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Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi Oc tober 27th, 2012 Apple IPad

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Kindle Fire 7″, LCD Display, WiFi, 8 GB

Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi Check for Special Price Today!

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What customers say about Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi? 28,120 of 28,884 people found the following review helpful A great device WHEN you consider price and function, with a few flaws, November 14, 2011 By Scott –

nenasend on RID-X – Septic System Treatment 1-Dose Powder 9.8 Ounce calvin on RID-X – Septic System Treatment 1-Dose Powder 9.8 Ounce Amazon Verified Purchase (What’s this?) ARCHIVES June 2013

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This review is from: Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi (Electronics) UPDATE September 2012 – With the comparatively-priced Nexus 7 tablet out now, and an official announcement of the Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API

June 2013

Kindle Fire 2 expected to be made this month, I don’t recommend anyone purchasing the Fire anymore unless you can

January 2013

find it at a discount. It is expected to be replaced with a new version within the next three months. I still think it’s a decent

December 2012

e-reader/tablet hybrid and great for Prime members, but it’s a bit outdated now.

November 2012

The first and most important thing that should be said about the Kindle Fire is that this is not an “iPad-killer.” It is not

October 2012

designed to be. I have seen so many articles and comments comparing this to the iPad, and surveys where people are asked if they will be buying a Kindle Fire over an iPad this Christmas. If you are expecting an iPad, or even a tablet, you


will be disappointed. The main purpose of this device is to deliver Amazon content to you more effectively. It is designed

16GB 32GB 64GB Android

for consumption, not creation. That is the reason it is so cheap and why Amazon is taking a loss on it. They are hoping to

Apple AT&T

make up for that loss through sales of videos, music, books, and apps through Amazon’s Web Services. You can also use it to view your own movies and media, but will find that it is more limited in that way than a regular tablet. Personally,

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as someone who has ordered several rentals from Amazon Video, and had to contact customer support for every single one of them due to problems with Amazon’s Unbox player or purchases not appearing in my downloads, I can really appreciate this. But if you don’t plan on using Amazon at all to obtain your media, you may want to take this into consideration before purchasing the Fire. Additionally, the reason this product is so hyped, and one of the reasons I like it so much, is due to the ridiculously low price. Amazon reviews shouldn’t focus on price, but it is hard not to with this device. On price alone, this is a five star device. However when looked at the Fire overall, and when compared with other touch devices (what little there is to compare it to), I have to give it four stars, since there are a few areas I feel could use definite improvement.



Plan Protector



FORM FACTOR – The Kindle Fire feels almost the same in my hand as my 3rd generation Kindle but it is a bit heavier. It

Screen Skin Sprint Stand Tablet Touch

something. The display is made of Gorilla Glass, which is a highly damage-resistant. You can still crack it, but I have used a phone with Gorilla Glass for two years on it and it has zero scratches on it despite being kept daily in my pocket with my keys. The back of the tablet is rubberized, so it won’t slide around and won’t get scratched easily. It also feels

Unlocked Verizon VERSION Warranty White

WiFi Wireless

might be difficult to hold it one handed and read a book for an hour or watch a movie. You’re going to need to rest it on

good in my hand. Despite all the companies that will be selling them, I do not think you need a screen protector. I have scratched Gorilla Glass before, but it is very difficult to do. CONNECTIONS/STORAGE – On the bottom are a headphone port (which will accept external speakers), micro-USB (for charging and file transfer), and power button. The Fire doesn’t come with an SD card slot, with good reason. As mentioned, Amazon wants you to get content directly from them. It also reduces the production costs. You can transfer

June 2013 M T W T F S S

your own content to the device through the USB connection from your home computer. The Fire comes with 8Gb of storage, which is enough to hold about 8 downloaded movies, 80 apps, 800 songs, or 6,000 books. I filled mine up right away so I never checked it out of the box, but apparently it is closer to 6.5Gb as the OS is going to take up some of this.

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away so I never checked it out of the box, but apparently it is closer to 6.5Gb as the OS is going to take up some of this.

2 9 16 23 30

You have to really become adept at managing your content through the Cloud. Books won’t take up much room, but magazines are around 250Mb and movies are a little under 1 Gb. Free videos available through Amazon Prime cannot be downloaded, only streamed. So unless you buy a movie from Amazon or transfer one of your own, you must be connected through a wi-fi connection in order to watch your movie.

