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PETS door so I intend to take full advantage. Watch out squirrels… September is also the start of the academic year. Whilst our Juniors are grown-up now, this still has an impact. My morning walk, which takes me past the local primary school, has been rather quiet during August. When I first came to live with ‘Them Indoors’, and unlike the Boss who had grown up with his own Juniors, I was a bit unsure of youngsters. However, a local family with a litter of four children, decided to befriend me, being calm and kind around me and giving me treats. I now lick my lips when I see them coming and have rather missed our regular little meetings.

I don’t like squirrels, and I have a long-standing ambition to get up close and personal with one I always feel a bit sorry for the children starting school in their new warm winter uniforms, as once they are safely returned to the classroom and the holidays are officially over, the summer usually makes a final resurgence. I have a similar problem with my attire. Us Border Terriers have a double coat with a soft, fluffy underlayer, like a vest to keep us warm, and a

It’s a Dog’s Life With summer coming to an end, Teddy views September as a month of fresh starts, with squirrels, school and hand stripping appearing on the radar. As always, it’s up to Helen Stockton to translate his thoughts into words


ow I know newness is conventionally associated with the spring and its fresh shoots, knock-kneed lambs, baby bunnies and dive-bombing, unairworthy fledglings, tempting an innocent Border Terrier into instinctive reactions, however, I reckon September has a good claim to being the month of fresh starts. To begin with, it’s the first month of autumn and with it comes a wave of new produce in the garden and countryside, presenting opportunities for an enterprising small dog. We have a walnut tree in our garden, and when ‘Them Indoors’ first moved here years ago, back in the days of my predecessor

and Boss, the late, great, Rolo, they fretted about knowing when the walnuts were ripe; it’s easy – just watch the squirrels. They seem to know instinctively when the nuts are ready and can clear the tree in a day. Which is where I come in. Like most dogs, and certainly all Border Terriers I’ve ever met, I don’t like squirrels, and I have a long-standing ambition to get up close and personal with one. For a brief time, we have our very own squirrel bait growing by our back-

wiry overcoat to keep the weather out. The top coat keeps growing and has to be removed by a process called ‘handstripping’ which is best not mentioned on social media unless you want lots of attention from anonymous young ladies who are in need of a warm coat themselves. This procedure takes place quarterly which means it’s a bit random as to whether the state of my fur matches the prevailing weather. This year, I struggled through the warmer months looking like a woolly Mammoth, and now that it’s autumn, I’ve been groomed and, if you’ll excuse the pun, am rather a bare Teddy! Still, I shall look forward to a September of fresh starts and a new season with everything it brings, appropriately attired or not. l

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