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Public Relations

an introduction



Spring 2011

Mon./Wed. 11 - 12:15 a.m.

prof. susan a. katz 203-576-4966 (leave message) Office Hours: by appointment

course access

via my website for this class at:

At our first meeting, I will make sure everyone can access Blackboard.

Course Overview This course is a primer, an introduction to the history, principles, practices, strategies, tactics and theories of the public relations industry. You’ll learn how public relations contribute to the success or failure of an organization and the impact it has on its audiences and society. If you’re planning a public relations career, this course provides a solid foundation. It is also enormously beneficial to those entering other media careers because indeed, public relations is everywhere.

Public Relations / MCOM 270

SYLLABUS/Spring 2011

Prof. S.A. Katz

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Required Text/Online Access This course, as is the case in all my classes, requires both the textbook and access to Blackboard for our class website. Think Public Relations 1st Edition Dennis Wilcox Allyn & Bacon/ publisher ISBN: 0-205-78169-1 If it is not available from UB bookstore, order book directly online from Amazon or publisher’s website.

Expectations         

The textbook; you will need to bring it to class on several occasions Checking Blackboard regularly and having a working email address Attend class / Be on time Read Assignments Submit Completed Assignments/Projects on Schedule Participate in Class Discussions/Online Discussion Groups Provide insightful and well thought out analysis in discussion and in your assignments CHECK your work – typos, poor grammar, sloppiness etc. will reduce your grade. Incompetence, laziness, and sloppiness are unacceptable.

Projects / Tests It depends on how things run, but basically the breakdown is as such: Three (3) Group Project Presentations  One (1) worth 100 points  One (1) worth 200 points  One (1) Final project worth 300 points Three (3) tests each worth 100 points each Two will be open book, open Internet, taken during class. One will be open book, open Internet taken at home. Two (2) scores for Attendance/ Lateness one at midterm, one at final…each worth 100 points. Other miscellaneous assignments may be given.

Public Relations / MCOM 270

SYLLABUS/Spring 2011

Prof. S.A. Katz

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Grading Those projects worth 200 or 300 points will be factored 2 times or 3 times respectively. Those worth 100 points are factored into your average once. See Gradebook on BB for a complete breakdown. ALL of the scores will be taken, added up and divided by the number of items to obtain the grade.

No work will be accepted late. The assignment will be graded as a “0� (zero). NO extra credit projects will be accepted; there are, after all, enough projects in this class.

Scale of Grades Letter Grade A AB+ B BC+ C CD F

Numerical Range 93-100 90-92 87-89 83-86 80-82 77-79 73-76 70-72 60-69 0-59

All guidelines herein are subject to change by me and you will be notified of such. Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions/thoughts you have throughout the semester. Please work and study consistently, creatively and with dedication. Prof. S.A. Katz

**On Cheating & Plagiarism "It is the student's responsibility to familiarize himself or herself with and adhere to the standards set forth in the policies on cheating and plagiarism as defined in Chapters 2 and 5 of the Key to UB or the appropriate graduate program handbook." --University Senate 10/27/09

Public Relations / MCOM 270

SYLLABUS/Spring 2011

Prof. S.A. Katz

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