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Speed week jitters Chapter 1: Rookie Curfew Today, it's a big day! It is the first day of the Sprint Cup season. It's my 1st season in the series. I have been looking forward to race these guys! It was just last year that I was beggin' my dad to let me race in the top series (I was racing on the Nationwide, and I was doing very well, finished 2nd in the standing, taking rookie of the year). It did not take long for dad to say yes, and sign me a contract to his company, DEI for both the Nationwide and Sprint Cup, even though I'll only be racing part time in the Nationwide, so I can concentrate on the Cup series. Well, after he said yes, that is a completely different story. After he signs me up, I was on my own. Oh, man! But the rest is all history. My name is Kylie Edwards, but my real name is Susana Earnhardt. The reason Kylie Edwards is my other "name" is that I have a double life. Ya know, if you wanna be off resting without gettin' mobbed by fans, stuff like that. That is why. Anyway, I am a 16-year-old junior who lives in California. You may say I am a teeny bit young to race these guys twice my age. Well, even though I just got my driver's license, I have been racing ever since I started walking. Well, maybe not, but I started racing when I was very young. I even got Matchbox cars when I was 5 months old. Going to my family history, my daddy used to be one of the greatest

racers in NASCAR. He won 76 races and 7 championships. My grandpa was also a racer, but a short track racer. He won a lot of races, but never a championship. Sadly, he passed away in 1973, when dad was 22. I was not even born at that time. I wish I coulda meet him. Dad was barely getting started in racing, so, after grandpa died, he struggled; especially that he just divorced two wives, and had three children. Luckily, he got a break in '78 by a little known team owner. In '79, he contended for rookie of the year. He only won one race, at Bristol in Tennessee. Well, better stop talking about my family. Oh, did ya know, one of my brothers is a very popular NASCAR driver. Yep, he has been NASCAR's most popular driver for six straight years. Anyway, moving on. Anyway, it is the 1st day of practice. And like every first practice of every race, all rookies have to go to a meeting before. If not, they may start at the back of the pack or not even qualify. Therefore, I get into my black & white uniform, & walk off. Man, I have to cross almost the whole infield to get there! Why they didn't make it closer? Oh well, besides, I need to walk. While walking to hell, I looked around to get to know the place. Well, I just didn't realize where I was walking at, when all of sudden, I hit someone. I fell, and that person falls on top of me. It turns out to be NASCAR's cutest driver, boy-faced Kasey Kahne. Oh my, I am starting to blush. He's on top of me! Oh man!!!

"Hi." "(Sigh) Hi." "Am I squishing you?" "Yeah, I like it." Did I just say that to him? Oops... my bad! He just gave me a smile and a giggle. Hang on, Sus! Anyway, like a gentleman, he helped me up and cleans the dust off my white uniform.

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"My name's Kasey. Kasey Kahne." "Nice to meet you, Kasey. Thank you for helping me. My name is Susy. It's actually Susana Earnhardt." While I talked, I brushed my red hair (a wig) to take the debris off. "Are you new?" "Practically, yeah." "Ah, I remember my 1st day. I was very shy. Did not talk to anyone, but to my boss. On my first day, before the meeting, I even got lost. No one helped me find my way except a few fans. I was 15 minutes late to the meeting. Thankfully, they excused me." "Dang." "Good ol' days" Man, every rookie has their bad moment on their 1st day. Oh well. Well, I must hurry to the meeting. I look at my watch & see it is five until noon. Oh man, I only have 5 minutes to cross the infield! Oh no. "(Gasp) Man, meeting's 'bout to start in 5 minutes & I still have to cross the infield!" "Hey, get a golf cart." "My dad broke it." Dad has that big thing to wreck golf carts. Right now, all of his are all crushed, so they are in Los Angeles, getting fixed, while mine, he slammed into another cart this morning. He's always racing these carts. Man! Dad, they're not for racing, it's for transportation only! Anyway... "I mean, go & get someone else." He pointed to a cart that has a big 14 and Old Spice and Office Depot logos

all over it. It's from Tony Stewart's team. Hmm, but, I haven't even ask him. And if I ask, he might scream at me. Hmmm. I'll just take it. "Ok, I'll ask him later." Thankfully, the keys were attached, so, piece of cake. Thanks, Kays. But, when I start the cart, I hear a "Hey punk!" It was Tony. Uh oh. Better run!!! I hit the accelerator and make a burnout. No matter how fast I am, he's still catching up to me! Dang, he's fast! I bet he was in track & field in high school. The next time I turn around, he's on my bumper in another cart. Holy shit! I gotta feeling he's gonna spin me out. Good thing I got to the place fast. I just hop out & run. I'll deal with him later. When I run in, everyone is there. The meeting has already started. Man! I'm late. The worst part is when everyone in there looks at me. Man, It just gets me so nervous I'll faint. Thankfully, the guy in the front excused me, but told me to hurry up. I see Helen, my crew chief, & I sit next to her. "What took you so long?" "I was at the other side of the infield, & I got stuck in traffic." "Didn't your dad wreck your cart & is in the garage?" "Uh yeah." "Uh huh, & you stay up, chatting with Kasey, right?" "What?" "Oh come on, don't lie!"

"I swear, I'm not, I haven't even seen him, besides, and he won't even know I'm here!" I try to do the best telling-thetruth face without giggling. "Uh huh, then, what's that?" She turns my head right to see Kasey standing on a side, waving at me sweetly. Oh boy. "Oh come on, that's not Kasey! He doesn't even look like him! That's Jimmie Johnson!" "Uh huh, then, why is he wearing a Budweiser uniform & has very fair skin? That's so not Jimmie!" "Uh...uh...uh..." "Exactly" She has me beat. Man, some things just never change. My luck of always losing has not gone away. Well, I just hope it goes away when I race for the 1st time in front of these guys. Anyway, what I am really asking on my mind is, why is Kasey "flirting" so much with me? I'm not even beautiful or interesting! This felt like heaven... Besides, when he waved, I gave a little wave, so small; you'll say I'm raising my hand for a question. Ok, so, the last wave, I turn around to see Helen giving me an a-ha look. Oh man, I'll be raising hell soon. "Aha! So, Kasey al ready knows you!" All I can do is hesitate. "C'mon, claim it, dammit!" "Uh, uh, yes, yes he does and I do love him! I love Kasey so much because

he's so hot and cute, & always will love him!" Man, it felt good to reveal a truth, but there's a problem. I screamed it at top of my lungs, & everybody heard. Uh oh. They all stared at me, and burst out laughing. Man!!!!!! I can't even look at Kasey now. What he might be saying? I turn around to see him with his mouth slightly open. Oh man, this is bad! But, he turned back to his cheery self again. He started smiling again, like if nothing has happened. I hope he's not too mad at me. April, my right hand girl came to calm me down. "Sus, it's ok. Don't be embarrassed for something very little." Long pause. "And I still have a crush on Dale." Well, it's true, we all have our little crushes, so, why be embarrassed about it? Well, meeting's over, time to head to the garage for 1st practice. While walking back, a few other rookie drivers came to tease me about the incident. Man, I just wanted to sock 'em right in the face! Well, it's a problem today. I heard someone calling me, but I thought it was another one. So, without turning around, I punch him. I punch him so hard my hand was hurt. Ouch! I turn around to see Kasey. He had his hands on his stomach. I socked him in the stomach! "(Gasp) Kasey!!! I'm sorry!" "" I hope he's not too mad, again. Oh man.

