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Summer Issue #3

Welcome Guide to South Welcome: Campus Welcome to the South Campus Apartments! We are so happy to have you join our community this year. This guide will tell you more about the apartments, how they are furnished, and what we recommend you bring to make the apartment feel like home. Living on South Campus is the first step of independent living and we hope that you enjoy your time with us.

Move-In Information All apartment students checking in must: • Pickup their keys at the Goldstein Student Center located at 401 Skytop Road, Syracuse NY 13244 • Present a valid photo ID when you come to the check-in location Opening Dates : August 25-28 8/25: 8am-6pm 8/26: 8am-6pm 8/27: 10am-6pm 8/28: 10am-6pm

South Campus Social Media

The South Campus Housing Office/ Office of Residence Life (ORL) The South Campus Housing Office and the Office of Residence Life- South Campus are located in the Goldstein Student Center (GSC). If you have questions about your housing, meal plans, or keys, please visit the SC Housing Office in GSC room 210. The SC Housing Office is located across from South Campus Express convenience store. If you have questions about roommates, adjusting to college or apartment living, want to find ways to get involved at SU, or have other questions or concerns, visit the SC Office of Residence Life (SC ORL) in the GSC room 206. The entrance to our office is the double doors facing the staircase to the fitness and laundry facilities. The SC ORL staff are ready to assist you. While you are here, check-out our digital media sign, which has important information you might like to know. The information in this guide will help you get connected and learn more about living on South Campus. Please take a few minutes to get to know your SC ORL staff and the important information of which you should be aware as you move in to your apartment. Emails: The Office of Residence Life- South Campus Housing, Meal Plans, and I.D. Card Services

Office of Residence Life(ORL) South Campus Staff Melinda Secor Administrative Specialist I enjoy following politics, reading and seeing films. My family and I live by Oneida Lake and appreciate the natural surroundings and wildlife in our area .  

Jasen Nieves-Herrera Residence Director South Campus Area: Chinook, Lambreth, Small, Winding Ridge Apartments I am originally from Michigan, I have been working at SU for over 3 years now. I have a passion for running and mentoring. You will likely find me running around South Campus in any kind of weather.

Assitant Residence Director South Campus Area: Chinook, Lambreth, Small, Winding Ridge Apartment I love action and comic books movies with a healthy dose of comedy in between to keep me on my toes. I’m from Memphis, TN where sunlight and rain are the only problems with the weather. In my free time I am probably working out, winning a game of basketball, doing an outdoor activity, or saving a magical creature in

Residence Director South Campus

Area: Skyhalls, Slocum Heights, Farm Arc Apartments

Assistant Residence Director South Campus Area: Skyhalls

South Campus Organization for Programming Excellence

S.C.O.P.E As part of their mission, S.C.O.P.E. provides numerous events for South Campus residents throughout the year. In the past, S.C.O.P.E. has brought students on South Campus such events as Glow Dance, Ice Skating, BBQS, and Haunted House. S.C.O.P.E. has already begun planning for the year and has the following events scheduled during the fall semester:

Sunday September 3, 2017 S.C.O.P.E BBQ 1PM-4PM Skybarn Saturday October 28th, 2017 Haunted House 8pm SkyBarn

South Campus Series: Line-Up South Camus Series are programs or experiences offered to the South Campus Student all events are free !!

August S.C. Welcome!



GSC Atrium

September DIY GUYS



GSC 201

Ice Cream Truck



South Campus

Ice Cream Truck



South Campus

Going Aboard






GSC 201

GSC 201

October DIY GUYS 10/11


GSC 201

Film Showing



DIY GUYS 10/26


GSC 201

GSC 201*

November DIY GUYS 11/14


GSC 201

December DIY GUYS 12/4


More information can be found on our website, social media platforms, and emails sent to all south campus students

Apartment Guide

Your Apartment: All apartments are furnished and utilities are included.

What comes with the apartment: In each bedroom: •Full Size Bed •Dresser •Desk and Chair •Lamp •Curtains

Your Apartment: Items not provided, but you may want to bring: •

General: • Additional Lighting • (no multi-headed lamps allowed) • Air freshener • (no candles allowed) • Surge protectors / power strip • Television • Vacuum • Trash can/trash bags Bedroom: • Linens (sheets/ comforters) • Pillows • Blankets • Bed Risers

Your Apartment: What NOT to bring:

• Pets (only fish in a tank not to exceed 10 gallons) • Candles/ incense/ oil lamps • Air conditioners/ lava lamps/ multi-headed lamps • Halogen Lamps • Extension cords • Grills/burners(charcoal, gas, butane, propane) • Firearms, weapons, fireworks • Hot plates • Hot tubs/ pools Taking care alcohol of your new Apartment • Decorative bottles


• Keeping the apartment clean! • Reporting any damages or repairs as they happens, not waiting until your departure.

