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It takes courage, curiosity and fresh ways forward to meet the world’s many challenges. We’ll start you on a personal journey that will equip you to change the world — at least your corner of it.



My students don’t want to be taught what to think or what to say. They come into my class ready to explore important questions. We find the critically astute questions and then discover the —  Scott Hess answers together. Professor of English

It’ll be an EPIC Experience. At Earlham, your personal journey will let you explore all the challenges and opportunities the world has to offer, and find ways to make things a little better for everyone. You will combine a nationally acclaimed liberal arts and sciences education with research, travel, internship and service experiences that you select based on the ways you hope to improve the world. We call that EPIC — the Earlham Program for an Integrated Curriculum. You are the planner. We are the guides. No03

YOUR EPIC ADVANTAGE Earlham is one of the only colleges in the United States to offer a funded internship, project or research experience averaging $5,000 for every student. We call it the EPIC Advantage. This in an opportunity to put your knowledge into action. You can pursue your personal and professional goals while exploring how your special gifts can make a positive difference in the world.

Chart your course. Don’t see what you’re looking for? You can also design your own major at Earlham.


• African and African American Studies • Ancient and Classical Studies • Archaeology * • Art • Athletics, Wellness & Physical Education** • Biochemistry • Biology • Chemistry • Chinese Languages** • Chinese Studies* • Comparative Languages and Linguistics • Computer Science • East Asian Studies** • Economics • English • Environmental Sustainability • Film Studies* • French and Francophone Studies • Geology • German Language and Literature • Global Management (Tracks in Finance, International Business, Leadership and Change, Marketing, Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change, Supply Chain & Operations/Management Information Technology)

• History • Human Development and Social Relations • International Studies • Japanese Language and Linguistics* • Japanese Studies • Jewish Studies* • Mathematics • Museum Studies* • Music • Neuroscience • Peace and Global Studies • Philosophy • Physics and Astronomy • Politics • Psychology • Public Health* • Public Policy • Quality Science • Religion • Sociology/Anthropology • Spanish and Hispanic Studies • TESOL* (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) • Theatre Arts • Women’s, Gender, Sexuality Studies *Minor Only **Course Offerings

PRE-PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS PRE-HEALTH Our medical school acceptance rate is twice the national average, with alumni attending prestigious schools such as Harvard, Yale and Johns Hopkins. PRE-LAW Our students receive excellent preparation for law school while choosing from a variety of majors. EDUCATION Our 3+1 program allows students to earn a B.A. and a Master of Arts in Teaching in only four years. ENGINEERING Earlham offers a variety of dual-degree and transfer programs with such top schools as Case Western, Columbia and Washington University (St. Louis).

Your EPIC itinerary. þ Explore classes across the curriculum (stops include: the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and visual and performing arts) þ Choose a major þ Connect with EPIC Centers (choose one or all: Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Center for Career and Global Education, Center for Global Health and Center for Social Justice) þ Study off-campus (pick from semester-long and three-week programs, with choices on every continent except Antarctica)

þ Get your EPIC Advantage (a funded internship or research experience worth about $5,000 for every student) þ Conduct student-faculty research and scholarship (as early as your first year) þ Complete an “integrated pathway” (like Medical Humanities) þ Lead others (in clubs, organizations or student government) þ Discover ways that you can improve the world



YOUR PACKING LIST * A refillable water bottle * Curiosity * Passion * A unique perspective and an openness to others’ opinions * Integrity * Courage * Something that reminds you of home * Respect * A concern for peace and justice * Many questions * An interest in paring down to the essentials * A willingness to reflect * Community spirit * Comfortable shoes (optional)


Maximum Advantage. Earlham students are creating amazing EPIC Advantage experiences across the country and around the world. Here are some of the funded internships and research experiences our students completed during 2019. 2019 SUMMER EXPERIENCES Dominican Republic — Global Health, Culture and Service Learning Peru — Tropical Ecology and Conservation in Peruvian Amazon Spain — Exploring the Cultural Heritage of the Camino de Santiago Japan — Building Steam in Japan: An Interdisciplinary approach to Japanese Arts and Environment Iceland — Icelandic Field Studies Greece — The Materiality of Belief: Cognitive Archaeology and Ancient Greece No06

Germany — Berlin: Perspectives on Diversity and Multiculturalism United States — Yosemite, John Muir, and the Origins of Environmentalism

College is never really a linear process. Natalie Blatz ’19 was selected to participate in the inaugural Global Health May Term to Peru where she and nine other Earlhamites participated in public health campaigns for medically underserved communities. Then, with support from Earlham’s Center for Global and Career Education, she was hired for a funded internship at one of her hometown’s premier research labs, working side-by-side with scientists seeking advancements in treatment for blood clots. “While my career plans haven’t changed, most of what I have done here is not at all what I expected to be doing. Looking back, I can’t really describe how I was able to do it all. It was definitely a combination of ambition, long nights, and support from the Earlham community.”