"Is there anything I can do for you? I'm really sorry..." "It's alright.... your sweet voice made my pain go away." I started blushing like hell. "Hee hee hee........." "Man, you're strong!" "I work out all the time" I sense love here... "Well next time, go punch Kyle Bu-" All of sudden, I hear someone scream at me. It was Tony, still looking for me to kick my butt. "Hey, you punk rookie, you're gonna pay for this!!" Uh oh, start running. Ahhhhhhh! But sadly, I only run for 5 seconds before he knocks me on the floor. He's on top of me, about to punch him. Well, I thought he was, but he got off me all of sudden. "You're... a girl!" "Of course I am! You... hitting girls!!! That's why you don't get a girlfriend." "I'm sorry, I didn't know! Just ask me before borrowing my stuff. And I'm actually dating someone, little punk." "Yeah, Ok. Sorry for taking it without permission. I was in a hurry to the rookie meeting." "That's ok. Besides, you remind me of my rookie year. I did the same thing. I was late for the meeting, so I had no choice but to get Dale Earnhardt's cart. He started chasing me like mad, and in 2 seconds, he got me. He kicked me out of his cart, and cussed at me. Then, he just laughed. But still, I had to go walking

to the other side of the infield. I was 10 minutes late." "Dang. Man, thankfully, daddy's changed, and now, he's not the intimator he used to be back in those days." "Huh? What?" "My dad. He's not the same." "What does your dad have to do in this situation." "You were just talking about him." "What, so you're saying Dale Earnhardt's your dad?" "Yep." "Ha ha, good joke kid." "I ain't jokin'. He IS." "Uh huh, then Obama's my dad." "C'mon! You can even ask him." "I will, come with me kid." He pulls me by the arm. Chill, dude, you're cuttin' my circulation! Well, he can go ask him. No problem, he IS my dad. So, Tony gets his cart, but since it's one seat, he sits me on a basket behind the cart. Oh man, just embarrassing. While passing by, fans, crew members, and officials laugh at me. Even some fans take pictures. Hope's not on Myspace or Youtube, right? Anyway, he arrives to the 3 hauler. Dad comes out to scream at Tony. "Why is my kid in that basket?" "Is that punk your kid?" "Yes, she's my daughter, and dont'cha call her a punk again." They start arguing, and forgot about me. I'm still in the basket, stuck. "Hello, Tony? Dad? I'm still in the basket, and my butt hurts! Hello!"

Ignored. I shake around, but I realized the baskets not attached completely to the cart. So I fall down to the rocky floor. Ouch! I still didn't get the basket off. I talk a little louder. "Hello!!!" My butt aches so badly. When I fall, I am facing the 88 hauler, which is my brother, Dale Jr. The whole crew's in there, having lunch. One of them stares at me raises his eyebrows, and notice that he wanted to laugh, but he had food in his mouth. He went to call Dale, who was having steak & rice, as usual. He came out, still with his mouth full. "Mmm, mmm mmmmm, mammmmm?" He threw bits of rice on my face! Uh gross! "What? C'mon, finish chewing. Don't talk while eating. Gross." It was one looooong chew. Long enough to run to the hot dog stand on the other side of the infield, and back. "Will you hurry up?" "I'm done. Why are you there?" "Well, Tony just forgot about me and went to argue with Dad!" "OK" Well, he didn't take me outta the basket. He went to join the discussion! Oh god. Now what? Then, two officials came to scream at all of us because we're missing practice. I get pull outta the basket & thrown onto a cart. I arrive to see Helen angry. She throws me the helmet, but it hits me on the face. Ouch!!! First, the butt ache, now this! I'm totally jinxed.

I fell down, but I rush up, so she could see I'm not hurt. All she does is roll her eyes. Oh geez. I buckle in, and get ready to roll! Normally, when you race on a restrictor plate race, it takes forever to get these cars up to speed, up to a lap. Besides, the reason restrictor plates were installed is because it reduces the horsepower so that when wrecking, the cars won't go flying in the air. That's what happened in '87 at Talladega. Bobby Allison wrecks & almost flew into the grandstand. So, the next year, it was mandatory restrictor plates on all races at Talladega and Daytona. Well, always, safety first! Anyway, when I get to full speed, I found a problem, the cars really loose. When your car's loose, it turns to easily & you have to slow down to keep it under control. Right now, I'm 39th, which is bad. Time to take it to the garage. Thankfully, the problem was completely fixed so I go out there; I'm now running 2nd, behind Kevin Harvick. Thanks guys. After 10 laps, I think car's good enough, so time to bring it in. I'm ready to qualify on Sunday. The qualifying system at Daytona is pretty hard to understand (it took me forever to understand it). Well, the first two drivers who circle the track the fastest are locked in the front row, no matter what's their result on the Gatorade Duels. Then, the next 41 drivers will either get their position on the duels or qualifying. I think. I still kinda don't get it.

Saturday before the qualifying is the Budweiser Shootout. It's for guys who won any poles last season. But, this year, they changed it a little bit. Now, the top 5 guys in owner's points last year are in, 4 guys from each manufacture, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, & Toyota, and a wild card. Well, now I like this new rule! And this year makes the record for the most cars in the shootout, 28. Anyway, other names to this race were the Bud Shootout, and the Busch Clash. I mostly call it the Bud Shootout, and rarely the Busch Clash. Well, the race now was divided into two segments, the first 25 laps, then 50 laps, which equals to 187.5 miles. I like this one now, because now you get 10 minutes to adjust the car. Anyway, this year's was pretty awesome. There were 23 lead changes & 14 leaders, most in recent years. Plus there were 8 cautions, including one on last lap. So, it went green-white-checkered, which means that the race goes "over time." This rule was settled in 2004. Besides, it's better because it produces one on the best finishes in history. Anyway, it was a battle between Jamie McMurray & Kevin Harvick. They both left the field, and it as just both of 'em on the last lap. By turn 1, Kevin made a pass on the inside to move to the lead. Yes he got the lead & the win. These were the results: 1).Kevin Harvick(KH), Jamie McMurray(Jamie Mac), Tony Stewart(smoke), Jeff Gordon(wonder Boy....ironic), A.J. Allmendinger, Kasey Kahne(sugar kahne,kandy kahne), Carl

Edwards(somersault), Kurt Busch(big bush), Matt Kenseth(Matty), Kyle Busch(rowdy busch, wild thing, little shrub), Paul Menard, Brian Vickers, Denny Hamlin, Jimmie Johnson(champ), Casey Mears, David Stremme, Greg Biffle, Dale Earnhardt Jr.(Little e,junebug), Bobby Labonte, David Reutimann, Elliott Sadler(my cat), Michael Waltrip(mikey), Reed Sorenson, Jeff Burton, Scott Speed, David Ragan, Robby Gordon, & Joey Logano(sliced bread). Man, nice nicknames! I wish I have one, but right now I'm nobody, blank(sic). Anyway, poor Dale, he wrecked. Last year he won it, but this year, he had no luck. Poor Dale, he did pretty well... Well, the Saturday night fever is over. Time to get ready for the Daytona 500 next Sunday. Next day is a really nice day for racing. It's not hot or cold, just warm. Qualifying will start at noon. It's barely 10AM. Just one problem, I'm hungry. I go wondering off to find food. The hot dog stand's still closed. My fridge is empty. And worse, I smell meat. Oh man, sweet fillets! I wanna crave on one bad. Not one, but two. No, three. Five. Ten... Ok, too much! You know, I may be athletic, and in great shape, but I'm always the big eater! Two days ago, I barely bought the weekly food, & I'm out already! Yes, BIG eater. Man, I wish that there were a McDonald's or Burger King here in this place. But, If there was, I'd finish eating the whole store. Duh...

