimates Fascia & soffits Gutter clearance

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Slating & tiling Flat roofing All leadwork Chimneys & firewalls

no job too big or small Call Shaun 07846485817 or Stuart 07894 548501 01273 298201

ridgeline_roofing@hotmail.co.uk www.ridgeline-roofing.co.uk



• Digital Aerials

• Extra TV Points

• FREEVIEW Aerials

• Satellite Points

• FREEVIEW Satellite

• Telephone Points

• European Satellite

• Servicing For Satellite & TV Systems

• Sky TV • Wifi / Internet Points • LCD - Plasma Wall Mounted TV’s Fitted

• CCTV • New Systems Fitted For Domestic & Commercial Premises


07845 497315

mail@alpineaerialsandsatellites.co.uk www.alpineaerialsandsatellites.co.uk


01273 235019





ClarkesofBrighton BUILDING



C L E A N I N G Specialist Roofing Services D I V I S • ILeak ORepairs N • Roofing Repairs

ClarkesofBrighton • Roof Tile

• Flat Roofing


Domestic cleans

Replacement • Re-Roofing Roofing Specialist Services Contract cleans

• Fascias and • Scaffolding • Guttering Leak Repairs • Slate Roofing Roofing Repairs • End of tenancy • Flat Roofing • Roof Tile For a free building quote or INSURED estimate FULLY Replacement • Complete Roof of repairs call Replacement us on • Re-Roofing 01273 380914 or 07786 • Fascias101912 and • Scaffolding info@clarkesbuildersbrighton.co.uk Guttering • Slate Roofing

www.clarkesbuildersbrighton.co.uk For a free building quote or estimate LOCAL,ofRELIABLE repairs call&usTRUSTED on Full Public Liability Insurance 01273 380914 or 07786 101912 Company No 09982598 info@clarkesbuildersbrighton.co.uk www.clarkesbuildersbrighton.co.uk LOCAL, RELIABLE & TRUSTED Full Public Liability Insurance Company No 09982598

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hanover hanover An event to raise money for Martlets hospice...

Martlets Open Garden Weekend... Martlets are encouraging visitors to enjoy a day out visiting beautiful private gardens around Brighton & Hove raising money for hospice care on the weekend of Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th July. Visitors will be able to speak to the garden owners and enjoy refreshments; there will also be live music, raffles and plant sales at selected gardens, including Martlets’ own hospice garden. Gardens open over the weekend are: Saturday 6th July Albion Community Garden Albion Street, Brighton BN2 9PP

A city centre garden owned and run by local residents that has become a source of green-fingered pride in the neighbourhood. 118 Springfield Road, Brighton BN1 6BZ A quiet and secluded mature garden with fragrant climbers and exotic perennials. 30A Church Close, Burgess Hill RH15 8EZ Inspired by Zen peace gardens, a quiet haven with a summer house under a mature Scots pine. Hop 50+ Garden St John’s Road, Palmeira Square BN3 2FL

Within the gardens of St John’s Church, a calm oasis in the centre of busy Hove. Martlets Hospice Wayfield Avenue, Hove BN3 7LW

Lovingly tended gardens at Martlets hospice that provide a peaceful and sensory haven for patients and loved ones.

Sunday 7th July Challoners Falmer Road, Rottingdean BN2 7DY

Enjoy the stunning gardens of the oldest house in Rottingdean that include a 90-year-old fig tree and a mulberry tree planted during the reign of James I. 91 The Ridgeway, Woodingdean BN2 6BP A plant lovers’ paradise, packed with rare and beautiful plants including a climber-covered pergola and woodland walk and the best cream teas in town!

Imelda Glackin, Martlets CEO, commented: “This special weekend gives us the opportunity to celebrate the green spaces in our neighbourhoods and the creative passion of local gardeners. Come along and connect with friends and family and meet new neighbours in your area and help support much needed hospice care. Thank you to our garden owners and volunteers for their hard work and we hope you enjoy visiting their delightful gardens.”

FLAT PACK MAN For all your Flat Pack Problems Any Carpentry & Other Small Jobs Welcome Reliable & Reasonable Rates. Discounts for OAPs NO JOB TOO SMALL

Call Rob on... Mob: 07910091846 01273 677261 to advertise, please call 01273 551021 or visit www.hanoverdirectory.co.uk


hanover Our regular article from Hanover Action...

