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US Educations & Film Schools If you dream of working in the film industry, you should start realizing this dream by enrolling in one of the best film schools in the country. Employment in this industry is expected to increase by at least 10% in the next coming years that’s why more and more colleges and universities have started offering film programs—each school hoping to produce the best professionals in the industry. Just so you have a few good schools to start reviewing, some of them are listed below:

New York University You should have known already by now that New York is where most film schools are located and one option that always tops the list is the Tisch School of Arts of NYU. This school offers a bachelor’s and masters of fine arts in film and television. If you would visit the school’s official website, you’ll likely find out that the programs of the Tisch School of Arts are highly selective and it accepts applicants based on qualities like maturity, character, academics as well as volunteer work.

University of Southern California (USC). If not NYU, you should find the USC’s School of Cinematic Arts very appealing. This is situated in Los Angeles, California next to Hollywood where many of the best film schools are also located. This school has highly qualified members of the faculty that includes retired writers, producers and directors. The school believes that students learn best by doing, that’s why it puts more emphasis on hands-on training as a primary basis for education.

Florida State University (FSU). The College of Motion Picture Arts of this institution is distinguished in the entire country beaus of its contribution to the culture of America through its teaching. This is by the way the only film school that pays for student productions. As for the members of the faculty, they are the bests in the field with popular names like Paul Cohen and Richard Portman. If you would like to be with one of the best film schools, this should be one of those on your priority list as this claims the most number of awards each year for the student Oscars and Collegiate Television Academy Awards.

California Institute of Arts (Cal Arts) This is the first of the many film schools today offering both bachelors and masters of fine arts programs in visual and performing arts. Art, dance, critical studies, theater and music are brought together in this 5-story institute. Of all the best film schools, California Institute of Arts is the smallest when talking about the total student body.

Summary The best film schools in the country teach students everything that they need to know about film making. The ones mentioned above are well-respected schools—those that provide the highest quality education and hands-on training that are needed in order for students to meet the challenging trends in the industry. Choose wisely! Take your time because the decision on where to study film making may have a huge impact on your career in the future. You can read more about Film Schools at

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The best film schools in the country teach students everything that they need to know about film making. The ones mentioned above are well-r...