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Horseshoe Saddlery

It was Sam Colt’s pistol which made men equal. It was the holster maker, however, who allowed men the convenience of transporting this particular means of equality.


elcome to Horseshoe Saddlery!

We create beautiful & functional custom-made leather goods, one at a time, to your specifications. We hand-tool heirloom-quality items here in our shop, using only the finest quality U.S. tanned leather and top-of-the-line hardware. Our products last for years to come.

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We specialize in Gun Leather, custom fit to your gun and styled to your taste. We also build amazing saddles, knife sheaths, belts, name it. Come on in to see the value for yourself---to be sure you’ll catch us in, call for an appointment first. Everything we make comes with my personal guarantee.

Leah Kemner saddlemaker

Horseshoe Saddlery 208.660.4172

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Leah Kemner, owner and operator of Horseshoe Saddlery, grew up in rural Harrison, Idaho. As a teen, she tried leather working in 4-H and she hasn’t looked back since. She earned her A. A. S. in Saddle Making from Spokane Falls Community College and opened her own shop in 2007. In September of 2009 she moved her shop in with Northwest Pony Express in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Though Leah specializes in custom gun belts and holsters, she’s discovered that just about anything can be crafted in leather--you just have to ask. When not in her shop, Leah enjoys shooting, riding her horse Bud, and hiking in the Coeur d’ Alene area.


Cowboy Holsters

Concealment Holsters




Field Holsters


holsters Our holsters are custom-made for your gun, resulting in a perfect glove-like fit you can’t get from an off-the-shelf

product. We create a right-handed or left-handed holster for any gun type, making accomodation for sights, laser grips, trigger guard, barrel length, track rails and even mounted lights. For this reason, the gun must be left with us in the shop while your holster is being made. You have the choice of brown or black leather and limitless possibilities with regard to decorative tooling. See our price list for information on our basic models. Tooling, in most cases, will be quoted separately.

Cowboy Holster


Cowboy Holsters are limited only by your imagination: from plain to full-tooled, with a belt or without, single or double, right-handed or southpaw. We are happy to quote a holster for you; see our price list for more information.

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Basic Cowboy Holster

Concealment Holsters PANCAKE HOLSTER The Pancake Holster is a good all-around holster. It rides high and snug to the body, which makes for a good concealment holster, but it also works well for carrying your side arm in the field. The full length back keeps the sites and hammer from digging in, making it one of the most comfortable ways to carry. With this holster, you can choose one of four carry options: Strong Side Carry, Cross Draw Carry, Cross Draw/Strong Side Combo, or Small-of-the-Back (SOB) Carry.

Pancake Holster/Reinforced Top with Strong Side Carry: The double leather top helps prevent holster from collapsing. This is one of the most popular holsters we make.

Pancake Holster with Cross Draw/Strong Side Combo

Pancake Holster/Reinforced Top with Cross Draw Carry (This photo features an example of partial tooling)

Pancake Holster with Full-Tooled Belt Here you see our pancake holster/belt combination featuring full tooling.

Paddle Holster: This style holster is very secure yet easy to remove and replace without removing the belt.

Pancake Holster/Reinforced Top with RightHanded SOB Carry

Pancake Holster/Reinforced Top with Left-Handed SOB Carry

Concealment Holsters Inside-the-Waist-Band (IWB) HOLSTER This holster is the most concealable way to carry. Your gun can be positioned anywhere around your waist using either the snapped belt loops or heavy-duty metal clip. A clip attachment is particularly useful for women who want to conceal a lighter-weight gun in a purse or when they aren’t wearing a belt.

IWBWrap Holster/Reinforced Top with Belt Loop Attachment

POCKET HOLSTER & Magazine Pouch This simple rough-out pocket holster prevents the outline of your gun from imprinting, making for better concealment. Our design keeps the trigger covered, lessening the possibility of accidental discharge. The rough-out leather and extended flaps keep the holster in place when you draw your firearm.

Rough-Out Pocket Holsters Rough-Out Mag Pouch

This rough-out pouch keeps the ammo in the magazine and keeps the dirt out.

