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Aunt in Wyoming

Now Sell Online, Across the Country

Grandparents in Minnesota

Supporting your organization just got easier with our new fundraising website. 2 ways to shop online & catalog

If they have e-mail, they can help. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, Old Friends, Co-workers and Business Associates, Facebook Friends, College Roommates, Church Members, Sorority Sisters …

om Friends fr r Summe Camp

Family Friends in Arizona

Cousins in Texas

Just follow 3 EASY STEPS: 1



Create your seller account

Provide e-mail addresses*

Track your sales & profits

∙ Click ‘Seller Login’

∙ Visit the ‘Seller Dashboard’

∙ Complete ‘Sign up to be a Seller’

∙ Enter e-mail addresses of friends and family members

∙ Your contacts will receive a custom email from you explaining your Yankee Candle® Fundraising sale.

∙ Enter your Organization’s Group # (listed on the letter in your seller packet ) ∙ Click


∙ Click

∙ Your friends and family members start shopping online. ∙ The profits from their purchases are applied to your selling total and your organization’s grand total. ∙ Everything ships directly to your customers.


TIP: Use social media to increase sales Share a direct link with your Facebook friends.

“Quality. Big profits. Easy. Think Yankee Candle Fundraising.”

America’s Best Loved Candle™ is your perfect fundraising solution. *Email addresses are confidential and will not be shared. See for details.

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Fall 2013 How to Order Yankee Online Fundraiser  
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