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osh Golden has traded in his yellow jerseys from the Tour de France for a traditional black tuxedo and a gold ring on his fourth finger. The 2009 Hottest Bachelor is off the market. On July 24, he married Charity Jones, 82

August 2010

a city planner from his small hometown, Fool’s Gold, California. There were sparks from the moment the couple first met. Actual sparks. “She blew up her laptop to get my attention,” Golden told the wedding guests before pressing a kiss

into his new wife’s palm. The couple married at sunset on the shores of a picturesque mountain lake, with one attendant each and only a handful of witnesses. Following the intimate ceremony, they returned to Ronan’s Lodge, where they first kissed, to discover a surprise wedding


OVE reception, to which the whole town was invited. With the man shortage in Fool’s Gold (see box, page 84), a lot of women jostled for the bouquet, which was caught by Josh’s 73-year-old assistant, Ms. Eddie Carberry. “The trick to catching the bouquet,” Ms.

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This cake topper was a gift from Maid of Honor Pia O’Brian, who also planned the wedding August 2010


Carberry said, “is to wear Skechers and not those silly stilettos.” Josh, who has dated some of the most beautiful women in the

world, couldn’t take his eyes off his small town wife. “She’s the one,” he said simply as he finished his toast. “She’s the one.”

Prince Rafael and Princess Mia of Calandria sent a bicycle built for two to the newlyweds. Josh met the royal family when he won the Tour de Calandria in 2007.

Mayor Marsha

Nikki Mallery’s antics on the set of her popular series of webisodes are earning her a diva reputation. In many of the videos, where Nikki is billed to be the World’s Tiniest Research Assistant, she’s required to wear a costume, such as the bumblebee jetpack for a flight scene. But whenever the costume August 2010

Former NFL quarterback Raoul Moreno was staying at the lodge where the wedding took place, but he did not attend. According to hotel staff, Moreno is moving to Fool’s Gold.

Where are all the men? Early census numbers have revealed that Fool’s Gold, CA has an unusual problem: a man shortage. Mayor Marsha Tilson insists the reports have been overblown in the media. “Statistically, we lack men,” she admitted, “but we’re not lonely, needy



Raoul Sighting

designer appears with a new outfit, Nikki barricades herself in her dressing room. Only the promise of a belly rub at the end of the day will lure her back to work. With behavior like that, will she retain her title as Live & Love readers’ Cutest Animal Star?

women. We handle things just fine.” Even so, the man shortage has brought a lot of attention to the wine country town, and some of that attention is coming from Hollywood. Stay tuned!

Remember that guy from your past? The one who made your heart race and your hands tremble? He’s back, and he’s looking for you.

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Live & Love Magazine, August 2010  
Live & Love Magazine, August 2010  

Article about the wedding of Fool's Gold celebrity athlete Josh Golden and his small town bride.