IWB Holster/Reinforced Top with Belt Loop Attachment

IWBWrap Holster/Reinforced Top with Metal Clip

Field Holsters A field holster is a great way to carry in the field, particularly when you want to carry a larger revolver. However, this style holster can be made to fit any gun. Two carry options, Strong Side or Crass Draw, are available with this holster. You can choose to add a flap to protect your gun from the weather. Thigh Holster rigging is also available.

Field Holster with partial tooling

Field Holster

Thigh Holster A thigh holster is a good way to carry if you are wearing a back pack--it keeps the gun out from under the pack and easy to access.


Field Holster with full tooling

Rifle Slings We can make rifle slings to fit any sling swivel. You can go with a plain sling, or we can get fancy and tool it up. Our slings, like all of our products, are made of the finest quality U.S. tanned leather, made to last and pass down.

1” Strap Rifle Sling custom built to fit your rifle’s sling swivels.

Heavy Duty Cobra Rifle Sling with shoulder padding and rough-out, custom built to fit your rifle’s sling swivels.

ammo pouches Our ammo pouches are custom-built around your ammo for a perfect fit. We build pouches for any shape: rifle cartridges,

magazines, speed loaders, speed strips, flash lights, hand cuffs, water bottles, lipstick... BELT SLIDES


10-Round Belt Slide

Single Mag Pouch/Metal Clip (also available with belt loops)

8-Shot Shell Holder

Double Mag Pouch/Belt Loops (also available with metal clip)


belts Are you tired of belts that don’t last? Then you need one of ours! Solid and with comfortable round edges, our belts are

custom-made of black or brown 8-10oz saddle skirting leather and lined with 4-5oz. heavy chap leather--made to bear the added weight of carrying a sidearm and ammo. Most belts are available in pants-style or ranger-style. All prices include a stainless steel or brass heel buckle, however, if you have a favorite belt buckle, bring it in--we’ll design a beautiful belt to showcase it! GALLERY

Plain Belt (1”, 1 1/4”, 1 1/2”, 1 3/4” available)

Basket-Weave Tooled Belt (1”, 1 1/4”, 1 1/2”, 1 3/4” available)

Full-Tooled Two-Toned Ranger Belt

Oak Leaf Tooled Belt with Contrasting Overlay

Basket-Weave Tooled Belt with Contrasting Overlay

blade leather Protect your knife, pulaski, or ax with a custom-formed sheath that is functional and beautiful enough to become an heirloom. As with our holsters, we require you to leave the blade with us while the sheath is being made. Nearly any configuration can be designed to meet your needs. Here are just a few of the sheaths we’ve made to customer specs:

Š 2011 Brady Campbell Photography

Plain Wrap Sheath

Plain Double Sheath with sharpening stone pocket

Plain Sheath w/ securing strap

Full-tooled Geometric Stamp K-Bar Sheath w/securing strap

Full-tooled Floral

Pulaski Sheath Custom Sword Sheath

saddles A stunning, well-fit saddle is a pleasure to you and your horse, and is bound to become your family’s heirloom. Our

numbered saddles are custom-fit to your horse and painstakingly crafted, using the finest materials. We believe that if you begin with a great foundation, your saddle will last--well, not forever but darn near. So we start with a handmade wood, rawhide-covered tree-you simply can’t buy a better tree than we use--and follow with solid U.S. tanned saddle-grade leather and top-notch hardware. Add to that beautifully deep tooling, attention to detail, and the Kemner maker’s mark, and you’ve got a saddle you’ll be proud to ride in.