ClarkesofBrighton Politics in a BUILDING MAINTENANCE ROOFING Specialist Roofing Services changing climate • Roofing Repairs • Roof Tile Replacement • Re-Roofing • Scaffolding • Slate Roofing

• Leak Repairs • Flat Roofing • Complete Roof Replacement • Fascias and Guttering

For a free building quote or estimate of repairs call us on 01273 380914 or 07786 101912 info@clarkesbuildersbrighton.co.uk www.clarkesbuildersbrighton.co.uk LOCAL, RELIABLE & TRUSTED Full Public Liability Insurance Company No 09982598

Over the last year, Hanover Action have joined with others to push for recognition of the climate crisis and campaign for more urgent action, and the fruits of this are starting to take shape, with our council declaring a “recognition of global climate and biodiversity emergencies” and broadly adopting the target of a carbon neutral city by 2030.

With the local election having the potential to turn these aspirations into firm policy commitment, we circulated a questionnaire on the climate emergency to all those standing across the city. We received replies from the Labour Party, Green Party and Liberal Democrats as well as individual candidates. Thank you to all who took part - for the full report see www. hasl.org.uk. Here are some of the highlights: With the council recently passing a motion to recognise the climate emergency, it was reassuring that

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2323 all candidates supported this. As Bev Barstow (Women’s Equality Party candidate) put it, “I absolutely support the declaration of climate and biodiversity emergency. It is a top priority and would be best addressed collaboratively, across party lines, to ensure it’s taken seriously.” Like Bev, most candidates put it to the top of their list of priorities. In terms of how to approach it, we had suggested they produce a costed action plan within six months of being elected; however this was seen all round as too short a timeline. The consensus was that within nine months we would see firm plans aimed at achieving a carbon neutral city, with the 2030 target a shared aim.

Other points of agreement included banning of pesticides on council land – we look forward to swift action on this - and greater use of solar panels on council buildings. There was also strong support for community engagement, with the Green candidates particularly calling for ‘bottom-up’ engagement and a Citizens’ Assembly, which is a technique that both Hanover Action and Extinction Rebellion have supported exploring locally. As (now Hanover & Elm Grove Green councillor) Elaine Hills put it, “Extinction Rebellion have done a great job in engaging people. We need to build on that energy and translate it into some achievable action.”

Although there were differences in tone, and some aspects of policy, the strong showing for candidates and parties supportive of climate action is a positive for the city, and we look forward to working with our new councillors and council as critical friends as well as demanding campaigners. As successful Queen’s Park Labour candidate Amanda Evans put it, “It is an absolute emergency, and I would want to engage with all the campaign groups in this area.” We look forward with hope.

SUSSEX FUNERAL SERVICES INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS ‘For caring, compassion and choice’ www.sussexfunerals.com Proprietors: Phil and Sallie



• Independent & family owned • Passionate & committed • 24 hour service

• ‘Bespoke’ funerals • ‘No Fuss’ funerals • Prepaid funeral plans

Please contact Philip or Sallie on:

01273 736 469 07789 174 453 or visit our office at: 185 Portland Road Hove BN3 5QJ

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Two concerts this month at St Luke’s Church…

Music and Wine at St Luke’s...

We have two concerts this month including our first ever organ recital. Friday July 5th

Songs from the Steppes and the Shtetl Four choirs come together to present a rare selection of songs from two Eastern European cultures: Russian and Yiddish. The programme will include Russian traditional lyrical and dance songs, as well as Art Songs (Romances) from the 18th-19th centuries by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and others. The Yiddish songs are hugely varied: spiritual, theatre songs, folklore and modern compositions. Friday July 19th

D’Arcy Trinkwon (organ)

at 7pm so you can find out more about this fantastic instrument beforehand. ‘One of the truly great artists of his genre’ Münich Merkur.

The concerts take place at St Luke’s Church, Queen’s Park Road, and start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Tickets £7 / £5 unwaged and low waged / under-16s free. Disabled access. Wine and refreshments served. For more information, please visit www.musicandwineatstlukes.com or contact musicandwineatstlukes@gmail.com

The distinguished musician D’Arcy Trinkwon, who is Organist of both Worth Abbey and of the University of Our column from the local WI... Sussex, will present a beautifully varied programme of French and German music to show off St Luke’s 1889 Bevington organ. Includes short pre-concert talk

Hanover Queens WI

Because every life is unique …we are here to help you make your farewell as personal and individual as possible, and to support you in every way we can.