You’ll find that the liberal arts are, well, liberating. Earlham professors will introduce you to a way of exploring ideas that will forge a more meaningful connection between college and the “real world.” You will take a broad view, examining important issues from a variety of angles as you and your professor share perspectives and experiences. You’ll also get up close and personal: through in-depth discussion, research projects and hands-on learning that’s grounded in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and visual and performing arts. In whatever field you choose, you will delve into real-world problems with a focus on positive solutions.



Earlham gave me the tools to think about problems in their greater context. It made me a more well-rounded and more interesting person. I can talk about things other than science. —Shane Hogle Earlham graduate Ph.D., University of California San Diego Post Doctoral Research, MIT

Prepare to Engage. At Earlham, education is an all-in, participatory activity. Professors view themselves as partners in learning, and they view you as future colleagues. Everyone calls one another by their first names, but that’s just the beginning. Early and often, you will have opportunities to work collaboratively with professors and fellow students who share your interests, support your curiosity and encourage you to be your best self. Every. Single. Day.



Put yourself out there. Show up. Take it all in. The learning at Earlham isn’t just a matter of submitting your answers to a test and getting a score back. Some of the biggest rewards come from taking the risk of being uncomfortable and allowing the experience to take you someplace amazing. —Lily Fishleder Earlham graduate

You can choose off-campus programs on six continents. Whatever issue captures your imagination, wherever you want to explore, Earlham can take you there. Border Studies Budapest Semester in Mathematics China Ecuador France Germany/Austria Greece Japan: Japan Study Japan: Studies in Cross-Cultural Education Jordan London

Newberry Seminar (Chicago) New York Arts Program New Zealand Penland School of Craft (North Carolina) The Philadelphia Center Semester in Environmental Science South Africa Spain Tibetan Studies in Dharamsala, Northern India The Washington Center

Earlha mr the pe anks 4th in the rce studen ntage of int nation for er ts on c ampus national . —U.S.


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54% 46% female

20% 23%

first generation students


international students



domestic students of color

47+ states

countries represented on campus




100% of students


Another interesting fact about us


TOP 2%

— two of the most prestigious grants for international study.


N 10 o


Watson Fellowships

Fulbright awards

Varsity NCAA Divison III sports

Earlham is in the top 2% of all national liberal arts colleges for producing successful Ph.D. candidates.

10:1 67%


of first-year students in top 25 percent of high school graduating class

PHI BETA KAPPA Earlham is among 10% of four-year colleges and universities nationwide, and one of only three liberal arts colleges in Indiana, that have a Phi Beta Kappa chapter.


8 residence halls 20+ theme and friendship houses 60+ student organizations

It’s okay to ask for directions. Throughout your four years at Earlham, advisers and mentors will walk alongside you, making sure you get the most out of college, supporting you as you prepare for what comes next and helping you discover ways to make a difference. Our EPIC centers are a rich resource of advice and connections to internships, study abroad and other opportunities for enhancing your education.



“Although Earlham students are based in the Midwest, they graduate ready to take on the world, thanks to the school’s cooperative, cando spirit, international perspective and caring student-faculty community.” —Fiske Guide to Colleges

TOP 20


lassroo for “Best C ” Experience

ceton — The Prin Review

Set your own standard. No two Earlham students are exactly alike. No two EPIC Journeys are identical, even among students from the same major. You get to choose your own goals, map your own path and make your own choices about what makes for a life of meaning, purpose and accomplishment. For a little inspiration, check out the accomplishments of a few Earlham alumni: • Recorded the most complete textual records of several Native American languages • Developed the first commercially viable contact lens • Won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry • Set a world record for fastest marathon while juggling No12

• Helped pass the first law in the U.S. to allow civil unions for same- sex couples • Listed by Rolling Stone as one of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time • Led the computer programming team for NASA’s Apollo missions to the moon • Wrote the best seller Diet for a Small Planet • Served as one of the official photographers for President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign • Wrote for The Daily Show • Served as a principal investigator for NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover • Won the Pulitzer Prize • Became a leading expert on “trust commissions” as a response to state terror • Wrote the definitive biography of Malcolm X • Served as U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam • Managed the Grateful Dead

You can help make a great classroom experience. Earlham is nationally recognized for quality of teaching and exceptional classroom experience. But guess what? At Earlham, students are at least as important as their professors in guaranteeing lively discussions and creating a classroom environment that encourages everyone to contribute to the common good.



