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Pneuma of Change

“Flood My Soul” Conference Highlights

Chickens? Seriously?

Riding the Wave to the Next Level

From the Editor People commonly use the term, “winds of change” when they‟re experiencing a transition. But in acknowledgement of the One Who‟s doing the transitioning, True Blessings Ministries is not changing because of a simple, worldly wind. Pneuma. This Greek word means “a current of air; a breath; a breeze”. Pneuma is also the word most used to describe the “Holy Spirit”. True Blessings Ministries is currently experiencing the blowing Pneuma of the Holy Spirit. And as it increases it changes us all! Have you felt it? When the Holy Spirit blew into the upper room on the day of Pentecost, quick decisions had to be made. What would our world be like today if those gathered in the upper room would have chosen to ignore the holy wind and stay there hidden to the world so they could feel comfortably „safe‟? Hmmm . . . When the Pneuma blows in, we learn some powerful lessons. Lessons that cause us to ask ourselves: what do we really want to hold to, in what (or Whom) do we trust, and what is the focus of our hearts? God hopes that we will choose Him, yet He gives us the freedom to choose to anchor ourselves to the past as we hold on with clenched fists and battle for the status quo. Obviously this won‟t be comfortable and we certainly won‟t be satisfied! So when True Blessings Ministries recently felt the holy breath of God, a decision had to be made. True Blessings Ministries decided to fully surrender to the Holy Spirit. Although not knowing where His Pneuma wind would take them, they allowed the Holy Spirit to guide them in the direction HE wants. Letting go of our own agendas can be a bit unnerving, but the result is that God‟s agenda is so much bigger – so much greater than anything any of us could plan on our own! His gentle Pneuma builds and blows in a Tsunami that absolutely floods our souls and drenches our spirits. Who can remain the same after that? One of the changes that‟s taken place over these last weeks is that True Blessings Ministries has added Teri and Gene Shell to the Board. We‟ve also begun a co-laboring relationship with Anna and Doug Austin. You can learn more about the Shell‟s and the Austin‟s as they introduce themselves on page three and four. We hope that you‟ll continue to pray for the leadership of True Blessings Ministries as they endeavor to ride the wave of God‟s Holy Spirit in obedience and surrender. And we hope you‟ll enjoy this current issue that we‟ve packed with testimonies of what God‟s already begun doing!

New Faces Gene & Teri Shell Meet the newest members to the board of True Blessings Ministries. Gene & Teri Shell come to us very highly recommended! From the moment we met them, we felt the anointing and blessing on their lives. Terri brings her administrative knowledge and experience to this ministry and has blessed us by stepping into the position of Secretary/Treasurer. Gene is a fount of wisdom and a true worshiper at heart. He brings insight and good judgment to this ministry as a member of the board of True Blessings Ministries.

Gene and Teri live in Coumbus, Ohio. They are members of Greater Works Church in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, under Pastor Marcia Ferko. Both sit on the Board of Elder's and Teri holds the position of Secretary/Treasurer.

In 2011, the Shellâ€&#x;s celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. They have two children, Shannon (and Son-in-Law, Aaron) and Trent (and Daughter-in-Law Michelle). Gene works at Franklin County Board of Elections (24 yrs) and Teri works at Abbott Laboratories (25 yrs).

We are so excited to have the Shellâ€&#x;s join us. Please make sure to welcome them the next time you see them!

Anna Austin Did you enjoy the powerful, anointed worship at the “Flood My Soul” conference? We were so excited that Anna Austin took the time to colabor with us for our conference event. Anna is the worship leader at Church Alive in Parma where she leads worship for three services. Anna is married to Doug Austin. They have seven children and reside in Colombia Station. A very busy lady, Anna is also owner of Immaculate Cleaning. Anna‟s journey began when God asked her to sing again. She explains, “My son had been diagnosed with cancer, my husband and I were believing for a miracle. I answered, „God, I would do anything for you‟. I thought I was doing God a favor... “Several years later while in prayer the Lord revealed to me the depth of His love when He said, „You thought I asked you to sing for me! When all along it was for you!‟ “During that painful process and many more to come, singing praises even while tears were falling from battles, it was worshiping Him that has got me through. “My love for the Father is what I get to express every time I am given the grace to lead people into worship.”