Next meeting is Thursday 11th July at the Haus on the Hill, 58 Southover Street. 7.30 to 9.30pm. Our guest speaker will be Lynn Ruth Miller, comedienne (the world’s oldest!) and raconteur. Should be good! Come along and see her and us if you’d like to – new faces always very welcome. Grab a drink at the bar and come and find us upstairs. Find out more on Facebook or wihanoverqueens@ gmail.com Handy hint

Been on the beach? Got tar on your feet? Salad oil will remove it. Recipe of the month

Quick and easy summer berry jam

Inc. S.E. Skinner & Sons 145 Lewes Road, Brighton BN2 3LG 01273 607 446 www.cpjfield.co.uk

• • •

750g / 1½lb summer berries 100ml / 3½ fl oz water 400g/14oz caster sugar

1. B ring berries to boil in pan with water. Simmer 10-15 minutes, stirring frequently. Add sugar, stir until dissolved and boil for further 15-20 mins. 2. Transfer to warmed jars to cool. Cover and chill in fridge where jam will thicken. 3. Will keep up to 2 months.

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Established 1990 OpenMonday Monday - Friday Friday 8am -Established 1990 1990 Open -Established 6pm Open 8am --6pm 6pm Established 1990 Open Monday Monday --- Friday Friday 8am 8amEstablished 6pm 1990 Children66 6 months months to to 5 years Children years Children to years Children 6 months months to 55 5to years Full or part-time hours suit Full or part-time hours to Full or part-time hours to suit Full or part-time - hours to suit suit

