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Box Tops Classroom Contest

Fall Fundraiser Pick Up

Pick Up for your Fundraiser Thursday Nov 14th 3-6 PM

Thank you for all of your support with the contest! The grand totals are below:

Thank you Chain Families for all of your support!

Ptg Meeting Tuesday Nov 19th 5PM We will be going over plans for Winter Wonderland.

Please bring any project ideas to the meeting. Newcomers always welcome!

BOOK FAIR New this year ~ The Book Fair will also be online also this year from Nov 7th - Nov 27th.

Book Fair at Chain School:

Nov 12th Tuesday 3-6 PM Nov 13th Wed 2:50-3:30 PM Nov 14th Thursday 3-6 PM

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Mrs. Ristow’s Class 2,542 Ms. Zelsinske’s Class 1,887 Mr. K’s Class 1,536 Mrs. Wolff’s Class 988 Mrs. Olson’s Class 641 Ms. Draeger’s 632 Mrs. Dawalt’s 538

Total for our school 8,764 Our next Classroom Contest has started and will go until January. Our Student Rewards Program will go until the end of the school year.

Our School will be participating in the FREE Computers for Education Program this year. More information will be sent home next week about it. Parents and Students complete postcards to family and friends. Your school earns $5.50 per completed postcard booklet ($.50 per mailable postcard). No need to purchase anything!

Student Collection Reward Program Chain Ptg has teamed up with the School Store to offer our students a Reward Program for their individual collection efforts. Students will receive a 25 cent coupon to the School Store for every “Pack of 25� your student brings in from the list below.

25 - Clipped Box Tops Labels ( ) 25 - Clipped Campbell Point Labels. Campbell Juice Caps ( )

25 - Clipped Labels/Caps from the Kwik Trip Moola Program ( )

25 - Piggly Wiggly Receipts 25 - Country and Village Hearth Bread UPC ( ) What to do: 1. Collect the items from the list above. If needed trim the labels, rinse any juice / milk caps & milk labels. 2. Put in packs of 25 individual items in a small plastic bag or sealed envelope. 3. Write your students NAME and TEACHER on the bag. 4. Students bring the bag to the Library in the morning and hand in to Mrs. Lettau. (the library will be our COLLECTION BANK for our school) 5. Mrs. Lettau will give you a coupon for 25 Cents to use in the School Store. THANK YOU!

2013 nov newsletter  
2013 nov newsletter