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Friday Fridge Notes February 4, 2011

Announcements A warm welcome to our new student, Nate Keeney, and to his parents, Lisa and Jeff! We want to thank Galen’s mom, Andi Lloyd, for facilitating and leading the 7/8 Science class on a tour of Middlebury College’s greenhouse. The Espanol Basico class thanks Barbara Greenewalt, David’s mom, for welcoming them into her home and kitchen to prepare Churros con Chocolate. Three cheers for Andrew, David, Galen, and Michael, who are off to the Math Counts competition tomorrow (Saturday) at Castleton State College! Thanks, Diane, for making their participation possible. If you would like to share the new Gailer viewbook with friends and families who may be interested in learning more about our school, or, if you know of a good place to display the book, please contact Kitty or Susan Becchoefer for more copies. Please find attached an amendment to the Gailer Student/Family Resource Book that was given out at the beginning of the year. It helps clarify the process for independent study by Gailer students.

The Gailer School’s Gala Auction Fundraiser will be held on Saturday, April 9th at Carol’s Hungry Mind Café! This is our big fundraising event of the year, which enables us to offer scholarships to students from our local community as well as the global one. We need everyone to participate in the event in order to make it a success, AND it’s a lot of fun to get to know each other better by working together! Here are some ideas for items we are looking for: Art Jewelry Wearable Art/Clothing (Any knitters, sewing whizzes, felters etc. out there?) Home and Garden (Furniture, antiques, garden sculptures, certificates for veggie/flower starts…) Personal Wellness (Gift certificates for massage, yoga or meditation instruction, herbal products...) Crafts (Pottery, quilting, calligraphy…) Sports and Fitness (Tickets to games, boat rides, bikes, sports equipment…)

Vacation Homes (Trips, weekends at a lake house/camp, time-shares, flight points…) At Your Service (Certificates to do yard work, stack wood, for consulting, editing/proofreading…) Lessons and Classes (Share your talents – skiing, writing, woodworking, piano, painting, drawing…) Foodstuffs (Jams, pies, cookies, wine, dinner for two, Wine & Cheese Basket or other gift baskets…) Use your imagination and contact Brie ( with any ideas or questions about the Gala!

Important Dates Thursday, February 3rd –Meeting of International Trip Participants at 4PM at Carol’s Hungry Mind Saturday, February 5th –Math Counts Competition at Castleton State College Friday, February 11th –End of Macro 3 Sunday, February 13th to Thursday, February 24th –International Trip to Spain! Monday, February 14th to Friday, February 25th –Mid-winter Recess

Appreciations I would like to appreciate: The sun. –Mujtaba

* Everyone who’s making the extra effort to compost and recycle. –Jenny

* The competitors at my Tae Kwon Do competition. –Emily

* Cal’s new style. –Piper

* Finding my wallet. –Zach


Limping Bully Day. –Galen

* Sitting on the chairlift and having people stare at you. –Halle

* Cal’s new hairstyle!

* All my Spanish students, because you are in my mind all the time and Seth, for his thoughtful e-mails. -Ainaka

* Halle, for helping me keep Nate’s schedule straight! –Kitty

* My farret, Dr. Giggles, who had to be put down on Sunday. –Andrew

* My two new Beta fish. One is named Gerard and the other is named Way, so I now have Gerard Way living in my room. -Jessie

* Broomball. –Mujtaba

* The science fieldtrip! –Galen

* “You don’t get that.” –Galen

* The two small children I babysat yesterday for eight hours for not being total monsters! –Emily

* Robin, ‘cuz the first thing I heard when I came into the building this morning was his wonderful laughter. –Jessie

* Marsha, for helping drive us to the greenhouse. -Ben

* Mujtaba. –Rahela

* All the food we made in cooking class yesterday. –Galen


Nate, for coming to school, even though he cracked a vertebra and has to wear a neck brace. –Kitty

* My parents, for letting my friend, Paul, come up this weekend. –Emily

* My fall in skiing yesterday when I slid like a penguin. –David

* That the mountain didn’t kill both of our Afghani students yesterday! –Lonny

* The trees. –Mujtaba

* The hats. –Rahela


Fridge Notes 4 Feb  

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