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Casa alta

Welcome to Casa Alta´s presentation. Here we will share the view of both inside and outside of this amazing site. In the heart of Galicia’s region, surrounded by it’s beautiful landscape, stands this traditional stone house, refurbished with modern style and all the comfort you look forward to find in your holidays.

This is a typical Galician stone house, built more than 100 years ago, it was used to keep the cattle in the ground floor, and the living area in the first floor. Just a kitchen and probably 1 or 2 rooms.

The walls are 85 cm thick! yes, amazing, and very nice, as it keeps the house both warm in winter and cool in summer. Also, the stone is so nice that few furniture or decoration is needed and the rooms are really cozy.

Here on the left:the outside “patio�. Down: the kitchen entrance. Below: the summer dinning room and bbq place.

The house was refurbished in 2002, keeping the outside walls and adding an upper level. This way, there are three very comfortable bedrooms and three bathrooms.

One of the bedrooms and the outside view, also the garage.

A big bedroom upstairs and the bathroom.

The kitchen has a great wood oven where you can cook as in the old times, or just light it for fun

The living room, very cozy, together with the kitchen and the stair going to the bedrooms.

“The corner�, pefect place for painting or reading, and a small gym, connected to the entrance .

The patio from the gym, and summer flowers.

Casa Alta  

A tradicional stone house in Galicia

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