Did you enjoy the worship at the Flood My Soul Conference? If you did, like us, you‟ll be anticipating what God has in store for us at our next conference in August. Anna has graciously committed to returning to work with us again for that conference. We can‟t wait!!

“There were many amazing moments to the conference, solid Word preached and taught, souls saved, hope restored, hearts renewed. I have to say it was SO REFRESHING to see the body of Christ working in UNITY. One spoke in tongues, another the interpretation, once the prophetic flowed through one, the others recognized it. No jealousy over the gifts. Just honor and respect. The Holy Spirit had His way! For those of you that were at the FLOOD MY SOUL CONFERENCE.... We are STILL SPLASHING in that water!!! Isn't God so good?! An OUTPOURING it WAS! PRAISING GOD!! Worship that went to such a deep place and so intense. Mark has prayed to be able to worship God with a team like this! Words and messages that penetrated spirits and changed lives. Prophetic songs of the Lord being released. Healings, deliverance....hope restored and people renewed. Ministry to the people with unity in the body of Christ. Wait...was I in heaven...” ~~ Susan Knauff “THANKS JESUS!!!!!!” ~~ Mark Knauff “Wow! Had a such a wonderful time last night in the Presence of the Lord! Enjoyed your gift of worship! Anyone considering this should definitely go to the sessions at 2PM and 7PM!‟ ~~ Judy Campbell “…how often are these conferences and how often are they local? Sounds like I have been missing out on something here!!” ~~ Denise Moore-Toth “We had a great time in the presence of the Lord!” ~~ Rob Sheer “Smallwood Heard the reports of the outpouring God is good!” ~~ Cynthia Carter “I believe we have all moved to new understandings. This weekend was so awesome and for anyone that missed it don't miss the next one coming up in August.” ~~ Isaiah Adams “I wanted to stand up the whole time praising God but this baby is wearing mama out lol.” ~~ Machelle Trank “That was the best one yet! I'd love that all the time...I can't even describe the freedom I felt there.” ~~ Rachelle Lucas “Sue and Mark thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Conference. What an awesome sense of the presence of the Lord and I know that everyone that was there was touched. Such a flow of the Spirit. To see God take it to another level was truely a wonderful thing to behold. God always validates what He has commissioned - and once again He validated that you and Mark are obeying Him - so continue to do so.” ~~ Dennis O‟Daniel “Sue and Mark, God bless you both for what you‟re doing!! It was such an amazing time and I look forward to more! and Sue thank you for what you prayed yesterday. Love you guys.” ~~ Rachelle Lucas “Amen!” ~~ Rachel Polly

“Alex was all messed up by the Holy Spirit on Monday, by the time he got to work he was drowning in His presence. Praise God I believe if we had been able to all stay we would have had a full blown revival. It reminded me of when I was at the wailing wall in November the peace and unity that I felt that True UNITY only comes from the Father and I have so longed for that feeling. Thank you JESUS for the intercession that you have given on behalf of the Flood my Soul conference your Father poured out His blessing on us and I know it was to honor You.” ~~ Jenny Baker-Alvarez “I wish we could have been there.” Dawn Baker Reichlin “Still singing at Wal-Mart on the way home last night and after I got home..... couldn't help it!!! ♥ I was so happy to be a part of it and I made some great new friends” ~~ Jenny Petri McCaffrey “My God , My God, what you are doing in Cleveland, Ohio is beyond what I could think or imagine! Thank You Jesus! Wow! Wow! Wow! Jesus with no bars! No motives! Just Jesus!!! Thank you Mark and Sue! … was like God watching His children play in a sprinkler!!” ~~ Anna Austin “Had such an amazing time at the conference tonight! Thank you Jenny Baker-Alvarez for the beautiful picture and album! I'm so excited to hang it above his bed and put pics in the album! Thank you Susan Knauff for the outfit set...that's gonna be his „take me home‟ outfit! ♥ Hard to believe for the next conference I will have a 2 month old lil miracle with me” ~~ Machelle Trank “Awesome!!! I wish it was all on there (Ustream) I wanted more!!!” ~~ Cindy Tuttle “I love you. I am always honored to serve with you. You and Mark are loved very much by all here at Greater Works. Smooch.” Pastor Marcia Ferko

