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Benefits Of Completing A Traffic School Course


People attend traffic schools for various reasons. Contrary to popular belief, these driver safety courses are not only for those with traffic and speeding tickets or DUI convictions. Whether you’re new to driving








responsible road user or a reckless one, attending traffic school can provide you with a number of benefits. Help you avoid road accidents More and more drivers are distracted by GPS screens, mobile phones, music players, and various portable consumer electronics and because of this, improving one’s defensive driving skills has become imperative. Keep you abreast of new driving laws Rules pertaining to driving and road use change every now and then. For instance, in recent years, a growing number of states have banned texting and using handheld devices while driving. A qualified driver safety instructor can tell you of new driving rules, which can spare you from a traffic ticket in the future. Lower insurance premiums Finishing a driver safety course can help you earn discounts on your auto insurance premiums. This is because completing such course will convince your insurer that you are not as risky to cover. Although many insurance carriers offer this as an incentive, this is not true for all providers. If they do offer this discount, you may need to take lessons from an accredited course provider to qualify. To learn


if your insurance company has this incentive or if they have preferred traffic schools, contact your agent. Avoid having your license suspended or revoked Each traffic infraction will add a point to your driving record. Once you have accumulated a certain number of points, your driving privileges will be suspended or revoked. Completing a traffic school course can help reduce points from your record. However, even if point reduction through these courses is possible in your county, you may still need prior approval from your local transportation agency or the court. Dismiss traffic convictions and avoid going to jail In some cases, completion of such courses can help you dismiss or reduce a traffic conviction, or avoid jail time. It may also be required in lieu of community service. Enrolling in a traffic school Before signing up in these courses, make sure the traffic school is approved by the state. This is especially important if you are trying to dismiss or remove a point on your record. If you are in doubt about the traffic school’s state-accreditation status, check with the DMV, or the court, when applicable. If you want to become eligible for insurance discounts, make sure the course provider is approved by your insurance carrier. Otherwise, your time and effort will be for naught. Click here to find companies and instructors offering lessons

on defensive driving in TX.


Benefits Of Completing A Traffic School Course