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A Christmas Story Two days before christmas... - Mom, can you please come in here?, Kim asked. - What do you want honey?, mom asked. - I have to go and by some christmas presents, Kim said. - Okay, let's go to the shopping center soon, mom said. One hour later.. Kim walked to the kitchen where her mom was washing the dishes. - Are you ready to go now, Kim asked. - Yes, I will get my keys first, mom said. Twenty minutes later... Kim and her mom arrived at the big mall and they walked in to the shop ”Parfumes”. Parfumes whas a very big shop. - I know that Ashley wants a Victoria secret body mist.., said Kim. - Ashley? Your sister or your best friend?, mom asked. - My sister of course, Kim said. Kim took up a yellow body mist and sniffed it. - This smells very good, Kim said. - How mutch is it?, mom asked. - 11 pounds, Kim said. - Okay, mom said. After Kim had paid, they walked to a caf'e named ” Time-out”. Kim and her mom sat down on two black chairs. - So.. Kim what do you want for christmas?, mom asked. - A gift card to the shop ”perfection”. But most of all i want a black and white kitten. -A kitten?, okay, mom said. After shopping for many hours it was time to go home.... It had alredy become dark when they came home. Kim took all the christmas presents she had bought and went up to her room. She wrapped the presents and hid it under the bed.

She walked to the toilet, brush her theeth and went to the bed. She instantly fal asleep. Christmas Eve... When Kim whoke up she took the presents, went to the livingroom and put the presents uder the christmas tree. -God morning Kim. It was Ashley... - Mary christmas Ashley, Kim said. - Mary christmas Kim, Ashley said. Kim went to the kitchen where her mom and dad was making brakefust. - God morning honey, mary christmas, dad said. - God mornig mom and dad, Kim said. - Can we open the presents now?, Kim asked. Mom, dad and Kim went to the livingroom. Ashley where putting her gifts under the big green christmas tree. Ashley got some new headphones from mom and dad and from me, she got the Victoria secret body mist. Mom got a book from me and Ashley, and dad a kitchen book. He loves to make dinner. - Your turn Kim, mom said. - Okay, Kim said. Kims present was very big. Kim open the present... - A kitten?, Thank you so mutch!, Kim said. It was a black and white cute little kitten. - This is Milo, Kim said. - �Milo� is so cute, Ashley said. - The best christmas ever, Kim said. Heidi 19/12-13

A christmas story heidi