Anyway, I couldn't find any food anywhere. Damnit! Again, I hear someone calling me. I just punch 'em. Bad idea! I turn around to see Kasey with his hands on his stomach. Ooh man, not again! I gotta stop punching people with no reason. "(Gasp) Man, I'm so sorry again! So so clumsy of me!" "It's....ok......" He didn't seem to mind. He just give me smile. "Hey, just came to ask you if you can eat with me? My chef preparing lunch." "Really? What's the catch?" "No catch. I'm inviting you nicely." I was just amazed. I did accept. Man, I used to think he was a big meanie (or those with bad character aka get angry easily) be cause of his zodiac sign (same as mine, Aries). He turns out to be a sweet angel sent from heaven. Yes, the similarity is that when we're angry, we don't show it. When I'm angry, I talk really softly, like if I was really calm, but from the inside, I'm boiling, wishing I could scream. But, yes, I just can't get angry without collapsing into tears. Pretty easily I collapse. Anyway, he takes me to his transporter. He sits me down, and introduces me to his chef. "Susy, this is my cook and big mouthed annoying little brother, Kale Kahne." Man, I didn't know he was the chef for the team. And, wow, what's that

delicious smell?! Sweet filetts? OH man!!! "Oh, you're Susy? Nice to meet you. Kasey has told me lots of things about you. He never stops talking about you. He even told me about a dream he had last night of you-" "Shut up!!!! That's why they call you big mouth!!" All I did is give a giggle. Man! But.... Kasey dreamed about me? What he must been dreaming about? Who knows.... Again, Kale started "tattle telling." "Anyway, as I was saying, Kasey says that you're pretty hot & cut-" Again... I stared at Kasey. He just didn't want to look at me. He looked really red from embarrassment. It's like the rookie meeting all over again, except, it's just 3 of us. I felt embarrassed myself, but it ain't that bad. "K-ka-ys. Is that true?" He couldn't even look at me straight into the eye. He was so red, as red as his red car. He did look at me, but no straight into the eye. And once more, Kenny said something. "He even said he loves yo-" This time, Kasey socked him. Whew, peace.... He is even more red, but not anger. Besides, I've never seen him angry. No one has. Imagine, he'll look hot when he's hot. Get it? Maybe not. Anyway, he doesn't show when he's angry anyway. He looks calm and practically happy. Same with me, I don't show anger at all.

"Uh, is it true? Can you explain it to me?" He just didn't even look at me directly. "Please tell me, I won't get mad or freak out. Please!!!!" He sighed and spoke quietly. "Ok, I'll tell you. This is not gonna be easy. Since I looked into your eyes at that fall, I just fell in love completely, since I fall in love at first sight. I just can't forget that beautiful brown eyes I looked into. That beautiful round-hearted face with beautiful lips, and apple color cheeks. That beautiful Cinderella." Oh my god, I just can't believe what he said! No one has ever told me anything that beautiful. NO ONE! I just felt like crying. "(sigh) Wow! No one has ever told me anything this beautiful before." "What I really want to say is that I love you. I love you....." "I love you too....." All of sudden, he leaned forward......our first kiss! Wow, it's my first kiss. I've never kissed a boy before, until now. It felt so good... Then, I hear and ooooh. Kale saw everything. "Ahh, ahh! Kasey has a girlfriend!!! Official!! I'm telling everyone!!" He started running until he hit a light pole or a flag pole. Whatever it is, it's a pole. He smacked the pole, and fell, but right away he stand up and started running again. Funny...

"Man, this the start of something new....." I've never felt this feeling before, until now. I just want to tell him I love you a million times. "I love you." "I love you more" "I LOVE you even more!" "I LOVE YOU a million times!!!" Kiss. Ah, this is beautiful.... Well, time to head to the motor coach.

Chapter 2: Livin' the 15 year old teen life Right after having my moment with Kasey, I head to my motor coach(aka my home on wheels, RV, whatever's called!) to chill while I wait for qualifying. Like I said before, I have my double life, so, I can just take this red unnatural hair. When I'm Susana Earnhardt (real me), I wear a red wig, allas with Kylie, It's my natural brunette hair with some highlights. Well, I just wanted to chill, but I started remembering my Algebra homework. Oh, what!! Mom ordered a month supply aka, they give me to do half a book, chapters 3 to 6. Even worse. Now I gotta headache. I need aspirin. Anyone? Anyway, It's a relief when I see I'm on chapter 6. Woo hoo! But, I just don't remember any of this shit! When did I learn it, because I just don't remember! Shit.

Anyway, chapter 6 was about something called equal values method & substituting. Good thing I remember how to do 'em. I guess I never forgot after all! Well. Check it out! x=-3y+1 4x-3y=-11 Well, first, the problem x=-3y+1 replaces the x in the second equation making it 4(-3y+1)-3y=-11. Then, use the distributive property, making it -12y+43y=-11. Then, you combine the y's making it -15y+4=-11. Ok, so, you subtract 4 from both sides: -15y+4-4=-11-4. That turns into -15y=-7.... Ah, am I boring anyone! I'm bored myself! let's just say the answer is (2,1). Well, forget this junk, I'm BORED! Good thing my "home" is equipped with Internet to go to Myspace. Yay! Also, there's a PS3, an Xbox 360, and my latest, Wii. Yes, the fitness one. Keeps me in well shape. I also have Guitar Hero, drums & everything. Even though I'm still beginner on drums & guitar, I rock out in singing. I am a former choir singer in junior high anyway. I was a soprano(high voice), but it was too much. I shoulda stayed in autos (low voice), but I wasn't used to singing low. Anyway, I rock out with singing "Eye of the tiger" by Survivor, when all of sudden, someone knocks on the door. (Oh, if I Broke anything that's glass, sorry! I'll fix it later.) I hurry up and get the wig, but I just can't find it. I forgot where I put

it. I looked under the sofas, under the bed, in the toilet, even in the fridge. I find it on the doorway. How in the hell did it got there?! Anyway, I just put in on right away, and open the door. It was April. Man, rushed for nothing! She knows my secret. Man! "(Whisper) Uh, your hair's little sideways." "Yeah, I know, c'mon in." She brought some drawing with her. Did you know she works for my team as the team designer/artist, she runs the team website (graphic designer). She really has a great position. It's like a publicist. Mainly. "I just came by to show you some special edition designs for the Nationwide car." Nationwide Series is the series below the Sprint cup, like triple A in baseball. In that series, I run a #3 Hersheys /Walmart Impala, but for right now, I only run part time because I have to concentrate on the Sprint Cup mostly. So, she brought some designs for the 4th of July, Memorial day, Labor Day, even Mother's Day. I like the Mother's day one, a pink Hershey's with I love you mom all over it. Anyway, the first one was the Mother's Day one, which may race on Richmond or Darlington. I need to check the schedule what race will fall on Mother's Day. But the best part, it's gonna be under the lights. Yay! Well, the car is pink with I love you mom written all over it.

"With this one, I wanna add some names of mother and son/daughter, including you and your mom. So, wanted to add this contest to the website for moms with their kids." "Great! You're adding your name with your mom?" "You want to?" "Sure!" "Thanks." Well, my first contest! Woo hoo! Man, I am enjoying this life(including Kylie). The next one was Independence Day Walmart Impala. It's a USA flag colored car with glittery stars. I like this one. This year, the race will fall on the 3rd, and the cup, directly on the 4th, also an under the lights event. Behind, there was a drawing of a cute hot pink Goodwrench Impala with a birthday cake on it, and giant text on the hood saying "Happy 16th birthday Susy!" "Uh, a birthday car, too?" "Oh, that one, I was just bored." She snatched it off my hands. Besides, it might be good paint scheme for my birthday, which will fall on the spring Martinsville weekend. Well, OK, on March 30, on a Monday after Martinsville. Well, I get to celebrate it early. Sweet! "C'mon, this one's good! C'mon, I wanna ride it, please! Convince the guys. Please!!!" OK, no, ain't doin' no puppy dog face! Childish! I just beg...