« Jan AMAZON CLOUD – If you have not tried out the Amazon Cloud Drive, you will be pleasantly surprised. You get 5Gb (which GREAT SITES TO VISIT

they will probably increase in the near future) of free online storage to store anything you want, and you can access it from anywhere. This combines very nicely with the Fire. 5Gb isn’t much for my collection, so I upgraded to a higher plan

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(rates are $1 per extra gigabyte per year). I can upload a playlist to it and listen to it on my home computer, then when I

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get to work the Fire can access it and pick it up where I left off. Any songs you get from Amazon Mp3 are automatically stored on the Cloud and don’t contribute to the 5Gb storage space. E-READER – This was going to be the big determination in whether I should get a Fire or the new Kindle Touch.

Cell Phones

Ultimately I ended up getting both since I prefer the E-Ink technology to the backlit…

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7,603 of 7,917 people found the following review helpful Great device, you will enjoy it, November 15, 2011 By jjceo (Greenwood, Indiana) –

This review is from: Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi (Electronics) I picked mine up today at Best Buy. At home I plugged it in and set up the WIFI and my Amazon account and it immediately told me that an update was downloading. After about 10 to 12 minutes it rebooted and started working. I

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own an iPhone, iPad 2, HP Touchpad and a Kindle Keyboard version. This device compares with the Ipad. The reviews that blast the Kindle Fire as being no good are just not true. I am a retired CEO and computer Guru and have a great WIFI set up in my home. Here is my quick and dirty review: WIFI fast and easy to set up and use Keyboard types great, much better than the HP Touchpad and as good if not better than the iPad. Display high resolution comparable to the iPad 2


The device downloaded my 100 books in minutes. Most books downloaded to the device in 3 to 4 seconds. A couple of large books took 5 seconds and I am talking about books with 800 pages!

Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS

Web browsing is extremely fast. I loaded up a dozen sites that I go to with complex screens and they took 2 to 3 seconds to load. The people who are complaining should fix their WIFI instead of complaining about the Kindle Fire. I see no problem and the speed on the sites I tested is comparable to the iPad 2. One site for a local TV station took about 8 seconds and the screens are complex and contain a lot of videos and changing photos. Apps load and work great, Facebook, Words With Friends and the Weather Channel loaded fast and work quickly. Scrolling works very fast and responsive on the capacitive touch screen. Better than the HP Touchpad Video download is very fast and I have no complaints. Sound is very good on the device. Much louder than on my iPad 2 device. I saw several reviews blasting the Kindle Fire and in my opinion the sound is better than the iPad 2. I put the Kindle Fire into a case I purchased from Oberondesign and it fit tightly, but it did fit. The Kindle Fire is more portable and easier to hold than the iPad and HP Touchpad. The power button is bad. It is easy to bump and it is right next to the power plug. I have already turned the device off 4 times by accident while doing the testing. I was unplugging the power cable and touched the switch every time. This switch should have been on the top of the device. Overall the Kindle fire is a 9 out of 10. For the price it is a 10 out of 10. I am not a professional reviewer nor am I a paid reviewer. The Kindle fire is worth the money and it works well. What

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happens after 5 million users get onto Amazon is a new test that Amazon must prove they can handle. ****************************** Please look at one of my later comments on an excellent WIFI APP tool than could help you test your home WIFI system. Amamzon sells it and it is free! ****************************** Update 12-21-2011 Amazon has made an update to the Kindle Fire operating system effective today. Make sure that your Kindle Fire is fully charged or plugged in and press the power button for about 20 seconds. Turn on the Kindle Fire by pressing the on button again and it will begin to come on slowly. It will be downloading the update. After it starts it will shut down automatically and then restart again. When the swipe arrow comes on, swipe it and enter your password (If you have one) and your Kindle will start. Be patient when downloading this and wait for the Kindle Fire to totally restart! The new operating system is number 6.2.1 and it was 6.2. You can check this by touching the small gear in the upper RH corner, touch “+More”, touch “Device” and then looking at the entry for the “System Version”. Major changes that I can see: -Memory is now segmented into two parts that are available to you. The first is Application Storage which is set at 1.17 GB. It will appear at the top of the device screen and you can see how much is used for Apps. This is the memory allocated for your down loaded and resident Apps. - The remaining memory is called Internal Storage and it is now 5.37 GB for your books, movies and other storage besides Apps. It is listed below the Application Storage. -When looking at the Settings page you will see a new access for “Restrictions” which allows you to enable a password to turn WIFI access OFF or ON. If you enable this you will be asked to enter a password, (Minimum of 4 characters) that will allow you to turn Off the WIFI access. You have now just enabled a “child” mode where you can play games, read books, or do anything that is installed on your Kindle Fire. You will not be able to get new email, browse the internet, buy anything, or communicate in any way to the Web as the WIFI is turned off. You will see a key in the upper RH corner where before you saw the WIFI strength indicator. The key symbol means the WIFI… Read more