We have a uniquely collaborative relationship with our students. We are all colleagues in the lab, working as true partners. The students call professors by our first names.

—Lori Watson Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Watson? No, I don’t know her. Oh wait, you mean Lori? Yeah, she’s great. —Nathan Wallace ’14 Doctoral Candidate University of Dayton

POP QUIZ: Who will have your back? (Choose at least one from each column) Offering advice, guidance, questions, answers, strong shoulders, tough love, ego boosts, second opinions, listening ears and occasionally snacks. Earlham’s first priority is your success.


Column A

Column B

£ Your academic adviser £ A counselor £ A career adviser in your area of £ Your R.A. academic interest £ The student life staff £ A librarian £ The adviser to your student £ The staff of the registrar’s club office £ Your coach £ Every Earlham professor you’ve £ A nurse ever had a class with £ Your supervisor at your campus £ The staffs of the writing and

quantitive reasoning centers

your academic department


£ The chaplain £ The administrative assistant in £ Every Earlham professor you’ve

Column C

£ The admissions counselor who

recruited you

£ The director of academic

£ The staff of the Campus Store £ The cashier at the dining hall £ The staff in the financial aid office

£ The maintenance crew £ Literally anyone who works at

Earlham, even if you’re not sure what they do

£ The president of Earlham

heard about, but haven’t taken a class with yet

(ANSWER: All of the above.)


We were founded by Quakers.

Our values go all the way back to mid-17th-century England. They still hold true today, but you don’t have to be a Quaker to appreciate them (in fact, most of our students and professors aren’t). We think our Principles and Practices build the best community and improve the world for everyone: Mutual Respect • Integrity • Commitment to Peace and Justice • Simplicity • Community



When I got to Earlham, I saw how community manifests itself. I had a very clique-y high school experience and it was just so different here. People from very different backgrounds form strong friendships. You can read in a pamphlet that a school has great community, but it doesn’t seem real until you are a part of that community. It’s real here. People are open here. —Zach Semel Earlham graduate


Other schools have quads. We have The Heart. That’s what we call the lively area at the center of campus where students gather to connect with friends, celebrate successes, share concerns, play Frisbee or lie in the sun. The Heart represents what we’re all about: welcoming people from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds, interests and talents. BEYOND THE HEART Earlham’s 800-acre campus includes a 600-acre stretch of woods, streams, ponds, fields and prairies used for scientific research and recreation. We also have a student-run equestrian center and a student-run produce garden.


This is The Heart. It’s where we come together in good times and bad. Whatever’s happening — on campus or in the world — finds its way to The Heart. A few couples have even become engaged here.

Welcome home. During your four years at Earlham, you will choose from a variety of student housing options including traditional residence halls, apartments and houses dedicated to the shared interests of students who live there. Earlham does not have Greek organizations because we aspire to create one campus community that is open and welcoming to all. You will live in a community that draws strength from its diversity and will encourage you to engage with, and appreciate, people who are very different from you. This experience will prepare you to adapt to new situations and make positive contributions wherever you go.


Be yourself. Earlham College is intentionally welcoming and inclusive to all. From vegan selections and halal meat options in the dining hall, to gender non-binary housing opportunities, to supportive groups for students from a wide variety of backgrounds and identities, Earlham is focused on creating a living and learning environment where all students feel welcomed, supported and safe. Your voice, your experience, your unique perspective on the world — these things matter at Earlham. You are welcome here.


THEME HOUSES • Blue Shutters - LGBT House • Cunningham Cultural Center -

African/African American Cultural Center • Foster House - Outdoor Education • Fry House - Sustainable Agriculture • Gurney House - Environmental House • Hicks House - Mindfulness House

• Hobbs House - Deutsches Haus (German House) • Marshall House - Quaker House • Penn House - Casa Hispana (Spanish House) • Reece House - Beit Kehillah (Jewish Cultural Center) • Russell House - Japan House • Thornburg House - Interfaith House • Wildman House - Maison Française (French House) • Woodman House - Literary Arts House • Cutter House - Femme STEM • Doan House - Music • Kelly House - Peace & Justice • Wilbur House - Asian & Asian American

Play hard. Earlham is an NCAA Division III school, offering 19 intercollegiate sports for men and women. Most teams compete as part of the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference. You, too, can cheer them on!