Ok that's childish, too, so, I may as well then stick to the puppy dog face. Please! "Please!" "Hmmmmm, OK, I'll try to convince 'em. Just don't get too overexcited, you know what happens." When I get overexcited, I'm hyperactive, say that I'm "drunk". Something like that. I can't stop talking. Really, so, try not to overexcite me or I'll jump on someone's back. Well, maybe not, but I may.... I saw the clock and it was 11:30AM. Time to get ready for qualifying that starts at noon. "Oh, half an hour 'till qualifying." "Ok. Oh, wait, wanted to ask you, have you met Dale already?" "Sadly, no...." She got a little sad. Oh no. "What, what's wrong?" "I'll be unable to meet him. If I wanna date him, I have to be a pretty model, a tall, blond, beautiful model, but sadly, I'm just an ugly, short, fat geek. I'll never be as beautiful as a model! (Sobbing)" Oh man. "April, don't say that! You are beautiful on your own way. You're pretty tall and you're not fat, you're just...athletic size, girl size. And it's not about the outside, it's what's inside of you. And, inside of you is a talented young woman who's an artist, a poet, a writer. And besides, who was the girl who

did all those beautiful designs that are so popular nowadays?" "Me..." "And, who was that girl who helped through my rough spots and was there no matter what?" "Me.." "So, there are so many positive things about you. You just forget about the negative, and think of the positive! Remember me? Oh..... Man, I was always thinking of the negative things all the time, I even called myself brainless, a good for nothin'! But I started seeing the real me, smart and joyful, and some other word, I forgot. "But the point is to love yourself for who you are. If you do, people will like you for you, not for being someone else." I really mean it. It's like a bubble. A black, nasty bubble filled with neglect. You just gotta get the hell outta there, and keep going, avoiding that damn bubble. Anyway, she felt a little better. "I promise you that he'll like you for who you are." "He will." "Yep. Besides, looks don't matter." Like I said, the only thing that matters are who you are, looks are last. Well, moving on. It's time to go out. I put on my racing suit and my red hair on. Man, all I want right now is to at least make the field on time. Since I raced only the last race last year, Homestead, I barely

had points. I just hope to make the grid. Ok, time to go. I was about to go outside when dad came. "Hi dad." "Hey Susy. Just checking if you did your chores. You fixed your bed." "Long time ago." "You washed the dishes?" "All done." "Did you take out the trash?" "I'm going." I forgot to take out the trash. Good thing the dumpster's close. I dump it, but like always, I'm not looking where I am going, and I bump into someone. This one is last year's rookie of the year and most hated rookie last year, Brenda Harner. People say she's too aggressive on the track. Outside the track, people say she's picky on everything. She's always making comments of people. Hmm, wanna-be, right? Yep. Maybe. "I'm sorry." "Ugh, a rookie, I got rookie germs. Ugh, get away punk! And don't you start showing off, punk!" Bad start. Uh, I don't understand, I just met her, and she started maltreating me. Oh, I also heard that she's mean to every rookie that comes. She was a rookie last year, c'mon! Last year, 5 rookies were competing, and by the end of the year, she was the only rookie left, so Nascar had no choice but to give her the rookie of the year title to her, even though she wasn't in the lead in rookie points. That's just bad.

Chapter 3: Qualifyin' I get dressed in record time, in less than 2 minutes. Quick, right? Well, for me. Maybe. I also wear my lucky jade ring that my mom gave me for my 15th birthday. Well, normally, by my coach, there's a golf cart, but like I said before, dad wrecked it this morning. But one of my guys said they borrowed one, but it ain't here anywhere. Oh god, time to walk. And I need a walk, too many hot dogs and pizzas this week.... Thank god I was walking because I saw Kasey coming towards me. Eeeh eeeh. "Hey Sus, ready for qualifying?" It was the first time that I meet him without punching him in the stomach. Man, that musta hurt! Ouch, I can feel someone punching me in the guts! Ooh. "Maybe, just...a little nervous and eager."

"I predict you will be the top rookie qualifier." "I don't know, I was low in points last year, since I only ran one-" "That doesn't matter, your driving style matters." "I don't know." "C'mon, I always predict things, and most of them are right." "Most of them, then not always." "Don't be so doubtful." "I'm not, it's just....." "Doubt." Yep, doubt. Well, maybe I'll believe him. He's a predictor, and almost always gets it right. OK, I'll trust him. Before heading to my car, I climb the pits, where Helen and my mom sits. I wanna ask 'em for some candy corn! Lemme ask mom, she love 'em too. "Hey mom. Hey Helen." "Hey Sus" "Hey Kylie." "Mom! Not here!" Mom always hated the name Susana for no apparent reason. She prefers to call me Kylie, even though that's not my real name. I always have to remind her, I'm NOT KYLIE!!!!! When I get into the pits, I have my position to go out, 44th. Loooooooong wait. What am I gonna do? I'll go crazy! You know, I'm one of them people that have zero patience. I am just not patient. Like for example, you tell me to wait 15 minutes for someone, I'll just say, "What! Ain't waitin' no damn 15 minutes just for someone! Another day!" I

am like that! Ain't waiting for someone! And I mean it. Thankfully I brought my Ipod, but it's not enough for 3 hours. I listen to Let Me be Myself by 3 Doors Down. The only kind of music I can sing is rock. I cannot sing any other but rock. You know once, I wanted to start a rock band, with me being the lead singer, but it was as hard as me trying to save up money. (Plus, if I sing in public, everyone will run out even before I finish singing half a song.) I'm still trying to, but for a while, I'm practicing my singing. Anyway, I close my eyes and sing at top of my lungs and dance around. Besides, I don't notice that I'm doing that until I open my eyes to see a crowd of crew guys, officials, crew chiefs, drivers and other people applauding. Uh oh, I'll faint! My 2nd worst fear is standing in front of a crowd, I just end up puking, nah, just kidding, but yeah, it may be a possibility that I'll faint. Never done it, but, I'll just run out. Here, it's a circle of people around me, so, no way I can run out. I'll just smile. Clap, clap, clap. Oh man, what an embarrassment. Thankfully, they walked away right away. Whew! Well, there's nothin' else to do, but wait. Right now, only one car has went out. Loooooong wait... Ok, what can I do? Drawing? No paper or pencil. Reading? The only thing to read is the signs and sponsor logos on the cars. Ummm...

The only thing to do is take a nap. I lay on the hood of my car and take a quick 5 minute nap. I take the hat off my head and place it on my face & take the top part of my suit & place it on my tummy. Lemme tell ya, I can't sleep without something lying on my stomach. Dad does the same. He's always saying, "Bring me a pillow" or "bring me a sweater". It's just heredity, I guess. Anyway, I lie down, and I'm able to rest for 5 minutes, but I can't take a nap because of the roars of the cars. I rest for five minutes, thank god, but, all of sudden, a loud horn goes off next to my ear! I scream loud, louder than the roar of the engines, and turn. Bad move, I fell from the car. Turns out it was Dale had one of them horns that are in a can and when you push the button, bam! All he did is burst out laughing. Oww, my butt! Goddamn! "What the hell?!" "Ha ha ha! Just came to wake you up 'cause it's time for you to qualify!" "Well, not a nice way to wake me u. What?!" I start running, but didn't realize my helmet was on the floor, next to me. Again, I slip, and the helmet bounced off and hit me in the face. Man, how clumsy am I? I better stop hitting myself, or one day I'll injure myself so bad, I'll never race again. Again, Dale's big mouth started talking. "Guess what." "Either you farted or lost your brain, oh wait, you never had a brain!"

