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Reminders and Resources In the bustle and hurry of the holidays, safety can sometimes be forgotten. Keep in mind that with extra company, extra driving time, and even extra fun, there are more possibilities for risk. Take a few moments to look around and think about what you can do to make the holiday season safer for those you love and for those who rely on you.

Army Community Service Family Advocacy Program Army Community Service Family Advocacy Program Tips for Managing Relationships Over the Holidays        

Find time to laugh together, as a Family Plan ahead as a couple Be appreciative and thoughtful Communicate and compromise Plan time alone with each child If you feel stressed, talk to someone you trust; a friend or a professional. Seek help and support Use the holidays to relax and enjoy yourself.

Holiday Safety

76020 Crockett West Fort Hood, Texas 76544 Phone: 254-286-6774 Fax: 254-288-4904 Report Abuse: 287-CARE Restricted/Unrestricted Crisis Line 702-4953


Holiday Safety Events

New Parent Support Program Over the Hills— Safely to Grandma’s We Go:

Teen Safety/Expect Respect : December 2, 1800-2000 Parent Community Night Shoemaker High School 3302 South Clear Creek Road. Relationships Overcome Holiday Hurdles Dec 7, 0900-1600 Oveta Culp Hobby 618-7584 Holiday Parenting: December 7, 0930-1130 Oveta Culp Hobby 287-618-7443 Tis the Season for Teen Safety: December 7 and 9, 1800-2100 Lane Volunteer Center 287-1763 Recipe for a Stress-Free Holiday Call 286-5338 to schedule this Workshop Child Passenger Safety Seat Inspection December 17 and January 28 Call 286-6774 for an appointment

14 December Super Fun Tuesday

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Awareness Tables

Comanche Youth Center Building 52019 0930-1100 15 December Explore Learning and Play Bronco Youth Center Building 6602 0930-1100

Family Advocacy Victim Advocate Program The Voice - Victim Advocacy News “Safe Holidays” For Survivors of Domestic Violence

17 December Time For Tots Oveta Culp Hobby Building 18000 0930-1100 Stop Germs COLD: 18 January Super Fun Tuesday Comanche Youth Center Building 52019 0930-1100 19 January Explore Learning and Play

Victim Crisis Hotline 702-4953 For support and services and to report unrestricted spouse/intimate partner abuse, as well as sexual assault. Available 24-hours a day

Bronco Youth Center Building 6602 0930-1100 28 January Time For Tots Oveta Culp Hobby Building 18000

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0930-1100 Holiday Safety: Lunch & Latch breastfeeding

support group will discuss safe holidays 13

Be Sure to Buckle Up, Every Time

December 1130-1300. Spiritual Fitness Center.

Call 287-2286 for more information.

ACS-FAP Holiday Flyer