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Your Favorite Celebrities Leonardo DiCaprio

The 21st century heart throb shares his view on the importance of sustaining today’s society for future generations and ways to improve our current habits and purchases. Our lucky interviewer, Miss Sarah Mullarkey, was fortunate enough to interview the A-list movie star and receive a further understanding on Leo and his dedication and interest in the world renown topic of sustainability and improving standards for future generations. Leo stated that it didn’t take much for him to become interested in sustaining the environment, he states “I became an actor at a young age but I also, had a deep respect for nature and I think I was, sort of, a little biologist when I was younger.” Leo says that because of this passion for nature and his great interest in the topic, he followed that path throughout life and investigated and learnt more about ecological issues around the world. He states that he believes there wasn’t enough connection to the world’s issues with media, and that he could be that voice, to reach out, and allow others to become more aware of the frightening concept of global warming, and the loss of recourses.

Making a Difference ! The organizations he works with are; Global Green, NRDC and Leo thanks these organizations for allowing him to become more proactive in the environmental movement. Leo believes that the key word we all need to focus on is, now. “We need to make

change now, or there will not be a future to change”. After asked

his view on the actions taking place he said;

“It seems now more so than ever we’re at a real tipping point and certainly on the public side, global warming and sustainability is at the forefront of most people minds and its being talked about more now so than ever”. Leo explains how it is an exciting movement to be a part of and that he truly believes it is the movement of his generation as well as the next generation.”

By Alexandra Kerr

Leo DiCaprio  
Leo DiCaprio