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2009 held a wide variety of movies The good, the bad and the sleep inducing

These four movies were a Saturday night line up for me one lazy weekend. After watching countless trailors, I wanted to see what truly was worth “two thumbs up” and ““critically aclaimed the best of the year”. Read on to read my synopsis of these four movies. Paranormal Activities This movie left me wondering, ‘why is this considered a scary movie’? I mean Chucky gave me more chills than that. The plot was wack and the ending, a complete joke. Paranormal Activities, I would give you a million thumbs down if I had enough hands. Zombieland The generic Michael Cera, or whatever his name is, was one of the best no-names I’ve seen in a long time. His character was a total rip-off of Cera’s nervous, awkward character, but I still loved his role. Although his character was unoriginal, the plot was unpredictable and not over done like most zombie flicks. Probably one of the best movies of the year and defiantly a good pick me up after watching the biggest waste of two hours, Paranormal Activities. 2012 After watching this with my now freakishly paranoid mom, I went from a skeptic to a complete non-believer. Hollywood has found it’s way to turn a tragic, world ending situation into another cliched piece of crap. The blonde-haired, blue eyed hunk was of course the hero while the divorced couple rekindle their love and the two young, attractive 20 somethings fell for each other in the end. It was disgustingly sweet. The movie also advertised the new voice-activated Benz that is seemingly

indestructible. Buildings fell, ships sank, people died and cars blew up-- nothing short of another over-drawn Hollywood film. Away we go Honestly, I couldn’t even give a proper synopsis on this because I was asleep through the last half (if that tells you anything). It’s suppose to be a quirky, romantic comedy, but the only thing that was even remotely funny was the fact that I even watched half of it. The movie was so quiet and dry. The most disappointing factor was John Krasinski’s role, which is the only reason I rented this. I’m now realizing the reason this movie is not being raved about.

Picture was scene from Zombieland. Pictured Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg.

“The overall results are savvier and cheekier than not.” Ken Hanke Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)

'09 Movie Reviews  
'09 Movie Reviews  

A synopsis of a few movies I've seen this year