Estab Est Es

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Mature, experienced & qualified staff Mature, Mature,experienced experienced& &qualified qualifiedstaff staff Mature, experienced & qualified staff Mature, experienced & qualified staff Extra nursery activities including Spanish, Extra Extra nursery nursery activities activities including including Spanish, Spanish, nursery activities including Spanish, Extra nursery including Spanish, Open Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm Open MondayExtra - Friday 8am - 6pm Music &activities Dance, Forest School Open Open Monday Monday Friday 8am 8am----6pm 6pm Open Open Monday Monday Friday Friday 8am 8am 6pm 6pm Open Monday Friday 8am 6pm Open Monday Friday 8am 6pm Children 6 months to 5 years-----Friday full or part-time - hours to suit Open Monday Friday 8am 6pm Children 6Open months to 5 years - full or part-time hours to suit Music Music & & Dance, Dance, Forest Forest School School Monday - Friday 8am 6pm Music & Dance, Forest School Music & Dance, Forest School Children Children 6 6 months months to to 5 5 years years full full or or part-time part-time hoursto tosuit suit Children Children 6 6 months months to to 5 5 years years full full or or part-time part-time hours hours to to suit suit Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular Children 6 months to 5 years full or part-time hours to suit Children 6 months to 5 years full or part-time hours suit Children 6 months to 5suit years - full or part-time ----hours hours to suit Children 6 months to 5 years full or part-time hours to Well-equipped Well-equipped outdoor space space plus regular regular Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular Mature, experienced & qualifi staff •plus Extra nursery activities including French, Music & , experienced & qualified staff • •Extra nursery activities including French, Music & Dance, trips outdoor to enjoyed the park Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular •Extra Mature, Mature, experienced experienced & & qualifi qualifi ed ed staff staff ••••Extra Extra nursery nursery activities activities including French, French, Mus xperienced xperienced && &qualifi qualified edstaff staff •••••Extra nursery nursery activities activities including including French, French, Music Music && &Years Dance, Dance, ••Extra Mature, experienced & qualifi ed staff Extra nursery activities including French, Musi Forest School • Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular trips including to enjoy the park • Music Early trips trips to to enjoy enjoy the the park park xperienced qualifi ed staff nursery activities including French, Music Dance, School • Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular trips to enjoy the park • Early trips to enjoy the park Mature, experienced & qualifi ed staff Extra nursery activities including French, Musi xperienced & qualifi ed staff Extra nursery activities including French, Music & Dance, trips to enjoy the park Early Years Foundation Stage Education Forest Forest School School ••••Well-equipped Well-equipped outdoor outdoor space space plus plus regular regulartrips trips to toenjoy enjoy the thepark park ••••Ea Ea chool hool • • Well-equipped Well-equipped outdoor outdoor space space plus plus regular regular trips trips to to enjoy enjoy the the park park • • Early Early Years Years Foundation Stage Education • Registered by Ofsted • After-school Club including school c Forest School Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular trips to enjoy the park Ea on Stage Education • Registered by Ofsted • After-school Club including school collections chool • Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular trips to enjoy the park • Early Years Forest School Well-equipped outdoor space plus regular trips to enjoy the park Ea chool • Well-equipped outdoor space plus Years regular trips to enjoyStage the park • Early Years Early Early Years Foundation Foundation Stage Education Education Early Years Foundation Stage Education Foundation Foundation Stage Stage Education Education • • Registered Registered by by Ofsted Ofsted • • After-school After-school Club Club including including schoo schoo Early Years Foundation Stage Education Stage Stage Education Education • • Registered Registered by by Ofsted Ofsted • • After-school After-school Club Club including including school school collections collections Foundation Stage Education • Registered by Ofsted • After-school Club including schoo Stage Education Education •• Registered Registered by Ofsted Ofsted Stage After-school Club including school collections Registered Ofsted school Foundation Education • by Registered by Ofsted • After-school Club including schoo Stage by •• After-school Club including collections Orchard Nursery, Queens Park Road Queen's sery, Queens Park Day Road (adjacent to Queen's Park),(adjacent Brightonto BN2 0GL Park), B Registered Registered by byOfsted Ofsted Registered by Ofsted Registered by Ofsted Limited spaces available from October 2019 Orchard Orchard Day Day Nursery, Nursery, Queens Queens Park Park Road Road (adjacent (adjacent to to Queen's Queen's Park), Park) ry, Queens Park Road (adjacent to Queen's Park), Brighton BN2 Park), Orchard Day Nursery, Queens Park Road, Brighton BN2 0GL ery, Queens Park Road (adjacent to Queen's Park), Brighton BN2 0GL Telephone (01273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@ 1273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk Orchard Day Nursery, Queens Park Road (adjacent to Queen's Park), ery, Queens Park Road (adjacent to Queen's Park), Brighton BN2 0GL 0GL

Orchard Day Queens Park Road, Brighton Orchard Day Nursery, Queens Park Road, Brighton BN2 0GL Telephone (01273) 73) www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk Telephone (01273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardda 73) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk Orchard Day Nursery, Nursery, Queenswww.orchard-daynursery.co.uk Park Road,orchardday@yahoo.co.uk Brighton BN2 BN2 0GL 0GL orchardda (01273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk Telephone (01273) 622883 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardda 73) 622883 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk (01273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk (01273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk (01273) 622883 www.orchard-daynursery.co.uk orchardday@yahoo.co.uk CELEBRATING 28 YEARS!!

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Great activities for the summer...

School Holiday Adventures...

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) - one of the fastest growing water sports in the world - is taking the UK by storm with a number of active and enthusiastic SUP communities springing up across the South East. Calum, co-director at Bike SUP Brighton (an adventure sports company based in Brighton) outlines why mountain biking and SUP combine to make the perfect adventure experience:

“SUP has similarities to other water sports like surfing or kayaking, but it is much more accessible than either. Beginners can achieve a basic level of competence relatively quickly and it is suitable for a wide variety of ages. It’s incredibly relaxing once you get the hang of it! Mountain biking offers more of a thrill, as you get that rush of adrenaline by exploring and navigating flowing trails. Both activities give people the opportunity to invest in both their physical and mental wellbeing.” If you have tried SUPing you’ll appreciate the physical benefits - although it looks quite sedate you’ll still probably discover muscles you never knew you had! As a BSUPA instructor, Calum adds that “once you have got to grips with the basic paddle technique, SUPing can be a fantastic way to unwind, engage your core and escape the urban jungle.”