MEN’S SPORTS Baseball Basketball Cross Country Golf Lacrosse Soccer Tennis Track and Field (indoor and outdoor)

WOMEN’S SPORTS Basketball Cross Country Field Hockey Golf Lacrosse Soccer Tennis Track and Field (indoor and outdoor) Volleyball

CLUB SPORTS Aikido Badminton Esports Hunt Seat Equestrian Men’s Rugby Ultimate Frisbee Women’s Rugby

RECREATIONAL SPORTS Basketball BattleShip (pool) Co-Rec Soccer (indoor and outdoor) Co-Rec Volleyball Cornhole Dodgeball Flag Football Kickball PS4 Tournaments Table Tennis Wiffleball



I loved my time at Earlham. For me, it’s the ideal combination of great academics and an opportunity to play soccer. And with a geology major, I got to travel the world and get my hands dirty. It was perfect for me. — Ikumi Doucette Earlham graduate

While you’re here you’re going to need a bigger calendar. With a long and varied list of active, student-led organizations, you’ll have every chance to get involved outside of the classroom, and you’ll pick up some valuable leadership skills along the way.

No22 SERVICE CLUBS • Action Against Sexual Violence • Center for Inclusive Gender Identities • Health Club • Net Impact Chapter at Earlham • Sexual Health Peer Educators • Spectrum • Substance Abuse Awareness • Voter Registration Volunteers

RELIGIOUS LIFE GROUPS • Bahai Club • Buddhist Student Union • College Meeting for Worship Cabinet • Earlham Christian Fellowship • Jewish Student Union • Muslim Student Association • Questing Catholics • Society of Unitarian Universalists and Curious Seekers

CULTURAL CLUBS • Black Student Union • International Student Coalition • Pura Vida Latinx • Vietnamese Student Association

SPORT CLUBS See page 21

POLITICAL CLUBS • Earlham College Democrats • Model United Nations • Students for Free Tibet • Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine

SPECIAL INTEREST CLUBS • Barn Co-op — Equestrian Program • Bike Co-op • Brimleys A Cappella • The Crucible - Earlham’s Literary Magazine • Cabaret Club • Clay Club • Co-op Club

• Contra Club • COSMOS • Dance Alloy • Earlham Film Project • Earlham Hackers • Earlham Historical Journal • Earlham Student Government • Earlham Theater Company • Global Females in STEM • Math Club • Outdoors Club • Recording Arts Club • Rose City Coffee Co-Op • Society of Physics Students • Sustainable Agriculture/Miller Farm • Vegg(IE) Intentional Eating


At home in the Heartland. Richmond offers an impressive heritage of music, culture and architecture. It’s a slice of the real world, with a good selection of restaurants, coffee shops, performance venues and recreational areas to get out of the campus bubble. The campus is easy driving distance from Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Dayton. That’s great for everything from air travel, to shopping, to stops on major concert tours. And if you want make a positive difference in the world, you can get started as soon as you arrive on campus. There are internship and service opportunities waiting for you in Richmond, and the Earlham students who came before you have paved the way, partnering with local government and non-profit organizations to create a positive impact to be felt for years to come.


The middle of somewhere At Earlham, we focus on the positive. So rather than catalogue what’s missing from the small town we call home (and yes, New Yorkers, there are some things), here’s a list of some things Earlhamites have recently done, all within a short drive from campus. • Canoeing on the Whitewater River. • Attending the American Decendants of Slavery Conference in Louisville • Performing an original play at the Indianapolis Fringe Festival • Designing a playground for special needs children in Richmond • Seeing Hamilton in Chicago • Visiting the Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati • Observing the migration of Sandhill Cranes in Northern Indiana • Cheering on the Bengals, Colts, Reds, Pacers, Fever or FC Cincinnati • Interning in tech, finance, the arts, sports, manufacturing, advocacy in three metro areas And more . . . Where will you explore?

College may start with orientation and end with graduation, but the journey is not a straight line.

