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TWINS ....

Did you know I am in fact an identical twin? I have a sister - Sandra - so if you should see “me” and I don’t say’s not actually me! Two of my best friends and I decided we wanted to give back to the Royal Brisbane Woman’s Hospital. And thought that photographing twins would be a wonderful way to tie our links all together. It has been such a blast seeing the bond between these twins, no matter what their age. It certainly is a great thing, to give and get back. For more information feel free to email Kim:


Formal Our formal night, it’s certainly a night that we all remember and look back upon. Celebrating all of those (sometimes long) years though our schooling is such a special and important event. Lauren looked just amazing in her stunning dress you have to agree.

STUDIO NEWS Recently my family and I were fortunate enough to spend more time with our Vanuatu friends. I always enjoy seeing the changes in our sponsor children and reconnecting with them again.


“Together we have it all”

“A baby is a little bit of heaven”

“Y ou, and only you”


Bundaberg Photographer

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