ABOUT MARK’S DRUMMING: “He has longed to worship on those drums like he did in this conference. I will never forget how God gave him this opportunity and I know it is just the beginning of what is to be. Those drums will impact the region and nation! I love you Mark! Run in this season!!!!!” ~~ Susan Knauff “Wonderful!” ~~ Beth Londahl Muellauer “I only had one problem with the conference....there wasn't enough cowbell! Cause I gotta have more cowbell!” ~~ Robert Sheer “Gotta love the cowbell!” ~~ Spencer Stopwatch Campbell “The way he hit that sounded like rain on a metal roof - exploding!” “Wow... Please tell Mark it was great to play with him! I am so glad he got to play with us! He did great! I have never heard drums played prophetically like was amazing!! Can't wait for us all to get together again! “ ~~ Jenny Petri McCaffrey “Mark sent the darkness out and set the captives free with the sound of drums!” ~~ Anna Austin

Were you there? Can you spot your photo? If you werenâ€&#x;t there, you can visit our Ustream site and watch and listen to the recorded meetings. And be sure to attend our next conference in August.

Thank you to Avery Trank and Machelle Trank for taking some of these photos. Great photographers!

“Words cannot express how much we needed and appreciated this conference and all who helped and contributed. … this was such a collaborative effort by a TEAM that made this happen. God kept telling us to wait for the team... We praise God for what that feels like! This is UNITY in the body of Christ and EFFORTLESS when it is HIS TIMING and HIS PLANS! Thank you all for giving of yourselves to see this conference occur! What a beautiful time dancing, swimming, jumping and soaking in the river of God with Alex and Jenny Alvarez, Marcia Ferko, Dennis and Vicki O'Daniel, Anna Austin, Rob Sheer, and so many others! Thank you all! Thank you to our daughters, Rachel and Cassidy for all of their help!” Mark and Susan Knauff

Chickens? Seriously?!? It won‟t be long before neighbors will be waking to a clucking and crowing sound coming from the Knauff household. We might not be full-fledged “down on the farm” farmers yet, but we‟ve seriously begun raising chickens. Always up for an adventure (you know us), it‟s been fun to learn about chickens, eggs, chicken coops, and all of the things we need to understand in order to raise these baby chicks into real egg producers! It‟s also exciting to watch our six chicks grow and develop their own personalities (just stay out of the way of that rooster)! We‟re not considering ourselves “farmers” yet – but maybe one of these days! Take a look at our new „family members‟. Aren‟t they adorable?!?

Plain City Aglow International May 15th, 2012 Tuesday 7:00 PM St. Joseph Activity Center 670 West Main Street Plain City, OH Teresa Mullins – Pres.

Regional Lorain County Conference Event

God certainly heard (and answered) our requests to “Flood My Soul”. WOW! This conference was unlike any we‟ve ever held and the testimonies to what the Holy Spirit has done are still coming in. We don‟t want this momentum to stop so we‟re choosing to continue to ride the wave to the next level. We are excited to fellowship with you at one of the upcoming meetings in your area as we look forward to what the Lord is going to do. Don‟t forget to register NOW for our August Conference. We‟re anticipating and expecting GREAT things! For more information and for convenient online registration, visit HERE.

May 25-26, 2012 Elias Antonas Gathering Hope House 1173 N. Ridge E. Lorain, OH 44055

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June 1-3, 2012 Victory Chapel 213 North 4th Street Hamburg, PA Pastors Alex and Jenny Alvarez

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