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Be a Bone Marrow Person Have you ever had a “bone marrow” person in your life? Someone who was FIERCELY supportive of you? Someone who saw your potential when you couldn’t? Someone who spoke truth into your life in a way that encouraged and uplifted you? I am blessed to have several people in my life who fall into that category. One of them is on the edge of passing from this world to her eternal address. She brought huge value to my life: 

  

When I fell in love with coaching back in 2001 and jumped in with both feet to launch Career Coach Academy before I had finished my foundational coach training, she read every word of my curriculum to make sure it was aligned with International Coach Federation (ICF) competencies. She conducted oral evaluations for a number of graduates from Career Coach Academy. Prior to turning my many manuscripts in to my publisher JIST, she read countless chapters . . . often with 12-hour turnaround in the middle of the night when deadlines were tight. And, of course, she expanded my capacity as a coach.

Here are just a few of my favorite powerful questions I learned through her modeling . . .   

What do you want this to look like in the long-run? (when I had charged ahead with enthusiasm and getting lost in details) What will happen if you don’t do this? (when I was wavering in courage!) What can you do in the next 7 days that would get you some traction? (when I was in overwhelm) Who is this bone marrow person? Judy Santos. An ICF Master Certified Coach, founder of the Christian Coaches Network, and masterful teacher who, over the past dozen years, taught thousands of coaches through the Institute for Life Coach Training.

When she learned a few months ago that cancer had returned (after a valiant battle five years ago that earned her a clean bill of health after lung cancer), we had long talks by telephone. Over the course of our 10-year relationship, we had only seen each other three times face-to-face. I told her I’d love to fly up to her home in Bellingham, Washington to “just visit.” Despite a hectic schedule, I took three days a few weeks ago to do just that. It was priceless. On learning that she took a serious turn for the worse this weekend, a friend asked me, “What would you want to model from her life to honor her?” My answer: Be an intrepid trailblazer, a trust agent, and a respectful “truth teller.” She was all of those to me, and more. Bottom line: As a coach or person of influence, you can honor someone significant to you by modeling his or her most-admired attributes … today! And, if your “significant someones” are still alive, reach out and remind them what you admire most about them or what you appreciate learning from them. Like bone marrow, it will be a life-giving gift.

Be a Bone Marrow Person  

As a coach or person of influence, you can honor someone significant to you by modeling his or her most-admired attributes … today! And, if...

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