"Ha ha ha, no. And yes, I have a brain." Geek. "I got the top qualifying position." "Oh yeah yeah." "C'mon, really." "Uh huh." "Look!" He turned my head to the position tower, and the 88 was on top. Finally, for the 1st time, he said the truth. Well, cool, he's got the pole, for now. Ok, right now, only 5 cars have went out. This is gonna take long... I'll just go to the hauler to see what my crew guys up to. I arrive to the hauler and see 'em laughing and pointing to something. What are they up to now? It turns out that dad's asleep (as usual) and the guys are making fun of his snore (yes, snore). How immature. Oh god. "What the hell you guys doing? C'mon, that's just immature! I know he snores like a junk car, but it's too much!" All of sudden, a long, loud fart was heard. Oh man, I coulda just crack up! Ha ha ha! Hey, you guys think it's a non- smelly one? No, it ain't, all of sudden, the deadly smell came. Ugh, what did dad eat, beans? No, more than just beans... I think he ate a whole store of beans, plus a cow, maybe. That's just shitty. We all head outside for fresh air, man, it was that bad, plus I'm all out of Glade.

"Fresh air!!" Too much exaggeration, just bad. "Oh c'mon, it's just a fart (still holding my nose)!" "Man, what did your dad eat?" NO idea... Well, time to head to pit lane, maybe they'll call me any second. "Well, see ya guys." "Bye." No matter how old these guys are, they still act like little kids, really immature. Oh well, at least they have fun, that's what matters, even though sometimes they're annoying and funny and a pain in the butt, they're still good guys. Anyway, I headed to my pit stall. Still, only the 15th car was going out. Man! 0I climbed my pit stall, thinking that no one was there. Someone down there waved at me. Hi! Then, I looked at the pit box, and someone was there. "Ahhhhh!" "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" "Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" "Whoooaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!(Bam! !!)" When I saw that person, I screamed, and fell about 8 feet. Man, more bruises for my body, I am jinxed. Man, when is my luck of getting hurt gonna end? Geez, too much clumsiness...... Anyway, that guys turns out to be Dale's crew chief and our cousin, Tony Jr.

"What the hell?! What'cha doin' here?!" "I forgot something!" What now? "Lemme guess, your brain, oh wait, you don't have one. Ha ha ha ha." "Ha ha ha, no. I left my ipod." "Yeah, whatever. Just don't scare the crap outta me again." Geez, keep fallin' like that and I'll end up hurting myself one day. Badly. Anyway, right now, it's time for Kasey to go out & qualify. Wish him good luck. I run up to his car, where he's already bucked in and ready to go. In the middle of the roars, I talk to him. More that talk, scream, 'cause of the roars. "Good luck out there!!!" "What?!" "Good luck!!!!" "What?!" Oh god. Ok, all I did is kiss him, even though he had his helmet on. Kissed him below the lenses, where it might be the area of the mouth. He gave me a wink and thumbs up. Then, he said, "I love you." Wish him luck; hope he gets the top spot. I also have to start to get ready. I'll be going in about 30 minutes a.k.a 10 more cars. Man, I am so nervous I am about to pee myself... I was next to April when Brenda's car passes by. She just came from qualifying, and like always, so far, she has the top position. She stops in front

of me and climbs out. Isn't she supposed to take the car to the garage? No, she's coming towards me. What the hell is she doin'? Leaving the car in the middle of pit road! Anyway, she's smiling. What the hell's she smiling at me! "Well, I got the top spot. I guess your dumb brother wasn't fast enough. What a loser! 'Earnhardt'. What a rip off, 'Earnhardt, the best racing family ever.' Dont'cha mean 'the worst family ever to step on the track. Looosers! Why dont'cha go back to the Nationwide, oh wait, even that's too good! You guys race slower than an old lady on a wheelchair. PA-thetic!" I wanna punch her in the face like bad now. NO ONE, NO ONE EVER talks shit 'bout my family. "You wanna piece of me, bit-" I go towards her, about to punch her in the face, when I get stopped by April. She holds me tight as I scream profanities. Man, that's the most profanities I said, It's a week supply. Then, Helen saw what was happening, and also came to hold me. Dang! I became quiet, and listened to what other shit that dork face said. "Listen, rookie. This IS my sport. Either you get the hell outta here, or don't even show off. This is mine and all the publicity is mine, not your." "'Mu mu mu mu' Whatever! You ain't no queen of this sport, this is everybody's! No wonder everybody, including your crew chief hates you."

"Well, I wanna stay and chat, but I got some really important things to do, not what you do. Stupid punk." I am let go, but April, who can lose her temper fast, grabbed me by the shoulders and started shaking me and screamed on my face. "Susy!!!!! Don't you ever do that again!!!" "a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!!" "Say it!" I think I got a concussion. "I-I-i-i-w-w-w-w-wo--n-t do-it-a-aa-a-a-a-a-ga-ga-in-in! im-di-iiiiiiz--zzy!" I think that what I said. Well, she let me go, but my brain's all shattered. Moan! "That's good enough. Ok, c'mon let's go." Kasey came from qualifying, and got so far the second position. Great run! I look at his lap and he lost a little bit of time on turn 2, a tricky corner, were during a race, there's the most trouble. Anyway, I can't go and congratulate him, 'cause I have to get ready to go out there. Oh man, I am feeling something warm going down my leg....sorry, nah just kiddin' but damn, I am about to pee myself! I put my helmet on and with help of a crew guy, he helps me put out the HANS thingy. I climb up the window of the car (no such thing as doors!), but I still have kinda problems climbing in. I guess I'm either too big or what? Well, more practice.

The crew guy helps me put on the seat belts. I feel like a toddler now... Well, the moment has come; it's time for me to show what I got. Let's get this show on the road! Time to show 'em that a girl CAN drive! Oh wait, Brenda. Nah, that doesn't count. Anyway, I hear someone screamin' my name. Kasey came running from the garage area to the pits just to tell me good luck. Aww, how nice! When he get here, he's wheezing so much, that his spit is coming out. Dang! "(Wheezing)(Roars from engines on the background) Goo-goo-good luck!" "Thanks! Well, this is it!!!" "Wait!" He leaned forward and kissed my helmet, just like I did earlier. Man, this is it. The official in front of me gives me the green sign to go. Well, time to show 'em what I got. You know the 1st lap is really slow, 'cause of the restrictor plates, so, that's why there's a warm up lap. Oh, and about the adjustments the guys did, it worked, I feel the car a whole lotta better. Lap 1 was great, making a lap that's 48.002(a speed of 188.001), faster than Brenda! Sweet, so far so great, I'll try to make a faster lap. But on turn 3, I lose time, so, I'm only able to make a time of 48.10, .02 seconds slower than Brenda. Well, nothing to be saddened about that lap, because Nascar gets the fastest lap, and guess what, I'm in the pole! Woooooooo! On my way, I am screaming on the radio so loud that I think Helen back on

pit road had to take the headphones. Sweet, on my 1st race and I get the pole. And on Daytona! This can't get better! I just hope I can win one of the duels on Thursday, and maybe the Nationwide race on Saturday, Valentine's day, but if I win the Daytona 500, well, It'll be a bonus. You may say I'm crazy, a bonus?! Well, for right now, there's NO way I can win the Great American race on my rookie season. I may as well then wait a few years (Plus the luck that the Earnhardt's have that we win many years later.). Remember dad when he won it in '98, 20 years after he got started in racing! So, with that, I'm unable to (even though I'm really good at restrictor plates.). Anyway, I get to pit road and get crowded by my guys in a split second. Whew, my first pole, and I say that because the other qualifiers either qualify way in the back or go home, brokenhearted. Sorry for 'em, but, oh well, maybe next year, if god (or their wives) lets 'em. Talking about qualifying and broken hearts, I bet Brenda is scream at her crew chief. And I did guess right 'cause from a distance, I see her arguing and screaming all kinds of crap to her crew chief. That's a nice view, isn't it? Well, my nerves drained out and now, all I gotta do is wait for the duels, the Nationwide race, and the Daytona 500. Well, right now, for this day, all I gotta do is either go and sign autographs or just go and sleep at my coach. All the tasks are over. Time to

chill. Maybe I can go race my golf carts with dad, as long as he pays the damage.