Corner Carved Pleasure Saddle

The Corner Carved Pleasure Saddle features: -- Inlaid padded seat -- Wood, rawhide-covered tree, -- 6 strings fit to your horse -- Wood metal-bound leather-covered stirrups -- Floral corner tooling -- Front and back cinch -- Ellensburg swelled fork -- Matching breast collar available -- 3/4” wool lined skirts -- Serial number & Kemner maker’s stamp -- 7/8 in-skirt double rigging and breastcollar dees

Round-Skirt Wade Saddle

The Round-Skirt Wade Saddle features: -- Wood, rawhide-covered tree, fit to your horse -- 3/4� wool lined skirts -- 3-B Visalia fork -- Mulehide-wrapped horn -- Rawhide horn and cantle binding -- 7/8 double flat-plate rigging & breastcollar dees -- Geometric border stamping -- 8 strings and tooled rosettes -- Exposed stirrup leathers -- Wood metal-bound rawhide-covered stirrups -- Front cinch and tooled back cinch -- Serial number & Kemner maker’s stamp

Roping-Style Saddle

The Roping-Style Saddle features: -- Wood, rawhide-covered tree, fit to your horse -- SF Bowman fork -- 3/4� wool lined round-cornered skirts -- 7/8 double standard rigging & breastcollar dees -- Full-tooled geometric with corner floral tooling -- 6 heavy-duty clip and dee rings with rosettes -- Wood metal-bound leather-covered stirrups -- Front cinch and back cinch with decorative stitching -- Serial number & Kemner maker’s stamp -- Matching roper-style breastcollar available

Matching roper-style breastcollar available

Square-Skirt Wade Saddle

The Square-Skirt Wade Saddle features: -- Wood, rawhide-covered tree, fit to your horse -- Full-tooled with geometric stamping, border stamping and floral tooling -- 8 strings and tooled rosettes & old-timey rope straps -- 3-B Visalia fork -- 3/4” wool lined square skirts -- Mulehide-wrapped horn -- Rawhide horn and cantle binding -- 7/8 double flat-plate rigging and breastcollar dees -- Front cinch and tooled back cinch -- Exposed stirrup leathers -- Wood metal-bound rawhide-covered stirrups -- 24” full-tooled tapaderos -- Serial number & Kemner maker’s stamp -- Matching martingale-style breast collar available

Matching martingale-style breastcollar with brass Cavalry heart available

Sunday-Go-To-Ropin’ Show Saddle

The Sunday-Go-To-Ropin’ Saddle features: -- Wood, rawhide-covered tree, fit to your horse -- Full-tooled basket stamped with floral corners -- Leather braid accents on stirrups, swells, and billets -- Rope roll with stainless steel lace -- Silver conchos with horsehair tassles -- Decorative tack accents on horn and gullet -- Ellensburg swelled fork -- 3/4” wool lined round-cornered skirts -- Full double standard rigging -- Front cinch and tooled back cinch -- Leather-wrapped stirrups with braid and horsehair accents -- Serial number & Kemner maker’s stamp -- Matching show bridle with silver concho and horsehair accents available

Matching show bridle with silver concho and horsehair accents available


well-made tack is hard to come by. Beautiful well-made tack is a real treasure. Ours is made with solid U.S. tanned saddle-

grade leather and top-notch hardware. You can request custom colors and patterns to match existing tack or show clothes. We’ve pictured a few examples here, but you know we can make whatever you need -- just ask!

Full-tooled floral saddlebags with background dyeing

Show Bridles and Breastcollars can be made to match any saddle order, or to compliment an existing piece of tack.

Plain Cavalry saddlebags with stainless steel buckles

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Our custom-made show halters are accented with glass beads, tooling, or swarovski crystals. They are made-to-measure.

everything else

Everything looks better in leather. Here you see a sampling of items that Horseshoe Saddlery has crafted in

leather. From CD cases to clocks, if you can imagine it, we can make it.

Full-tooled Floral Binder

Š 2011 Brady Campbell Photography

Books, Dayplanners, CD cases

Purses & Clocks

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Leah’s Concealed Carry Purse This stunning purse is designed to make access to your firearm easy and inconspicuous--it has a satin-lined main compartment like any other purse, but it also has a separate zippered and lined side compartment to store your gun barrel-down and ready for use. You can wear the purse with your hand slipped into the side compartment, giving you immediate and concealed access to your weapon.

Flasks & Waste Containers

Horseshoe Saddlery

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Custom leather work by Horseshoe Saddlery in Coeur d'Alene, ID