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Families are something that hold a special place in our hearts. They are the very heart of our souls and the reason we know what love feels like at its highest point. Photographing families is always something that I adore doing. The personalities, the individual customs and traditions. No two families are ever the same, so it’s always new and exciting to be part of that family for a short time during a shoot. We select locations that help to tell the story of your unique family and who you are. Natural environments help children feel comfortable and to feel free to express their personality for me to capture. Be sure to contact me if you are considering a family session with your favourite people.


Tomlins’ It was a lovely afternoon at the beach late last year and lots of fun was had! It included running, kicking coconuts and searching for shells. And of course when you take toddlers to the beach we had to get in the water for a little bit too. I love the natural expressions and fun times shared here.

STUDIO NEWS The studio was shut down for a week over Christmas and I was able to use that lovely time to spend with my very own family - my favourite people in the world. I wanted to thank my clients for their support and custom as they are so beautiful!!

“Y ou are my world, you are special”

“A great joy is coming”

“A baby is a little bit of heaven”



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