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Special keepsake edition winter 2013: news you can’t use

fireside chat

inside 3 years after urban couple moves to suburbs, still can’t commit to snowblower Racking leaves: can’t find local kids to do it Elli is into American girl. Firesides take out second mortgage

a word from the editor

As we close 2013 I wanted to say, I’m hungry. Please feed me and take me for more car rides Preferably in a convertible.

— Sheldon Fireside

2013 has been quiet a year susan learned that she likes camping, shocking family and friends alike. David joined the ranks of suburban living by purchasing a lawn mower. elli still wants to be a rockstar/ singer/dancer veterinarian. here’s hoping 2014 is just as exciting. with lots of sarcasm and plenty of martinis.

expensi elli takes an unfortunate interest in american girl dolls. We’ve resorted to taking out a second mortgage and putting her to work to help pay for them.


Can’t find Mini Cooper in parking lot with all the minivans and Escalades.

(car actual size. dog larger than house.)

Susan visits Mayan Peninsula, gets boob job

Starbucks Barista knows David’s name and drink order

ready for overnight camp

getting ready for camp chi, elli starts by picking out appropriate footwear for those long hikes.

Fireside Chat  

Special Keepsake Edition

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