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STUDY ABROAD SCHOLARSHIP COMPETITION FOR Spring ’12, Summer ’12 Due date Oct. 5 Applications will be screened by a committee comprised of the Dean of the College, the Director of International Studies, a representative from Financial Aid, the Directors of JYF and JYS, and four faculty members chosen for diversity of their disciplinary background and interest in international studies. Criteria include GPA, course plan, and evidence of financial need. Eligibility: Students must have a GPA of 3.0 or better. Summer applicants are only eligible if applying to our France, Oxford or other SBC sponsored programs. Semester or Year applicants may apply for any program. This is an extremely competitive scholarship this year and students are encouraged to seek information on loans for study abroad from the financial aid office as a backup to the scholarship application. Part A: Students should submit to the Director of International Studies the following materials: 1. Two letters of recommendation from professors, including one from a modern language professor when the program in JYF or JYS. These letters can be identical to the ones you send to your programs. Give your faculty members a copy of your statement of purpose and this application guideline. Letters should be addressed To Whom it May Concern, so that the recommender can use the letter for both study abroad and scholarships. 2. Official transcript(s) of all college work. (Including work done at other colleges) 3. A statement of purpose to include: a. The reason you chose your study abroad program(s). b. Why this study abroad program is important to your major field of study, and, if known, the relationship between study abroad and your career objectives. For example: Do you have an international career goal? c. Your expectations as to what you hope to take to your experience of study abroad and what you hope to bring back from it. 4. A copy of your study abroad program application. Part B: Verification of family financial circumstances for the Financial Aid Office 1.

If you have not already Submit the 10-11 FAFSA to the Federal Forms Processor. You are encouraged to use the website to do this. If you use the web, please be sure to print, sign and send the copy of the certification page to the FAFSA processor. Keep a photocopy of the FAFSA for your file. Please adhere to the application policies and procedures specified in the SBC Need Application Information Sheet provided by the Financial Aid Office. For spring competition we can use previous year’s FAFSA to estimate.

2. Submit the Study Abroad Financial Aid Supplement form with program cost and signature to the Financial Aid Office.

Study Abroad Financial Aid Supplement Form Submit directly to the Financial Aid Office

Cost in US dollars for your study abroad program: $___________________________ Include: tuition, room, board, travel to and from program, in country travel to classes and official activities, books, fees and supplies. St. Andrews, JYF, JYS, Urbino, Heidelberg and Doshisha do not need to give a dollar amount, because we have these on file. I certify that the above financial figure is correct to the best of my knowledge.

I hereby give my consent to the Offices of Financial Aid and International Studies to disclose information to the International Studies Advisory Committee regarding my financial situation and study abroad plan in order to help determine my eligibility for study abroad scholarships. I understand that if for any reason I am unable to complete my intended duration of study abroad, that the balance of the award must be returned to Sweet Briar College. Name______________________________ Student ID________________ Signature____________________________ Date_________________ Cell phone number __________________________

Acuff & Davenport Competition  

Acuff & Davenport Competition

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