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Uttar Pradesh Tourist Attractions: Kanpur Manchester of the East Kanpur is one of the famous and important industrial centres in Uttar Pradesh. It is situated on the bank of the river Ganga. Kanpur is one of the Uttar Pradesh Tourist Attractions. Here you will get the good quality of leather and textile goods. Now Kanpur has become the one of the most famous industrial cities with aviation, leather industries, and cotton, vegetable and flour oil mills, and sugar refineries. Kanpur is originally called as Kanhpur. It is believed that Kanpur is founded by the king Hindu Singh. The name Kanpur is derived from the word Kanhiyapur. Later the name Kanpur is abbreviated into ‘Cawnpore’. It is abbreviated under the British Raj. It is also known as one of the Hindi speaking belt after Delhi. The place Kanpur is also called as leather city of world and economic capital of the state Uttar Pradesh. Not only it is famous for industries, but it is also famous for spiritual centers, amusement park, historical structure etc. The main attractions of Kanpur include Jajmau, Jain glass temple, Kanpur memorial church, Sri Radha Krishna temple.

Jajmau It is also called as mound of jajmau. It is one of the must see and largely visited tourist attraction in Kanpur. Best time to visit Kanpur is from October to March. Summer is very hot and winter is warm. Any time you can visit jajmau throughout the year. During the ancient times jajmau was known as Siddhapuri. It is also called as Jajesmow. You can see siddhanath and siddha Devi temple here. The mausoleum of Makhdum Shah Ala-ul-Haq built by the Firoz Shah Tughlaq in 1358.

Jain glass temple Jain glass temple is tourist attraction in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh. The temple floor is designed by marbles and ornamental interior design in the arches. This beautiful Jain glass temple is constructed traditional and old style. This temple was dedicated to lord Mahavira. The Jain glass temple is located in Maheshwari mohal. This temple is fully made up of glass. The mirror work temple was fabulous. Once you visit this temple it makes you visit again and again.

Kanpur Memorial Church This church is also called as All Soul’s Cathedral. The church is built in 1875. It is constructed by using red bricks. There is a garden in the eastern side of the church. It is very attractive and beautiful. The church is designed in Lombardic Gothic style. This memorial church is included in Uttar Pradesh Tourist Attractions. If you are planning a trip to Kanpur include this memorial church in your list. This church is a symbol of peace.

Sri Radhakrishna Temple Sri Radha Krishna Temple is also called as J.k.Temple. There are five shrines in this temple which is dedicated to Lord Radhakrishna, Lord Lakshminarayana, Lord Hanuman, Lord Narmadeshwar, and Lord Ardhanareswara. You can experience the unique ancient architecture.

Holy atmosphere of the temple give you peaceful mind. It is one of the ideal destinations for the tourists. If you are planning a trip to Uttar Pradesh Tourist Attractions include Kanpur in your list. You can feel and experience the beauty of the Kanpur.

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Uttar pradesh tourist attractions-kanpur ,Kanpur is one of the famous and important industrial centres in Uttar Pradesh. It is s...

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