You are supported with scholarship and leadership opportunities FOR FIRST GENERATION COLLEGE STUDENTS

Arish Mudra Rakshasa ’19 said Earlham seemed like the perfect place when he first heard about it in the book Colleges That Change Lives. “I really liked the rigor of the curriculum at Earlham and I also really liked the weird, quirky vibe that Earlham has,” he said. “It allows just about anyone to fit in.” “The most special thing about Earlham is just how broad your experience is and how openminded people are about what an Earlham education means. I have had opportunities to do things because I’m passionate about them and people at Earlham believe I can actually do them.” Earlhamites think about their values and their goals and they think of their way of going about achieving them. They don’t come in and say, “Where is the checklist that will tell me what I’m supposed to be doing?” Instead, they forge a path and they make things happen.

The LIFT Program matches small groups of first-generation students with a personal research librarian during seven weeks of the fall semester of their first year at Earlham. Every LIFT student receives an electronic tablet or device to use for their four years at Earlham and beyond. Students engage with trending issues, while acquiring research competencies, library experience, and personal connections with an Earlham administrative faculty member and a few of their classmates in a small-group setting during their first year at Earlham. FOR QUAKER LEADERS Quaker Fellows echoes Earlham’s core values. Utilizing Quaker faith and practice, the program engages the whole person and prepares students to live an authentic life. Quaker Fellows focuses on three formation cores: community, spirituality and leadership. The program is designed for young adults who are serious about sharing in a community, living a life grounded in the Spirit, and being leaders at Earlham and beyond.

GRADUATE SCHOOL PREPARATION The Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program is designed to prepare students who have traditionally been statistically underrepresented in graduate studies for the journey leading to the Ph.D. SERVE AND LEAD The Bonner Scholars Program was created to assist students with a passion for community service to obtain a college education while making a difference in the community. Bonner Scholars participate in a cohort-based, structured, developmental program in which they make connections between their service experiences, academic pursuits, and career goals. HONORS PROGRAM The Earlham College Honors Program offers special opportunities for highly motivated students to explore significant challenges facing the world. Students can complete two EPIC Advantage experiences (both an internship and a research experience) during their four years at Earlham. These students also take a series of honors seminars, and receive an iPad to keep.


Some essential aspects of our college need to be experienced in person. Come visit with us and we’ll help you learn if being an Earlhamite is the right fit for you. You can take a guided tour, shadow a student and even spend the night in the dorm. Set up a visit by calling 1-800-EARLHAM or go to

We award more than $30 million in financial aid every year to ensure cost isn’t a barrier. We do everything we can to make Earlham affordable for all students. Significant aid is awarded each year to those showing high academic achievement and creative expression, those who demonstrate financial need, and qualified members of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.


Merit-based aid is determined by the Admissions Office at the time of admission. No additional application is required. Need-based financial aid requires the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Go to to fill out your application. Our school code is 001793. COST OF ATTENDANCE 2020-2021 ACADEMIC YEAR Tuition $47,106 Fees $985 Housing $6,020 Meal Plan $5,327 TOTAL $59,438

ADDITIONAL ESTIMATES Transportation $300+ Books and Supplies $1,050 Personal Expenses $1,050

For questions call 1-800-EARLHAM or go to

We’re a distinctively selective college. Our applicants present strong records of academic achievement and of special interests and talents. That said, our best applicants are those who impress us with their personality, compassion, commitment and intellectual curiosity. Mark these key application submission deadlines: Early Decision Early Action Regular Decision Financial Aid FAFSA

November 1 November 15 February 1 March 1 (Can apply as early as Oct. 1)

WAYS TO APPLY Common App: Earlham App:


The most special thing about Earlham is just how broad your experience is and how open-minded people are about what an Earlham education means. —Arish Mudera Rakshasa Earlham graduate


Office of Admissions 801 National Road West Richmond, Indiana 47374 765-983-1600 1-800-EARLHAM

Office of Admissions 801 National Road West Richmond, Indiana 47374

VE SCHOOL MOST INNOVATI on of U.S. News’ In the 2020 editi am guidebook, Earlh “Best Colleges” tions itu st in 55 of e is featured as on g in their that are pioneerin ation. approach to educ


After being here for four years, I can say that this is an elite place, without the elitism.

—Ryder Comstock Earlham graduate

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Learn how an Earlham College education will start you on a personal journey that will equip you to change the world — at least your corner o...


Learn how an Earlham College education will start you on a personal journey that will equip you to change the world — at least your corner o...

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