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IBM 000-003 Exam Fundamentals of Applying Tivoli Security and Compliance Management Solutions 2009

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Question: 1

A current IBM Tivoli security customer is highly satisfied with mew current IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (Tivoli Identity Manager) and IBM TIVOII Access Manager (Tivoli Access Manager) implementations. The customer has benefited greatly from their user management and provisioning, authentication, authorization and Web single sign-on processes now in place. The customer sees me value of Web services and wants to leverage their business partnerships to greatly expand their online services, for a relatively small investment They are expecting that their existing Tivoli Identity Manager and Tivoli Access Manager investments can simply be stretched to include these business-to-business (B2B) flows, IBM Tivoli Federated identity Manager should be added to this scenario to address which security requirement? A. the blocking of threats that might otherwise cross enterprise boundaries B. the integration with firewalls that control security between any two businesses involved in these 828 flows C. the handling of potential millions of users, which neither Tivoli identity Manager nor Tivoli Access Manager is built to address D. me handling of multiple types of standards-based protocols and user tokens that need to be passed between participating businesses

Answer: D

Question: 2

Alter a number of interviews with various customer personnel, the term user productivity — logon and transaction experience� came up as a business process Other than the word ‘logon, there is not much in the way of additional description that gives insight into how that process relates to security. What is a good list of security (and related) elements that relate most closely to the process as identified above? A. firewall, filtering router, and intrusion detection B. SSL acceleration, content filtering. and pop-up blockers C. single sign-on, personalization, scalability, and availability D. identification, public-key infrastructure, and multi-factor authentication

Answer: C 000-003 Exam Questions and Answers


Question: 3

What are two benefits of IBM Tivoli Directory integrator? (Choose two.) A. It provides a simple interface for improving Active Directory content and making this content available for other uses. B. It performs real time sy1chronization between identity data sources to establish an authoritative Identity data infrastructure C. It provides a framework for rapid integration development and relieves what the customer typically has to hand-code from scratch D. It makes building data flow fast and easy, which eliminates the need for traditional design and implementation decisions inherent in other productions E. It provides a framework that enables a company to integrate multiple security software into existing structures, as OPO5d to forcing the company to develop new IT infrastructure.

Answer: BC

Question: 4

What reviewing the current security policies for a company, it is discovered that a standard exists, which dictates that information access must conform to HIPA4 Currently me customer has no automated method to verity adherence to this policy Which IBM Tivoli security solution is recommended to provide the customer with me ability to report on exceptions to this policy? A. IBM Tivoli Identity Manager B. IBM Tivoli Security Compliance Manager C. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business D. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On

Answer: B 000-003 Exam Questions and Answers


Question: 5

What is an indication that the deployment of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager has reached its maturity phase? A. All significant applications are covered. B. Password synchronization is implemented. C. Role-based access control is fully implemented. D. Full workflow for account management is implemented and the organizational tree is established.

Answer: C

Question: 6

Which encryption method is used by IBM Tivoli Access Manager (Tivoli Access Manager) for e-business when Tivoli Access Manager is configured with the FIPS mode enabled? A. SSLv3 B. TLSv1 C. WPAv2 D. Kerberos

Answer: B Question: 7

Which statement is true about new initiative deployment? A. New initiatives typically involve advanced authentication, and advanced authentication must be property provisioned B. New initiatives are typically coded in Java. .NET or C++, and each of these requires a tool that measures security compliance C. All new initiatives require a service-oriented architecture (SOA). and SOA standards demand that a security component be present. D. Newly deployed applications can be coded, tested and updated more quickly if an authentication and authorization solutions used mat avoids coding security into the application.

Answer: D 000-003 Exam Questions and Answers


Question: 8

Which option best classifies IBM Tivoli Security Operations Manager? A. Security Event Management Platform B. Secure Multi-platform Management Platform C. Security integration and Entitlement Platform D. Centralized Security Management Architecture

Answer: A

Question: 9

What are the two ways of configuring federation with IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager? (Choose two.) A. LTPA B. Browser Post C. Shared Cookies D. Credential Cache E. Artifact Resolution

Answer: BE

Question: 10

IBM is using the Enhanced Value Based Pricing principle for the IBM Tivoli products. What does this mean? A. The pricing is determined by what is managed. B. The pricing is only determined by me number of users. C. The pricing is determined by the number of products installed. D. The pricing is determined by the number of server installations.

Answer: A 000-003 Exam Questions and Answers


Question: 11

Which three pieces of information should be given to a customer to help them prepare for the long-range vision and the future direction of their security solutions? (Choose three) A. Biometrics should be used for authentication B. Public-key infrastructure is the correct identity/authentication approach. C. There must be a continued evolution towards standards-based solutions. D. End-to-end security is needed, with no security gaps in common scenarios. E. integrated security solutions are preferable to “point solutions that are linked together F. Plug-in access control enforcement will eventually achieve dominance over proxy solutions.

Answer: CDE

Question: 12

The solution advisor is analyzing customer business processes to determine security requirements. Under the heading “Web Transactions—Employees and Customers,” is a business requirement described as “Enhance User Productivity.” What is the corresponding security requirement? A. audit B. authorization C. single sign-on D. user provisioning

Answer: C 000-003 Exam Questions and Answers


Pass Certification No1. Test Preparation Resource

IBM 000-003 Exam Fundamentals of Applying Tivoli Security and Compliance Management Solutions 2009

Version = Demo Total Questions in Original Product = 110 000-003 Exam Questions and Answers


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