Chapter 4: Cupid Strikes Early Man, I still can't believe I got the pole! Too good to be true! Well, maybe a bit of beginner's luck. Well, for right now, I have nothing to do, but just get hit with beer cans from haters (too early to have haters anyway!), sign autographs, meet with sponsors, and just watch Kale hitting a light pole every time there's gossip. Ha ha ha, well, that's at least pretty interesting, better than America's Funniest Home Videos. Maybe one day I should tape him and send it to TruTV, to a show called The Smoking Gun presents: World Dumbest. Hell, I see that show every Thursday, and man, compared with Kale, he wins 1st place in boneheads! Well, anyway, nothing much happens the next few days, plus, thank god, I haven't seen Brenda since her explosion. Sweet! But, I have this bad feeling she's up to something. Really bad. I gotta feeling she's planning to kill me or something. Oh man, better watch my back! The day of the duels is here. I wake up early, at around 11AM. Yep, 11! Too early, ha ha ha! I overslept. Today, I wake up with a big big craving: French toast. Good thing mom read my mind(in my sleep, I was chewing the pillow), and has a batch ready. She tells me I was screaming "French toast"

in my sleep. Dang, hope I wasn't screaming that the track heard. Before that, when i got to the kitchen, mom turn to see me, and gasped. Oh, what now? "What's wrong?" "Oh my god, that is the biggest zit I've ever seen!" "What zit?" This ain't good. She gives me a mirror, and, oh my god, there's a mountain size zit on my forehead! Shit! I scream so loud, I guess I made a new Guiness record for the loudest sound in the world. "Whoa, calm down, it's just a zit." "Just a zit?! Man, today's the duels! Paparazzi will be taking pictures, and soon posting 'em on magazines, Internet, and maybe even on billboards! Just a zit?" "C'mon, we all get 'em at the teen years!" "Yeah, but not this big! This is shitty!" "Watch your language." Man, imagine what everyone will say, especially Kasey. Well, that ain't nothin'. Photographers are everywhere! Plus, today, at 12, I'm having a photo shoot for my Nationwide sponsor, Hershey's. Shit, what am I gonna do. "OK, Kyle, don't panic! I'll help you pop it." Oh man, this ain't good. Well, if I don't wanna look shitty in the shoot and in front of thousands of people, then pop it. Ok, mom gets some tweezers and squeezes the zit....

Yow!!!!!!!!! I scream so loud again, I bet this time, people back in California heard me. Yow!!!!!!!! Man, that was so painful, I'm tearing. "(Moan) Leave it! I'll just wait 'till it goes on its own. Oww!" "Well, you said you'd loo-" "I know, but, oh well, I'll just leave it and it'll go on its own." I gotta get dressed for the shoot, it's in 30 minutes. Man, what are the guys at the shoot gonna say about this damned zit? It's really shitty. What I did to cover up that hideous thing is wear bangs today (even though I hate 'em, 'cause they block my eyes. It does notice some, but not much. So, I hope they don't tell me to take the bangs outta the way. When I get there, the people say that I look nice with the bangs, but I'll have to move 'em outta the way. Oh what?! "Please! I love 'em! Please, can I leave 'em?" "I'm sorry, you can't." "You don't understand! I have a..." "A what?" Oops, hangs on, Sus/Ky, just say it, they'll understand. "I got a...zit." "You got a zit on your forehead?" "Yeah, that's why." "Just because of that? Come on, you know we have photo editors, we can take that zit out of the picture!" "Really?" "Yes, really. Just, stop whining, we'll get it out of the pictures."

What a relief! Well, I am able to put my bangs up. When I put 'em up, and show that hideous thing, it's met with gasps from the people there. Oh, this ain't good. Well, the great thing is that there's technology to erase any hideous things on someone's face, like a zit. Man, I am just happy to live in the future... Well, the shoots were great (not because I got to eat Hershey's while posing). Right now, my next shoot is next week at California, with Walmart and GM. Commercials? During the off-season, I worked on 'em. One of 'em, the Hershey's one was really funny. I am supposed to bite a piece of Hershey's, then close my eyes, like if I'm enjoying every second of it. Then, a fan comes by and thinks I'm a cardboard stand, so he carries me along with some guys. Then, the second scene, I'm laying on a sofa, until I wake up, and curiously ask where am I. Then, the guys are saying that I'm alive, so they all run out. Still, me confused, I forget and give Hershey's a bite. At the first take, when I already had the chocolaty thing on my mouth, I just could stop laughing. It took about 20 takes just for me to stop laughing. Right now, I go to Kasey's hauler, but he's not there, only his crew guys. "What's up y'all?" "Nothing." "Bored." "Chillin'" "You're hot.." The guy nex to the one that said it smacked him.

"You idiot, that's Kasey's girlfriend!" I like that sound... "She's pretty...." Oh god. Like I said, no matter how old these guys are, they act like immature children, even though they are still young, their twenties. To be a crew guy or gal, you gotta be young, hip, and strong. I did try to be a crew girl. A front tire changer. But the problem was I either tangled on the cords or crash into the jack guy. Good times... Just forget 'bout that, you'll see the commercial soon, plus, there's a behind the scenes on the filming of the commercials (aka how I couldn't stop giggling on all of the scenes.) Anyway, I finish it just before I go out and run the 2nd duel, besides, right now, the 1st duel hasn't even started. In the 2nd duel, I'll be racing with Dale (Kasey is on the 1st one). I'll just go to the top of my pit box, and see the other guys race. What a great view from here, the banking, hell, it looks like a wall! That's why they say this track is the self-cleaning track. Anyway, the duel number 1 starts. 125 miles is equivalent to 50 laps. After the race, I just sit on the pit box, waiting. Then, I felt someone tap my shoulder, which scared me, so I punch 'em in the stomach. Bad move, 'cause the person falls from the box. Oh shit!

I rush, and it was Kasey, just coming to hang out. Oh man, I hope he ain't too mad. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...I...I...just got scar.." "(Moan) Your sweet voice healed me." "(Blushing)(Passing gas)" No, I don't pass gas when I'm blushing, even though I was about to, 'cause I just ate some steak I stole from Dale's fridge. Hope he doesn't find out. All of sudden, I realize I don't have bangs, and Kays will see my zit. I try to cover it, but it's too late. "Oh man, that's the biggest zit I've ever seen!" Really too late. "Uh...what zit? What'cha talkin' 'bout?" "C'mon, don't lie. Ah forget it, just came to tell ya to come to my hauler, I got a surprise for you." "Really?" "Yeah, c'mon, let's go." He grabbed my hand and we started running like some teenagers going skinny dipping to a river. Man, what is it? What if is a group of crew guys that are gonna throw water balloons at me? What, Kasey wouldn't do that, and these guys are not that immature. That, what I just said ain't true. But, why is Kasey so much in a hurry? We arrive to the hauler, and see a bunch of red and pink roses and a black one? That one was pretty weird, but cool. "Happy Valentine's day, sweet face."

