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susannah ohlsen styling & visual merchandising

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Fresh Produce Styling Collaboration with graphic designer and photographer

Photo styling Shoot for Escape magazine

Photo styling Shoot for Escape magazine

Photo styling Shoot for Escape magazine

Photo styling Shoot for Escape magazine

Fashion styling

Swimwear campaign

Winter Food Styling

Cookbook shoot for apple a berry crumble

Photo styling

Product, absolute vodka

Fashion styling Street wear campaign

Fashion styling

Structures photo shoot

Fashion styling

Structures photo shoot


Morphing of two items

Fashion Illustration


Product illustration


Product illustration

Fashion Illustration Replication of styles

Retail branding

dotti spring window

Window displays San Pellegrino and Tupperware

Window display Class window display cotton on Kids

Window styling Boutique sale window

Interior styling At home product styling

Freelance window instillation Malvern hair dresser

Photo styling Studio inc magazine cover

Event styling

Table styling, vitamin party






table styling, vitamin k 1. Blue gingham cloth as napkins. Napkins folded to form pouches for cutlery, tied off with twine. 2. Wooden round log placemats. 3. White polyester underlay with hessian runner. Places Settings and Don’t forget the Details 4. Little kraft envelope with guest name stamped in blue. Inside envelope a little letter with all the fruit and vegetables that contain vitamin K 5. Hudson Chair in Mango, Harry the Hirer

Event styling

Table styling, vitamin party


Vitman c

table styling thin wooden round log as placemat. red gingham cloth as napkins. napkins folded to form pouches for cutlery, and place card all tied off with twine Kraft envelope with guest name stamped in red. inside envelope a little letter with all the fruit and vegetables that contain vitamin c.

Vitman c


whats it good for?

how much?

ViTmAn c

where to find?

e Merchandiser

iangles that are effect laminate. . o hold bathers her accessories. ay you can push ainer with ease


CLOSING THE CONTAINER 1. After packing away all the furniture from the upper level. Fold down each perspex triable.


2. Push up retractable stairs. Using ladder remove staring board and pack away in the container. 3. Seal the top with the retractable tarp. 4. Push in the two rectangular deck, under the container.

Palm Tree Merchandiser The merchandiser consists of , triangular perspex triangles that are fixed to the top of pole laminated in a wood effect laminate. . SIDE VIEWS SIDE VIEWS The merchandiser consists of eight hanging racks to hold bathers board shorts and other accessories. SIDE VIEWS The merchandiser is on wheels so at the end of the day you can push back into the container with ease

BONDS Pop-up Store Container conversion

4. Fold up decks, 5. Slid and shut last door. Your ready to go!

Exhibition Stand Tourism Victoria

Exhibition Stand Tourism Victoria

Day Spa S u s a n n a h

O h l s e n


Spa Floor Plan

Designers Statement A calm, quite sanctuary, nothing but a distant trickle of water. Sunlight seeps through delicately carved screens creating silhouettes on the floor and ceiling. The soft smooth walls meet the glistening water. Your shoulders loosen, limbs untangle, your are now relaxed. It is a boutique Spa inspired by aspects of Persian and Indian Architecture. As you step thought solid timber doors, greeting you is a single magnolia tree standing in a silent pool of water. It is the mud brick walls, arches and intrinsic patterns that moves you mind to another parallel. Jail screens, scale like tile, colorful golden cushions and delicate fabrics elicits and luxurious warm atmosphere. Timeless. Natural. Authentic. Luxurious. Soothing.

Interior design

Asian influence day spa

Interior design

Asian influence day spa

Merchants Guild Co-designed fit out for East Bentleigh cafe Furniture selection, layout, fixtures and fittings And custom joinery

Merchants Guild One point perspective of proposed fit out

Merchants Guild Proposed floor plans and reflected ceiling plan

Merchants Guild Elevations

Original Design Brief To decorate and design a two story apartment situated in the heart of South Yarra. This successful, independent, male client has a penchant for natural materials and timeless style, reflecting his country heritage. The design is to have an emphasis on quality and sustainability. Ground Floor

First Floor

Design solution

The Russo House has been designed with a sophisticated, masculine, raw edge. The layout and selection of furniture and furnishings reflect the contemporary style of the residence. The use of clean lines and subtle textures provide the house with a hint of warmth.

The clean lines keep the kitchen area open. The impression achieved is almost artistic.

The lower level, predominantly kitchen, meals and living areas, remains open and spacious, allowing natural light to filter through. A stone slab runs along the eastern wall, evolving from a kitchen bench top, through the living area to finish as a solid stone bench. It lengthens and marries the three areas. Horizontal timber slats and basalt tiles blur the line between indoors and outdoors. Copper sheets and timber panelling seamlessly conceal kitchen appliances and pantry.

Sustainable thinking

natural.timeless.sustainable.raw. Interior design

South Yarra residence

The upper level exudes a restful atmosphere. Dark carpets against a rugged stack stone wall, soft edged furniture, feature lighting.

Natural and durable materials have been selected: recycled timber for cabinets, bamboo flooring, alpaca carpets, natural stones, low VOC paints. Australian made furniture and suppliers have also been selected. The layout of the house utilizes natural light, through the installation of additional skylights and room placement around existing light courts. Sustainable artificial lighting has been specified.

Russo House

Florals Floral styling on location shoot

In store visual merchandising White suede, Prahran boutique

Personal photography Travel photography, Australia and Europe

thank you

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