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hilatelic Service of Finland – SFP – has been established for the love of philately. Assisted by his team, Mr. Tatu Untinen, the founder and managing director of the company, has created a unique whole in Finland, combining the very best pieces and talents. SFP Group comprises Hellman auctions Ltd that organizes the biggest stamp auctions in Finland. The most popular stamp catalogue in Finland,

LAPE, as well as the widely known Keräilyuutiset magazine belong to SFP. Philatelic Service of Finland Ltd has rapidly become the biggest stamp dealer in Finland. Our particular focus is on technical solutions, logistics and customer service. Our operations comprise auctions, Netshop, mail order, publishing and a traditional stamp shop in Turku.

biggest auctions

in Finland

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n 2010 Hellman auctions Ltd became a subsidiary of Philatelic Service of Finland Ltd. Hellman auctions have traditionally organized the biggest stamp auctions in Finland. Mr. Kaj Hellman, the broker and expert of Hellman auctions Ltd, still continues to be employed by the company.

Hellman auctions Ltd organizes twice a year a big international auction in Helsinki. In addition to this, we organize five times a year an online auction, published on our website and in our magazine, called Keräilyuutiset (‘Collector’s News’).

Our auctions focus on philatelic items but you can also make bids for coins, banknotes and other collectibles. Auctions take place five times a year and include items from Finland, Russia, the Baltic countries, the Nordic countries, Germany and a large number of other countries. Each time there are collections, lots in boxes and better single items. Buyers and sellers from more than 30 countries participate in our auctions. Our online auction is an excellent forum for buyers and sellers alike. You can find it at

Throughout the auction you can see the current price of each item in real time. You can make bids at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world, and you will be able to see whether your bid is currently winning or not. What’s best, there is a picture of each item, be it a single stamp or an entire collection. On the auction website you can see what each item looks like. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

biggest auctions

in Finland A printed catalogue will also be issued for each auction, and a free copy will be sent to all the foreign customers who have recently participated in our auctions. We continuously receive new customers from Finland and abroad, which we regard as excellent recognition for our work. Are you already one of our customers? We are constantly looking for items for our auctions so that we can serve our clientele even better. Do you have any collections or items for sale? We would be happy to help you to sell them for an optimal price.

visit our netshop

mail order


- rapid and reliable

e are well known for the rapid and reliable delivery of items ordered by mail order. As a rule, your order will be handled on the day of arrival or on the following working day. Our mail order is very popular as it can provide you with both stamps and supplies. You can check

the regularly updated part of our selection in our Netshop at Any product on display in Netshop is immediately available from us. You can get acquainted with our more comprehensive stock in our stamp shop in Turku. Our Netshop undoubtedly has the largest selection in Finland and provides a picture of each item. You don’t need to buy anything unseen.


- good solutions for collectors


hilatelic Service of Finland is an authorised dealer of German Schaubek products in Finland and Estonia. When you need supplies for philatelic or numismatic purposes, the extensive range of the Schaubek products certainly provides you with the appropriate solutions. Just ask for our assistance.



- the most popular stamp catalogue in Finland

he LAPE catalogue - the most popular stamp catalogue in Finland - has been published by Philatelic Service of Finland since 2002. We are successfully continuing this tradition.

comprises main types. The comprehensive version (big LAPE or “iso LAPE”) is a special catalogue of Finnish stamps issued every other year. The comprehensive version is traditionally the largest stamp catalogue published in Finland.

We publish two versions of the LAPE catalogue. The concise version (small LAPE or “pikku LAPE”)

All LAPE catalogues are trilingual, with texts in Finnish, Swedish and English


- a popular news magazine


ublished for more than two decades, Keräilyuutiset magazine (‘Collector’s News’) became a part of Philatelic Service of Finland Ltd in 2009. The magazine, published seven times a year, is one of the most popular magazines of the field in Finland, and evidently, the only one with an annually increasing number of subscribers.

In compliance with its name, Keräilyuutiset provides news and market information that is not available elsewhere. As far as the content is concerned, both a novice collector and an advanced philatelist have been taken into consideration. Each issue includes an auction and a rapid auction. The subscribers of the magazine receive separate, fine public auction catalogues of Hellman auctions Ltd.

We are constantly growing in our different areas of operation, and as our operations are becoming more and more international, we are looking for new partners: • Regular suppliers of items to our auctions; special terms and conditions are negotiable • Marketing partners for our auctions

We are always interested in discussing different modes and concepts of cooperation. In matters related to partnership you can contact Esa Kärkäs, tel. +358 400 484 737, or Tatu Untinen, tel. +358 40 545 5624


- cornerstone of our network-based business operations


Our team is a professional, excellent option for you when you want to buy or sell items in Finland. We serve you in English, German, Swedish and of course Finnish.

we are

Tatu Untinen

Esa Kärkäs

Kaj Hellman

Tomi Heinonen

Johan Aspvik

Hanna Majabacka

Susanna Lindström

Juha Valtonen

Mikko Ossa

• SFP Group managing director, partner

• sales manager philatelist

• graphic designer

• Hellman Auctions managing director, partner

• sales, logistics philatelist

• reporter philatelist

• auctioneer philatelic expert

• secretary

• reporter philatelic expert

Contact our customer service You can contact us by telephone +358 2 2547200 on working days from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We also reply to queries sent by email:

Philatelic Service of Finland Ltd P.O. Box 5, Satakunnantie 31 FI-20251 Turku, Finland Tel. +358 2 2547200, fax +358 2 2547220

ff e c i v

lt We are continuously looking for good Russia, Finland, Baltic States and worldwide collections. Our public auction provides an excellent sales venue for items of Russian philately in Helsinki. It is always easy for Russian customers to come to our auction, thanks to the vicinity of our country and good communications and traffic services.



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