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My Photo Gallery Susan Sushuang Lu, Grade 9 Hangzhou, China

• Eton & Berkeley--The opportunities to be involved in campus life abroad in spired me to attend a high school in America. I love speaking English, I lov e discussions in a lively atmosphere, I love all the meaningful, thrilling activ ities:

• Heightened academic pressure was not a reason for me to give up my interes ts, hobbies and community service; rather it was an impetus to train my ti me management because I love learning and I also want to live a fun, purp oseful life:

• I definitely know that without my parents’ support and respect for my own will, I would not have experienced so much at this age. The gratitude I hold for my parents will lead me to move on. Thank you, Mom and Dad.

Thank you for watching Susan Sushuang Lu, Grade 9 Hangzhou, China   Jan 9, 2017

All about Me Sushuang Lu-Part 2  

Thank you for spending time looking at this photo collection about me.

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