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| Comments (254)

10,866 of 11,333 people found the following review helpful I want to love it, I really do. But I can’t., November 15, 2011 By waetherman –

Amazon Verified Purchase (What’s this?) This review is from: Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi (Electronics) As a long-time Kindle fan I was eager to get my hands on a Fire. For the most part I’ve found that it does what I wanted it to, which is be the one device I can take with me anywhere. There are some great features; the reader app is excellent (though not without flaws), the app store experience is terrific, videos are fantastic, and the device is quick and for the most part dead-simple to use, all thanks to the services Amazon provides. And of course the extras that come with Prime membership really make it a real value – I won’t be cancelling my Netflix streaming account just yet (watching Netflix on the Fire works very well) but I imagine within a year Amazon’s free streaming video catalog will be just as good as Netflix. The free “lending library” book every month really is the icing on the cake though, and makes Prime membership a no-brainer. The hardware itself is solid and has a quality feel, it’s just the right size for one-handed use, and the screen is fantastic (for an LCD screen) with good brightness and excellent color, and a very wide viewing angle. So as a reader, video player and music streaming device the Fire excels, and as an occasional browsing, emailing, game playing tablety thing it does pretty well. But there are some downsides too; the small bezel size makes holding it without inadvertent page-turns difficult, the lack of buttons makes controls harder, the accessible storage memory is limited to just 5GB, which seems awfully small when carrying my own video content on a trip, and overall the interface of the system is just a little awkward and unfinished. Sometimes the back button doesn’t work, buttons are hard to push accurately or launch the wrong function, navigation isn’t exactly intuitive, etc. Particularly annoying are things like the way that almost half the screen is taken up by menu bars when browsing in landscape mode, the “momentum” of

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the browsing not stopping, menu bars that sometimes just pop up randomly while reading, and the navigation of Newsstand content like the New York Times is incredibly awkward. And then there’s the jerkiness that happens when browsing or navigating other content; to me, this just shouldn’t happen when reading a book. This is a Kindle, after all. On the missing or unfinished side its disappointing that there isn’t even a little bit of social media built in – no sharing clips of books or newsstand material via email, FB or twitter. Also missing is the “read out loud” found on other Kindles, and the new “X-Ray” feature found on the other new Kindles. There is no archiving or syncing personal documents – they have to be mailed individually to the Fire. And there’s no page numbers in the books – c’mon, Amazon, this is even available for the old Kindles at this point. The browser lacks some basic functionality like being able to rearrange bookmarks, and other little annoyances. The email application is very basic, and doesn’t always format text properly, and doesn’t have simple things like a landscape mode to view a list of messages. But the biggest “unfinished” feature of the Fire is the Cloud integration; the Cloud doesn’t work hand-in-glove with the Fire in the way you think it might. In order to access features like the video or the docs, you basically have to go through a browser the way you would from any other device. For the most part the Cloud acts only as a digital locker for items purchased from Amazon, not seamlessly as a repository for any kind of content you want to access from the Fire. The way the Cloud seems to be marketed, and the way it should work, is that the Fire and the Cloud should work seamlessly together for all kinds of content; if you upload your own movie from your PC to the Cloud, you should see it in your Video tab on the Fire, and be able to stream it or download it. If you upload folders of work documents to the Cloud, they should be available to browse and download from the Fire’s Doc tab. But that’s not the way it works. For whatever reason, the Fire’s using a Frankenstein mix of the Cloud, Kindle digital library, the app store, and local storage to handle content needs. It just isn’t quite ready for prime time, and it isn’t what people are expecting when they pick up the Fire. All of these little things add up to make what could be a great device merely adequate. Many will be able to overlook these problems and enjoy the Kindle Fire for what it is; an inexpensive all-in-one-entertainment device. I only point them out to remind people that they should not expect perfection from the Kindle Fire, at least not out of the box. Over the next few months it’s possible (likely) that many of the problems I have could be fixed with software revisions – i.e. the bezel problem could be fixed by making the margins in the reader app non-active, for instance, and the problem with the menus taking up too much room could be fixed by making them accessible via swipe-up or swipe-down. Hopefully Amazon… Read more

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| Comments (900)

Tags » Color, Display, Fire, Full, Kindle, Multitouc h, WiFi

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