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Founda'on Diploma  in  Art  &  Design  

Susmita Hamid    

Whist studying Interior Design I have developed a confident understanding of how interior and exterior spaces can be redefined. I have proficient skills and knowledge of Computer Aided Design and readily experiment with 2D design. I have also confidently experimented with a range of modeling materials such as wood, plastic, clay and wire. Studying BTEC Art and Design has given me a range of skills in areas such as photography, including operating the manual setting on a DSLR camera. I have developed confident skills in Graphic image making and express my creativity through Adobe Creative Suite; I have learnt how to use these programs in a short space of time, which demonstrates my ability to learn new skills and processes quickly. I have also learnt how to create imagery through screen-printing, mono-printing and etching. I believe these different processes have provided me with a broad understanding of how I can communicate my ideas visually. Whilst on the course I have worked with a range of different people and learnt how to generate creative ideas through discussions and contextual research. Working on a project collaboratively helped me gain more confidence and an understanding of the importance of communication and time management. I am passionate about sustainable architecture that is not going to damage the environment, be more affordable and create a better place to live. I am excited about the opportunity of studying architecture and I want to learn more about the practical and theoretical aspects of the discipline and take at a higher level, as it will allow me to take my ideas through to fruition.

Foundation portfolio  

Portfolio for the foundation course

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