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What are equestrian jumps? Have you ever heard of equestrian sports or have seen it? No idea what is it? Well even though you couldn’t understand the meaning of the term, you must have seen the equestrian sports at least once, or may be several times. Equestrian sports are the sports in which a rider mounts on top of horse and then take part in the sports. Polo, horse obstacle race, horse race or any other sports in which one has to mount the horse back, is known as equestrian sports.

Equestrian jumps are getting quite popular with masses. It is considered to be an essential form of sport when it comes to horse related activities. Unlike the regular horse race, equestrian jumps require the horse and the rider to clear some obstacles that are placed strategically on the course of the race. These obstacles are known as horse jumps. According to the type of the obstacle race, the type of horse jumps can vary. Arrowhead fence, bank fence, ditch fence are some of the horse jump fences which are regularly used in the horse obstacle race.

The motive of the horse jumps race is to find out the quality of the relationship the rider and the horse share with each other. If the horse obeys the direction of the rider properly and the rider understands the difficulty level for the horse, they can develop a great relationship. In the equestrian jump race it is the sole motive along with entertainment of the masses. Moreover the rider gets a chance to display the intelligence of his horse and its ability to judge every obstacle.

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What are equestrian horse jumps