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Haryana Tourist Attractions – Karnal A Famous Hot Spot of Haryana Location: Haryana Languages: Hindi Major Attractions: Karna Lake Best Visiting Time: October - March One of the most famous historical districts of Haryana is the Karnal city, and is also known as the city of 'Daanveer Karn'. The Karnal city is located on the western banks of River Yamuna and the river flows approximately 11 km. toward the east. The Karnal town was established by Raja Karna, step brother of the Pandavs as mentioned in the Mahabharata. It came into prominence in the year 1739, with the defeat of Mohammad Shah by Nadir Shah. Karnal is the most famous Haryana Tourist Attractions. There are many tourist attractions are there in the Karnal city. Karnal Lake is the main attractions of the Karnal city. It is one of the popular artificial lakes with a beautiful island. This island has very dark vegetation due to which, it is visited by a variety of migratory and other birds like kingfishers, swans, ducks etc. So we can say that Karnal Lake is the home to many varieties of birds. Karnal is not only famous for its modern developments of eco tourism, but it is now popular for the hidden gems of historical importance. Haryana Tourist Attractions are worth to visit. The most visited tourist destinations of Karnal for the historic importance include the Karna Tal, the Kalandar Shah's Tomb, The Cantonment Church Tower, and the Tombs of Mubarak Khan and of Mukrab Ali Khan.

Karna Tank or Karna Tal The Karnal Tal or Karnal Tank is a historic tank of Karnal. The tank was renovated by the Haryana Municipality Department and was made a major tourist spot. It is an ideal picnic spot and attracts a large number of tourists.

Cantonment Church Tower This beautiful structure is a grand example of colonial era British architecture and one can see it from a distance of up to 7 km. After all, the church tower is having a height of about 35 km. The tower is ringed by a huge magnificent ornamental cross. There used to be a church here, which was named after St James. The church has now been destroyed when the Cantonment was shifted to Ambala. This is also one of the popular places for the travelers. Plan a tour to Haryana Tourist Attractions and visit Karnal.

Kalander Shah's tomb This beautiful tomb is situated just outside the town. The tomb is considered as the most beautiful Haryana Tourist Attractions. The grave is made of marble and decorated with sculpture. The tomb was built by Ghias-ud-din, Emperor of Delhi, to the memory of Bo-AliQualander Shah, a famous Muslim Savant and Sage, who influenced the thinking of his age and was very widely revered by all communities. Inside the enclosure where the grave is there are mosques as well as a fountain built by the emperor and outside it is a Kettle Drum balcony.

How to Reach: By Road/Bus: It is 123 kilometers from Delhi & 130 kilometers from Chandigarh. The Karnal Lake is located on National Highway 1 close to the city. Tourists can hire a taxi/cab to reach the lake. Local and HSRTC operated buses are also available to take tourists to and from the lake. By Train/Rail: Karnal has its own Railway Station located in the city. It is served by the Northern Railways and is connected to major towns across northern India. From the railway station tourists can hire local taxis or cabs. There are private and HSRTC operated buses also available.

Haryana Tourist Attractions – Karnal A Famous Hot Spot of Haryana  
Haryana Tourist Attractions – Karnal A Famous Hot Spot of Haryana ,One of the most famous historical districts of Haryana is the Karnal city, and is also know...