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My Photo Gallery Susan Sushuang Lu, Grade 9 Hangzhou, China

• Hi, I’m Sushuang. Thank you for spending some time looking at this photo collection about me, a Grade 9 student from Hangzhou, China. This collect ion is like a personal photo gallery, recording some of the moments which I think were beautiful and significant in my life. By flicking through these ph otos, I believe you will get a multi-dimensional knowledge of who I am and what I can do. Now, here we go:)

Story unfolds… • Like many other kids, I was very curious about many different things and a

ctivities in my primary school years. Thanks to my parents’ unconditional l ove, my curiosity was never nipped in the bud but was always encouraged t o come out to see the world as it presents itself. With this parental love, I div ed into diverse activities, music, drawing, swimming, taek wondo, golf, mus eums, galleries, expos, military experience, travelling to Philippines, Saipan , Japan, Korea, the US, …

• I love my primary school, Hangzhou Tiandi Elementary Primary School, where I spent 6 years with my lovely classmates and caring teachers. Some memories have become vague, but whenever I see these photos, I instantly re call the happy time in the school‌.

• Travelling has always been an inseparable part of my family. In my middl e school years, my parents still arranged for holiday family trips to different countries. I do feel travelling can be not only a path to experiencing natural and cultural differences but also a bridge to closer family bond:

All about Me Sushuang Lu-Part1  

Thank you for spending time looking at this photo collection about me. I hope you will move on to Part 2 of this photo gallery.

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