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1. Recycling Program a. I recycle everything, sort out organic from inorganic materials, and identify waste that I can add to a mulch or composting pile. b. I tend to only recycle glass, plastic, and paper. c. I recycle when it is convenient. d. I don’t recycle at all. 2. Recycling or “Reusing” Household Products a. Before discarding any unwanted items for recycling, I try to find another use for it, including rehabbing clothing or using old tires as a garden fixture. b. I donate all of my unwanted items to a local charity or I sort them for the recycling plant. c. I organize all unwanted items into piles for recycling or the landfill. d. I only have time to throw all unwanted items in the trash to be sent to a landfill.

Grading Scale: For each question, award yourself the following for your responses: A = 4 points B = 3 points C = 2 points D = 1 point

3. Water Waste a. I try to use the majority of my water again in order not to waste any, e.g. pasta water for plants. b. I reuse a lot of my water but sometimes I forget c. I do the minimal to save water, Eg. Turn off my tap when brushing my teeth d. I do not save any of the water I use 4. Home Power Source a. I use 100 percent renewable power such as wind or solar in my home. b. I currently use non-renewable power for the majority of my home, but I use solar power to heat my pool and spa area. c. I use the local utility, which is non-renewable power. d. I actually shovel coal into a burner to power my home. 4. Home Temperature a. I do not use artificial heating or air conditioning. b. I program my thermostat to be a few degrees warmer in the summer or cooler in the winter, while using fans and my fireplace when applicable. c. I keep my thermostat at an even 70 to 72 degrees at all times to remain consistent throughout the year. d. I make sure I’m nice and cool in the summer and nice and warm in the winter. 5. Paper Use a. I reuse all my paper and ensure that I buy biodegradable paper from organic stores b. I recycle the majority of the paper that I use by using both sides and using the right bin c. I try to recycle a lot of the paper that I use but it is not a priority for me d. I hardly recycle any of my paper

Grades: 15 or less: You may engage in a few green initiatives, but it is generally out of convenience and not commitment. Maybe you can add some eco-friendly activities to your daily life. You can start with one simple project each week, such as switching to ecofriendly skin products or turning leftovers into new meals. You’ll be surprised at both the difference you can make to your environmental footprint, as well as the benefit to your pocket. 15-25: You certainly have a commitment to a greener society, and you’re taking reasonable steps to do your part. However, you probably think you can do more, and you are right! 25-30: You do much more than the majority of people, and it shows! Keep doing your part by finding more advanced projects to green your lifestyle such as installing a home water filtration system or travel commuting solutions. Just ask yourself, “How green do I want to be?” 30-35: Only the most die-hard greenies do more than you, so you should be very proud. Your next challenge: educate your friends and family on what they can do to reduce their environmental footprint. Over 35: There are precious few like you, so it is the goal of all of us to get more people to reach your Level. If you have reached this level, please share your sustainability practices so that we can publish them to encourage others to live a truly green lifestyle!

Sustainability Quiz  
Sustainability Quiz