Mail: • • •

Packages are delivered to front doors Request a “ Signature Required” when getting packages delivered that are bigger than your mailbox, as they will be left outside your front door. For All questions about packages or mail you must contact US postal office or delivery company

• Housing and ORL are not responsible for any packages that are lost or stolen

Health/ Safety Inspections Apartment will be inspected at least once during the academic year. The inspection will take approximately ten minutes and it is not necessary for you to be home when the inspection is performed. Two to three University staff members will enter your apartment for the inspection between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. A copy of the completed inspection report will be left for you. While Health and Safety Inspections are not limited to the following items, the following items are prohibited in or around the South Campus apartments:

a. Candles, incense, lava lamps, multi-headed lamps, and halogen lamps. If these items are found in your apartment during the course of a Health and Safety Inspection, they will be confiscated and disposed of immediately. b. Pools located inside or outside of the apartment c. Tapestries hanging on the ceiling or covering fire safety equipment. Tampering with fire safety equipment will result in a referral to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. d. Propane and charcoal grills or similar devices. Propane tanks and grills will be confiscated and not returned. e. Empty alcohol containers in apartments occupied solely by students who are under the legal drinking age of 21. f. Standard household electrical extension cords. Extension cords must be 12 gauge wire with 3rd prong ground. g.Pets-fish only. One ten gallon tank per resident. No remuneration will be provided to students for property disposed of under the terms of these policies.

Student Code of Conduct/ Residential Policies policies.html

Safety: • From 8pm-6am the main gate on Skytop Road is only accessible by ID swipe and is supervised by a Department of Public Safety Officer during that time. • There is a Department of Public Safety Satellite office in the Goldstein Student Center. • You do not have to walk from main campus in the dark; as the buses run until 2:50AM • Each resident of South Campus should lock their front and back doors at all times. • All guests are required to complete the same process done on main campus.

• Health and Safety inspections are at least once a year for each apartment and are unannounced.

Trash/ Recyclables : • Please help keep South Campus looking nice by disposing of your trash and recyclables in the appropriate dumpsters/containers nearest of your apartment building. • Remember, all recyclable materials should be placed in the large green dumpsters. • Do not place trash bags, garbage, food, or recyclables outside your apartment. They will attract animals and pests, causing a health and sanitation concern for you and your neighbors. • If trash and recyclables are not disposed of properly, you and/or your apartment building may be billed for this violation and be charged with alleged violation of the Office of Residence Life Residential Policies. Please respect your environment and living area. Dispose of all items properly.

Noise Complaints Please be respectful of your neighbors. If you have concerns about noise coming from an apartment that is disturbing you, please talk with the residents living there. Conversely, if someone comes to you asking you to keep your noise level down, please be respectful and do so. • If you have immediate concerns with noise, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 315.443.2224. • If you would like to file a noise complaint with the Office of Residence Life- South Campus , please call us, email us, stop in, or contact the noise compliant telephone number at 315-443-3893 and pressing option #1 to relay your concern. • Information completed via this form is not monitored 24 hours per day; however, it will be received and follow-up will occur.

Repairs/Maintenance/ Snow Removal If you have any maintenance needs, from a leaky faucet or squeaky door to needing a light bulb replaced, FIXit is ready to assist you. Contact them via twitter @SUFixit, email at,315.443.4948. Snow shovels are provide in each apartment. Residents are responsible for removing snow from their own walkways. In addition, residents with vehicles parked on South Campus should remove snow from around their vehicles on a regular basis to ensure that the university snow removal plows can see clearly.

Dining on South Campus: Goldstein Food Court: Goldstein Dining is part of the Goldstein Student Center on South Campus. Because this location is the hub of activity for South Campus students, Goldstein Dining offers a wide variety of food options, including a late-night to-go menu. Features: Veggie Patch (Create Your Own Salads) Quesadillas Carving Station Vegan & Vegetarian Items Grab & Go Items Daily Soup Specials Daily Hot Line EntrÊe Specials Late Night Xpress Window – G& G (see below) Goldstein-to-Go serves most of the items from the Campus Delivery menu. South Campus Express: South Campus Express carries grocery, convenience items, and foods for special diets. If there is something that you would like us to carry, please ask.

Welcome To South and See You Soon !!!

South Campus Summer 2018 Issue 3  

This guide will tell you more about the apartments, what we recommend you bring to make the apartment feel like home and who we are. Livin...

South Campus Summer 2018 Issue 3  

This guide will tell you more about the apartments, what we recommend you bring to make the apartment feel like home and who we are. Livin...