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Tips on Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

ď ś Air Conditioners are no longer a luxury. ď ś Unpredictable climate changes and high temperatures make AC a necessity.

Thinking about buying a new AC?

Here are a few tips to help you get exactly what you need, at a good deal.

Choosing the right types of AC

One can choose from a window AC or a split AC

Some decisive factors include  Space restrictions  Costs  Noise, and  Service requirements.

Choosing the right capacity ď ś AC capacities are based on tons. ď ś This is based on the amount of warm air an AC can convert to cold air in 24 hours.

 Outdoor Unit Accessories  Outdoor units are designed to withstand any kind of climate conditions.  Protective accessories promote a unit’s lifespan and it includes,

Mounting Equipment



Star Rating

 Star rating of electronics indicates their power efficiency.  The higher the rating, the fewer units of power consumed.

 Choosing a unit with a higher rating can cut down one’s electricity bill up to 50%.

Online or Store Purchase?

Buying electronic products from stores or outlets are ideal, because:  Online purchases are not 100% safe,  Stores offer added discounts and offers, and  First-hand product experience.


 Outdoor and indoor units can be placed up to 15 meters apart.  The further they are placed, the more power is consumed.  Placing the units closer also increases the lifespan of the AC.  Window ACs can be placed in any window, with a window unit provision.  They are also much easier to install, cost less and are easier to maintain.

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Tips on Choosing the Right Air Conditioner