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In George W. Bush’s Texas, Houston has surpassed Los Angeles as the city with the worst smog.1 •

George W. Bush appointed a chemical company lobbyist to help enforce environmental laws.2

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Bush made key air pollution rules voluntary even for many plants near schools.3 In the Northwest, Bush opposes wild forest protection and supports increased logging in national forests.4 Texas now ranks 3rd worst in America in water pollution.5 Since Bush became governor in 1995, the amount of toxic chemicals dumped into Texas waterways is up by two million pounds each year. In fact, Texas leads the nation in the number of factories that violate clean water standards.6

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UNDERSTAND OUR UNIQUE ENVIRONMENT. Al Gore understands our special Northwest quality of life because he’s experienced it first hand. From climbing Mount Rainier to boating on Lake Washington to visiting communities all over the state, Al Gore knows why we all choose to live here and why clean air, clean water and a healthy environment is so important to all of us. Al Gore has worked with Governor Locke to ensure that our air and water are clean. In his first term, Gary Locke increased fines on polluters by more than 75%. After the pipeline tragedy in Bellingham, Gary Locke took over the inspection of fuel pipelines to better protect the safety of communities. He’s worked to clean up toxic waste and to clean up hundreds of polluted bodies of water.

On the environment, Governor Locke and Al Gore agree.

Al Gore and son climbing Mt. Rainier, 1999 • Gary Locke and friend discuss Washington’s clean water.

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