Visitors to Sussex beaches may have seen SUPs out in the waves, but there is an abundance of inland SUP venues in Sussex too, including rivers such as the Arun, Ouse and Adur, with many routes providing a chance to escape and enjoy unspoilt beauty and an abundance of wildlife. First-timers will appreciate the accessibility, safety and views of the meanders at Cuckmere Haven, whereas more experienced paddlers can enjoy the fast-flowing fun of the rivers Adur and Arun. Mountain bikers are also spoilt for choice

D.J. Plumbing & Heating A family run business, who specialise in Plumbing, heating, boiler conversions and repair work. All work is guaranteed and fully insured.

Please call Daniel on 07789963969 www.danjohnstonplumbing.co.uk See local reviews of this business at

in the Sussex area, with great riding to be had at Friston and Bedgebury forest, not to mention the abundance of secret singletrack spots for more experienced riders.

With the numbers of SUPs set to increase again this summer, Calum notes that new paddlers should have a good understanding of the potential hazards, including wind and tides, and should consider doing a ‘ready to ride’ course with a BSUPA-recognised school. Bike SUP Brighton offer Paddle Board and Bike Adventure Days over the school holidays for 1215 year olds as well as Paddle Board lessons for all ages and adventure days for groups. For more information visit www.bikesupbrighton.com


ELECTRICIAN, PLUMBER & HANDYMAN Qualified Electrician and Plumber available for jobs large and small kitchens/bathrooms fitted. Also offer decorating and general handiwork.

Prompt and reliable 07710 730801 gjegraham@yahoo.co.uk

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28 you can b e a super h e ro fo r m a rtlets

Preston Park ember pt se 14 ay rd tu Sa urse ow19 able obstacle co at fl in t an .org.uk/kap gi ts M le 5k rt a m e h AY: www.t Sign up TOD

With huge thanks to

Headline Sponsor

01273 303842

Registered Charity Number 802145

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A volunteer from Hanover at local charity Time to Talk Befriending tells us about her experience...

Befriending Charlotte...

“Before I met you I didn’t use to care if I lived or died. Now I want to live forever!” (Charlotte, Time to Talk Befriending Scheme member aged 89 years) Whenever I’m asked what it’s like to be part of Time to Talk Befriending, I always want to get across that it is hugely rewarding to be “part of the solution to loneliness and making an impact on someone’s life”. However, personally I don’t feel like I’m giving up anything to spend time with Charlotte, who I have been visiting for three years now, or that it’s even a charitable thing! The duality of the benefits to the be-friendship is just as important in my life as it is for Charlotte. There is something underrated about simply making time to sit and have a face to face chat - no technology, no mutual gossip but a connection stripped back to basics of wanting to have a real and quality connection with another human being. I have a hunch that if we dug into why people volunteer for this scheme it would show that we (volun-

Cycle safely

Cycling is a great way to keep fit, save money and help the local environment

Charlotte and Harriet

teers) are looking for company in just as much the same way as the members are. Whilst it’s not necessarily loneliness in the conventional sense that is driving us to volunteer, with the increase of isolation in society - especially in the millennial generation (because of social media quite frankly) - I think the work Time to Talk Befriending do and their befriending model will become increasingly important in society in recognising the value of connection. I can’t recommend befriending enough so if you have an hour to give once a week or once a fortnight please contact the team on 01273 737710 / volunteers@tttb.org.uk / www.tttb.org.uk/volunteers/ for further details. Harriet (Volunteer Befriender at Time to Talk Befriending)

Wearing a properly fitted helmet when cycling reduces the risk of a serious head injury by almost 70%

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6664 Cycle Helmet poster 3.indd 1

09/05/2019 15:18

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Due to our increasing clientele we are looking for a highly motivated and talented Hairstylist. Must have level 3 in hairdressing. Experience with Schwarzkopf colours and products an advantage. We also use Zen hair extensions and perform Kerastraight treatments (training will be given if necessary to the right candidate) We have built up a loyal client base and pride ourselves on excellent customer service and skilled cutting and colouring. If you feel like you could be the addition we need to our amazing, fun and friendly team we look forward to hearing from you. 263 Preston Drove, BN1 6FL

Call...01273 549094 www.valcussellhair.co.uk See this logo on adverts and find local reviews of that business at www.trustedandlocal.co.uk


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Letting out something special, requires a unique approach. For a better service and happier tenants give us a call.

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