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The George Mead Medal is named for George Jackson Mead, the first Vice President of Engineering for what is now United Technologies Corporation. First awarded in 1958, the award is given to an individual or group of individuals for outstanding accomplishments in engineering or science.

The Board of Directors Trophy First awarded in 1963, the Board of Directors Trophy is presented for the award of a major contract, the completion and qualification of a significant new product family or system or the confirmation of success of a strategic international business initiative.

Presented to

Presented to

Pratt & Whitney employees:

The Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Team

Louis Celiberti, Timothy Crowley,

for the successful launch

James Fuller and Cary Powell

of the innovative

for pioneering work in the multi-variable control architecture

CO2OLtec refrigeration system.

for the F-35 Lightning flight and short takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) mode.

The team successfully demonstrated a complex control system design which enabled the F-35 Lightning II to operate successfully in flight and short takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) flight mode. The advanced multi-variable control architecture, which uses model predictive control methodology, is the most technically challenging propulsion control ever implemented in aerospace. It demonstrates Level 1 pilot flying qualities and provides independent control of vertical thrust and pitch from five sources.

The team designed, developed, and successfully launched the innovative CO2OLtec refrigeration system. This Environmental Pioneer Award-winning product is expected to increase Carrier’s market share with the potential to generate $5 billion of revenues over the next 15 years. The CO2OLtec refrigeration system improves efficiency and enables a new business model that offers turnkey solutions and higher value-added services. In less than two years, the system has been installed in more than 100 stores in 11 countries.

The Rentschler Memorial Award is named for Frederick Rentschler, the founder of what is now United Technologies Corporation. First presented in 1978, it is awarded for the demonstration of significant achievements in the quality of products, services or ways of doing business that have resulted in tangible benefits to customers.

Presented to

The Arthur E. Smith Award is named for former President and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation Arthur E. Smith. First presented in 1984, the award recognizes outstanding achievement in asset management and/or cost reduction through the lowering of manufacturing costs and the implementing of efficient, cost-effective manufacturing procedures, enhancing productivity and resulting in direct, measurable improvements in earnings benefiting UTC shareowners.

Presented to

The Otis Elite Service

The Sikorsky Military Business Team

Global Sales & Marketing Team

for generating a twofold increase in output and revenue and a

for revolutionizing

$320 million increase in operating margin

the company’s service offering.

from 2007 to 2009.

The team delivered customers a comprehensive, priority service, while improving the company’s overall service profitability. In its second year, Elite service was introduced in 11 countries, offering customers a premium service and a customizable selection to align with specific market needs. More than 9,000 Elite service subscriptions worldwide generate over $2 million in service revenue.

180 military aircraft were delivered in 2009, an increase of 134 compared to the 2003 - 2006 average. Average assembly hours per aircraft for the BLACKHAWK decreased from 8,865 to 6,703 hours, while assembly time was reduced from 54 days in 2008 to 45 days in 2009. Inventory was reduced by a combined $263 million in 2008 and 2009, driven by the implementation of a two-part sales process.

The Robert F. Daniell Award

The Horner Citation

is named for Robert F. Daniell, former Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. First presented in 1996, the award recognizes measurable excellence in managing environment, health and safety.

is named for H. M. Horner, former Chairman Emeritus of United Technologies Corporation. First presented in 1978, the citation is awarded for demonstration of the importance of cooperation and team spirit for the greater good of the Corporation and is usually awarded to two or more business units.

Presented to

Presented to

Carrier Air-conditioning &

The Pratt & Whitney, UTC Power,

Refrigeration Ltd., Gurgaon, India

and UTC Corporate team

for demonstrated excellence in all areas of EH&S performance, while

for cooperation resulting in the award of $115.7 million

implementing innovative technical and

in tax credits for the PurePowerTM PW1000G jet engine and

organizational solutions.

the PureCell速 400 fuel cell manufacturing equipment.

Carrier Gurgaon has had zero lost workdays since April 2007, accumulating over 10 million man-hours with one lost time incident, including a 98% reduction in the Total Recordable Incident Rate. The team also made significant progress over a 10-year period on its environmental goals, including a 69% reduction in energy use; a 65% reduction in water consumption; an 85% reduction in air emissions; a 41% reduction in recycled waste; and a 64% reduction in non-recycled waste.

Despite intense competition, with over $8 billion requested by more than 500 applicants, UTC was awarded the entire $115.7M tax credit for which it applied. This tax credit represents the fifth largest overall award, part of a total award of $2.3 billion in tax credits awarded to 183 projects.



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