He gives me a kiss. "Um, isn't Valentine's day on Saturday?" "Yeah, but I just couldn't resist." "Aww!" "Wait, there's more." He grabs his helmet and hands it to me. "Uh, you're giving me your helmet?" "Look inside." I peek and see a jewerly box. I open it, and there's a pair of dangling earrings that have my name on it in cursive. They're heart-shaped. Oh my god, I always wanted on of those! I am so happy, I hop into his arms and kiss him, but he loses balance, and bam, goes on the floor and me on top of him....that's just cute. It feels like if we were about to make out... weird.... Then, someone screamed, "Get a room!" I turned to see Kale staring at us, with a goofy smile. I make a jesture that I'm about to punch him, he just goes runnin' and on the way out, as usual, he hits a pole. Oh god... It's time for the race (duel). Normally, since I have the pole, I don't have to be in it, but, I want to do a long practice run for Sunday's race. Anyway, what's really great is that Brenda is not racing this duel; she was in the earlier one. Thank god. Well, time to go. "I gotta go, race time." "Ok, good luck. Will miss you." "I'll miss ya more." "Miss ya more than you think."

Kiss. How romantic.

Chapter 5: Goin' the Wrong Way I get strapped in the car, and get ready to go (plus, I don't get hit by a helmet in my face today, yay!). This duel is 125 miles, equivalent to 50 laps. I lead the first 10 laps, until I start gettin' loose, falling to 12th on the 25th lap. Then, I lose control and hit the outside wall in turn 3, then down the apron I go and hit the inside wall head on. I'm done here. Real done. Just dissapointing. I am so angry I throw my gloves out the window, everything out the window, even my drink. Next time, throw myself. Anyway, in the garage, Helen comes and help me get out, but, I'm just angry I push her away. I don't say anything' I just go stomping away to my hauler, not even stopping for an interview. Bad idea. Sorry guys, just get away from me when angry, I am as dangerous as an angry bull (even though I'm an Aries ram). While walking, I turn to look at Kasey's hauler to see something that had me with mixed feelings at first, then about to cry. I just couldn't believe

what I was seeing: Kasey kissin' some girl! And that girl is Brenda! I coulda just faint right there once I saw that! Tears came down my cheeks like rain. Wow, I am still surprised and in denial. Whwhat, this ain't true, i said to myself. He turned to me and looked all red. "This is not what you think it is." I was just speechless. I wanted to just grab him and scream at him, but I didn't have any voice, and I can't feel my whole body, like if I was paralyzed. The only strength I had is to run straight to my coach. While running, tears just flew away with the wind. I was still in state of shock, i was still thinking, did that just happened? That can't be true. This is just a nightmare, not real, right? I just have so many questions going through my mind. On my way, April saw me and try to stop me, but, like what I did to Helen, I push her away. I don't wanna talk to anyone right now, all I want right now is to die! I just can't believe it, he cheated on me! I reached my coach, went right in, slamming the door behind me and just went to the sofa. I got a pillow and started punching it. That's how I felt of Kasey right now. How can he do this to me? Why?! A few minutes later, I hear knocking. "Susy, it's me, Kate, open up." "Leame alone!" "You gotta come out." "No, go away!" "OK, I'll...see you later."

I don't think I'll come out this coach ever. Not tonight. Now for Sunday. Ever. I'll stay here forever insolated. Uh huh, like if you were gonna believe me, thirty minutes later, I walk out and head to the garage. There, there's a sofa by my area, I just sit down, looking at my guys working on the back up car, Placing the parts of the other car that weren't damaged, like the spoiler. I just sit, then Katie comes and sits next to me, without saying a word. A few minutes later, she speaks. "I heard what happened.(Sigh)I'm sorry, but...that's not true." I slap my ear, like if I were hearing wrong. "What? What ya mean?" "That's not true." "Then, what was that that I saw?!" "If you were there earlier, you'd knew the truth." That's just freakin' me out. "You're freakin' me out." "OK, this is what happened. After you got into the racecar, me and April were doing some drawings, until we saw something suspicious about Stephanie. I started following her, util she went into Kasey's hauler. She went in and started taking about how their cars were handling during the first duel. I saw they were sitting at a normal distance, until she started flirting and getting closer to him. Kasey knew it wasn't right, so he standed up, and said he had to go, with a hesistation, trying not to offend her. She standed up and pushed him into the wall and kissed him. They looked like

they were gonna make out. I saw him he was trying to get her off him, but she didn't let him. I left and ran to tell April, so didn't saw what happened. Kasey's loyal to you!" I thought for a second, I just don't believe her. I don't think it's true. "I..I don't believe you." "C'mon, you're not gonna believe this guy who really loves you and has been showing it to the last few days. He really loves you. He tried his best to be loyal, but pushing that bitch away, and you're still hating him?!" "Yes, and always will." "You know who's the dumb ass, you are. Right now. You gotta think about it: he loves you very much. But, it's up to you." She left and left me a teddy bear next to me. "It's from Kasey. He told me to give it to you. There was a button on it that played a love song, My Cherie Amour. i thought about the incident again. Again, tears came down my cheeks. He really loves me. I just can't believe I've been so stupid. And I'm being even more of a dumbass by sitting here and doing nothing. But, I am not ready. I'll talk to him on Sunday, before the race. I just need to rest.

Chapter 6: Raceday: Daytona 500 The day I've been waiting for has come! Today's it, the big day! Wow, I'm racing on the Daytona 500! That gives me the chills! Even more chills if I win. I get up early, at 8AM, 'cause of the nerves. I can't sleep, so I wonder off by open and closing the fridge. I

don't even know why am I doing this, even though I'm not hungry. I while later, someone knocks on my door. I bet it's a reporter. I jump off and get my wig. "It's me." I was dad. "I've been seeing you open and close the door of the fridge for one hour from my window. Cut that out!" He has his coach parked next to mine. "I'm hungry." "Make your mind, then open the door when your ready. Oh also, can I borrow your cart, I promise I won't wreck it." Yeah, right. Anyway, I did some warm up on my hand. Ready for autographs without numbing. Ok, time to get ready. Outside, it ain't the nice sunny warm beach day we all know of. it's cool and cloudy, around 50/50 chance it's gonna rain. I hope the race goes the full distance. There was a concert going on. Keith Urban was singing. i didn't see the concert, but I was able to hear it. He was awesome. Even with the economy, there's entertainment. Cool! I was able to eat. A crew guy, who was cooking for Carl Edwards' team, offered me chicken tacos with cream and parmesan cheese. Mmm! I'm tellin' ya, they taste just like mami used to make back in California. Mmm! While eating my lunch in my hauler, I saw Kasey walk by. He didn't turn to me. I think it's time. "Kays, wait. I needa say somet-"

"Me too. I'm-" "It's Ok. I heard what really happened. I'm the one who's supposed to say sorry. I shoulda stay there and listened the truth, and maybe smacked the 4 eyed bitch." "Ha ha ha!" He gave me a big hug. And a kiss. Then, I about me, as Kylie. I know I can trust him, so I'll tell him. "Also, I have to say something." "Anything, sweetie." "Don't know how to say it, but I'll try. I-" All of sudden, I heard someone coming towards us, and talking. It was the 4 eyed bitch. "Hello there! Oh, did I interrupt?" "Yes you did, now get out, I'm talkin' to hi-" "I'm sorry, my bad!! Only came to ask my man out for lunch." "I'm not your boyfriend, Brenda, forget it!" "You're..dumping me?!" "We were never going out, get lost!" " one has dumped me! And no one will, so, I forget what you said. So, wanna go out?" Kasey, turned around and grabbed my arm and told me to go. We left her. "See why you saw me do that on Thurday? She's too offering. That day, I was leaving, then she slammed me againts the wall and kissed me!" "One day, I'll smack her."

