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Timefor a change? We are v bral ona b-Anls and are w de y ailecled by what3 goi.g o. ai the evelof olr emotons How we thrnk and fee .eal y does afiect who we ar-cwho we becomea.d the k.d ol le experie.cesthal we anracl.Fndingslrom the uond ol scence haveshownths to be 1r!e and lell!s lhat we need10lake morecare . nrakng good cholcesaolnd how we iee momeniby monre.t We no' know thfolgh quantum

Have athink aboutyour lile dght.ow and considerwhich bts you may want lo improve,Ask yourself: lf you co!d be a.d do a.r'thing,rhal What wold !o! chooseto change1 n9 rght now? F! co!d anJ,1h Wfralwoud lou likemo€ oi n yolr ie? Maybe it!llst a tweaklhat!o!le aner n specic areas Or I may be that lou fancy a rll on radlca slrakeLp w1h e major overlra! to br.g .ew spa e inlo yolr te. Here are some greal too s to a ow !o! to brng n a new yo! iasl We show lou |re stepsyo! .eea to lake lor € lersonng who you a@choosinqto be n the sane way tiratwe can nsta lpqraded lerco.s of sollwareon a .omplrer. we can nsla new proqrammes

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wlre€youaremd how'ou lmporlaitto nolicetr4'61badleelngsar€le I ng !s anduselh s feedbacklo ste€rolls€a backinto po:iitivi\,Wethenneedto makethechanges necessary lo brn!,us tu y backon lrackto k€p usgong in a dlrectontowardsmorehappiness andjoy Aimforgoodi@lngs.tb the secr€tto s!6s md g€ g@t ne you n pace. Hw do we mosleas\, get backto olr nalura dehu[ positon oi r€lLbeng,plalu nessafd tuelinggood?On€powedulways lhroughthe alignmenliechniqueR(]:}mh showstlratwe attacl exacty n corespondence 10oLrrfe€lngs

:' \\lren dep y dded, instructyours€li1o align' wth tho n€wve|sonyouar€clroosng Noww magneor sen* lh s nN \€rsionin,o!r mndb ele md magine'siepping inloit Pdlhsnew lou on, ke nry clolh€, andlbe wlral I f€€lslke io betris rw vm on oi !ou. Comeiiornthis Toalow olrsel!€sto et in our hean'sdesres, placeinside)oursei b.eathe,ie , lalk,wak, and we n€d to v brat€loy,happin€ss,ov€and mak€declsonsfromlhs newposilion.Ire more cedytcu nugnethatyo!eeihs p€rcnwrro wonderNat!€ healh is abod a gnngto postvegalesand hasthisheath/wealrh,happ ns elc, themore emotonsso whars a gnm€.I andhow do we do it?Algnmeniis whenwelin€upwihachosen G€tthelbelingthatyo! re n ' or preferedversonol ouBetus algnmentwithlh s newv€rsionol you.Thss a keypariol lhe n ihe p|*nl momert.Wecm :: il i.l . algnwith a heathyversio.,a success tlre'fe€lng s lhe rnost a rs w€ lhy verson or a rrappy mpoirantpanin maniiesling e/€rnpe.lts .nportanlthat wnenwe de @nscorsly _' algnngnsideolrseha,thaiwe I I makeposilivechoicesa.d holdouremotons constanly ro this pont and keeplhembolh stong andpositve.H€rearesomepractcali@s thatyoucan lse to ne up last to a newv€rsion

Choosea rersionol youlhat youwanlto be (lor vr'ealhyhappy,slpponi@ exarnplelreallhy, rilends)andincudewhalels aspeclsyo! wantio 'db. Mx n a theelenr€nis seeshowi.gup n yolr youwantto havesriow!p n yolr expenen@ Feld,co€eroureyesa|dgo nsde Br€lhe dep y andgen{yto get.elaxed,Enjoylh s pe@tu slateof €lMlion. Foatoflicr a $h e if

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Summary Box

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How do we know when we are aligned for the best resufts? Ouremoionsa,€ihe slongesiind€lor ol hct w€la gnedwe are rwe arereen99@d,re knowlhat we a€ in positv€a gnment.\4henwe f@lbad thisis a powertuindcalorlhat we rrave

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Upgrade your Life  

Be the best possible version of you - the power lies within. Susie Pearl explains.

Upgrade your Life  

Be the best possible version of you - the power lies within. Susie Pearl explains.