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How to Choose the Right Horse Mats For Your Stable Since time immortal horses have been with us as domestic animals. They have helped humans to travel from one part of the world to another, provide joy rides to ladies and kids, take part in horse races and pull heavy cart in the farms. One horse can do it all only if he is happy and content. Although animals do not demand luxury and great services but it is the responsibility of the owner of the horse to provide comfort to the animals. Horses spend most part of the day and night in their stables. Over here they have to stand for long hours on the mat of the stable. This mat can make them prone to certain foot diseases of horses. In general the mats of the horses are made up of poor material which does not help in adsorption of water. If the horses have to stand on the wet mat for long his foot can develop fungal as well as bacterial diseases, which is not good for the horse's health. Apart from it these horse mats can be pretty hard for the animals' hooves, hurting them badly. He won't be conveying his pain to you so it is your responsibility to choose the right mat for your animal. Given below are some simple tips that will help you while choosing the mat for your horse: 

Not too soft nor too hard: the horse mat should not be very soft or very hard as both can be discomforting for the horse. Too hard will cause pain in the hooves and too soft will cause problems for the horse to move around comfortably. You should choose such material which is fine for the horse's hooves. Horse rubber matting can be perfect choice for you as they are not hard and nor too soft, but just right for the comfort of the horse's hooves.


Hygienic: it is important to have such matting which is supportive in keeping the horse healthy. Do not use matting made up of organic material like raw jute as they can develop fungus and bacteria due to being wet for long.


Easy to clean: the horse mats should be easy to clean and maintain which is important to keep the horse healthy. Rubber mats are easy to wash and they dry quickly as well. Moreover they do not get stained easily.

Keep these things in mind to keep your horse healthy and happy.

Some Good Horse Mats Solutions: There are various types of horse mats which provide more comfort to your horse. Some are shown below-


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How to choose the right horse mats for your stable  

The horse mats should not be very soft or very hard as both can be discomforting for the horse. Too hard will cause pain in the hooves and t...

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