Race time came. But before a race, there's the prayer. National anthem. Plane flyover. Then, climb in. Man I'm so nervous! Dad comes by to wish me luck. So does mom, and April. Even some drivers pass by to wish me luck. Ironic... I get on the radio and ask Helen a favor. "Helen, whatever you don, don't stop talking to me, I'm really nervous." "Sweetie, don't worry, I'm nervous too, but I can promise you, we'll be great today. Just relax and pretend it's a video game." I'm a little settled down. Anyway, because I wrecked my car on Thursday on the duel, instead of starting on the front, I'll be starting at the rear end. I still officially have the pole, I'm just starting dead last. Man, the front seems so far! I can't even see the front! Besides, starting at the back makes it more interesting as you shuffle through the field. But the bad thing about being in the back is that it's more possible to be caught in one of them big wrecks there is at least in one restrictor plate race, the Big One. I better get to the front asap. But the front ain't safe either. it's as dangerous as the back. Dale proved it. Once, he was in the front (a lap down) racing to the front of all lapped cars so he can get a free pass next caution. In front of all lead lap cars, he was battling with Brian Vickers, who was a lap down too. Then, Vickers pushed him to the apron. he went back, but,

intentionally spun Vickers out, and with that, 10 cars were collected, including Kyle Busch, who led most laps that day. for weeks, there was big controversies that dale is just being treated better that other drivers. Let's just say that Dale's being spoiled; doesn't get much penalties like other guys, they let him off the hook. Like a favorite kid, simple. It's ok, but between Dale and I, I know he's getting spoiled. Because of that, his popularity is declining. Very very sad...... Green flag falls and I take off, moving from 43rd to 35th in one lap. One lap. Restrictor plate racing is like that. Is because of the art of drafting. Drafting is when 2 or more cars push each other, creating one big hole in the air, aka, one chain of cars equals to one car. I think. I don't know. i forgot how it goes. Ah whatever! Anyway, it's lap 50 outta 200 and I'm in 10th place. Helen has been telling me Brenda's getting angrier for every position I'm moving up. She's been leading 45 out of 50 laps. Brenda, chill! "Ah, screw her! I wanna do my best! Deal with it!" There's a channel where I'm able to hear her conversation with her team. I tune in a hear. "Man, that stupid punk, I hope there's a big one soon. I'll try to make one now. I want her to get caught on it." Uh oh, this is bad. A lap later, all hell breaks loose. Cars go in all directions. Hit the wall, in the apron, and slam into each other.

Thankfully, I react on time, my only way out: the apron and the grass. The apron wasn't a way out, only the grass, so down I go into the grass, getting it on the splinter. That's no problem, crew will clean it later. I manage to avoid the Big One. Twelve cars were on it, including Kasey, who was running 15th at that time. Poor Kays. Pit stop time. 125 laps to go. I get a 14.9 second service that included cleaning of grille and splinter, 4 tires and fuel. I go out second, behind Brenda, who only got 2 tires. What?! Now that I'm behind her, I wanna hear her boil. I tune in to her radio, past Dale's, who's takin' 'bout Whiskey River. Oh boy. Anyway, I don't hear what I wanted to hear. I think just went to the fashion channel instead, with Brenda hosting, along with her boring crew chief. I can tell her chief is yawning. So am I. Yawn! This is boring. 120 laps has passed. I'll just go back to my own radio. I was about to switch, when I finally hear it! yeah, finally!! Now that brings a smile and a ha ha on my face. But, it all vanished when I hear a bad bad threat: if I pass her, she'll kill me. Oh yeah right, with what army? 2 laps to go, and I'm still 2nd. I haven't lead. I still gotta chance to win. Last lap comes. Katie, my spotter tells me to go to the outside. Brenda blocks me.

"Inside." Blocks me. "Shake her." Up and down, I shake her, until I got an opening on the outside in turn 1. I go and take the lead! I am screaming on the radio, I just lead the last lap, now, let's go for the win!! Turn 4 comes. I'm gonna make it! almost there! But, the dream collapses, when Brenda hits me from behind, loosing control, and going airborne. Oh man, this is gonna hurt. I steer, but the wheels are off the ground. Oh man! I go a 360 in the air, followed by 10 flips on the ground. I'm gettin' dizzy. I land upside down on the track. This is not over. Cars are coming up fast, towards me! One hits me head on, and once again, I go for a wild ride. Another 8 to 9 flips before I land upside down on the grass near the end of pit road. Thankfully, I'm not hurt. I get out right away. The only thing I am is dizzy after flipping and flipping but, hell, that was better than going on a roler coaster on Six Flags! Sweet! I just realized I just lost the Daytona 500, but, also, no one knows who won. I walk to the scoring booth to see, just curious. But thank god I went. I learned that I crossed the finish line first in my roof! Oh my god! i just won the Daytona 500, and crossed on my roof! Woo hooo!

I go to the pits, and the guys got the news. They're all bunched up, hugging each other! I run towards them, and one of 'em catches me and lifts me. Every carries me, like if I just did a stage dive. Sweet! Man, I am so happy that tears are coming down my cheeks. Wow, I can't believe I won my first race on my first start, and on the Daytona 500! Wow, that something that almost never is in the same sentence. It's amazing. The guys put me down, and keep hugging. Then, I see Kasey. I go and jump into his arms, but again loses balance, and once again fell on top of him. "Sorry, am I squishing ya?" "Yeah, I love it." Kiss...long kiss. Someone tells us to stop "making out." It was Kale. "Get a room!" The guys carry me on top of 'em al the way to victory lane. Along with me is Helen, who tells me she's just speechless, and how dad is right now like freaking out. He barely can stand of joy, seeing his young daughter win the Daytona 500 on her first start. How appropiate. When I get to victory lane, my car is there. Yes, it's all crushed and bangled, but, I still climb on top of it. I get the Harvey Earl trophy, that weights as much as my 4 year old sister, and raise it up. Wow, I never thought I was gonna raise this trophy, see it live, touch it, savor it... Interview starts.

"Wow, this is amazing! I just can't believe this! In that wreck, I was just about to cross, when I lost control, and just went for a ride. Everything there just went fast. At first, I felt heartbroken, thinking I lost the biggest race, but i went to the scoring booth, and wow, I almost fainted. "I wanna thank Goodwrench, Hersheys, Walmart, Pepsi, and Chevrolet for a great race." Her comes the hat dance. The hat dance is when me and the team wear a hat from every sponsor there is in your car, even the small ones and get a picture. It takes forever, depending how many major sponsors you have.

Epilogue 30 minutes later, the hoopla's done. I head to my motorcoach, and a party starts. All of my team's here, April, Katie, Dale, Kasey, and several drivers and some crew guys from other

teams. It's one big party, that it may end at 5AM. Man, this is great! And the way dad celebrates is, as usual, getting my carts and racing 'em with some crew guys. Oh geez. I sit at my stairs at the entrace of the coach, next to Kasey. It's a nice night, skies have cleared, I can see the half moon. I look around and see Katie flirting with Brad Keselowski. How romantic. And looks like Brad's lovin' her. Yuuuuu! And April, she looks pretty shy. She's next to Dale, but they're not talking. They see each other, smile, and turn. Looks like Dale's shy too. C'mon, you love bird, say something. It reminds me of.. me In school, there was this dude who sat next to me, and I just wanted to talk to him, but no words came out my mouth. The only thing that came is drool and hesitation. Just bad. Anyway, Kasey hugged me, and said how much he was happy for me, as we watched Dad bang my cart with my other carts. Oh man, he's gotta pay a lot! Besides, these are his carts, he owns my team. Man, that's gonna hurt the budget. Well, this is the end of speed weeks. I just got one thing to say. If you ever wanna pursue your dream, whether is being a racecar driver, or something else, never give it up, no matter what other people tell ya. Never stop chasing your dreams. It's like catching a butterfly with a net. Someday, you'll

catch it. Just be patient, and you'll be successful! The end

My life as A Nascar Driver  

Susana Earnhardt is making her first start in the Sprint Cup Series at the Daytona 500. She has to go through obstacles, from her double lif...

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