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Online Bingo Games For The Xbox Generation Druing the early 20th century in the Australian region, bingo was also known as Housie. The bingo game before being shifted to the halls etc were played in large marquees. So, instead of shouting BINGO, players would exclaim "HOUSE!". Well, that is a thing of past. If you have thought that this game of luck is just for elders and the retired, think again. According to a report at the NYT a lot of university students are playing bingo. Most university admin consider bingo as a good late night indulgence which is alcohol-free and participants are grounded finally.

Changing Profile of Bingo Players According to a market research report published by Mintel, between 2000 and 2012 the number of online bingo players under the age of 45 have increased by over 60%. Not just this, every one out of five bingo players is in the age bracket of 18-25. Internet has of course helped transform large smokey bingo halls into exciting virtual gambling dens online. Marketers target social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter these days to promote their bingo brands. They do it because they know how to receive a young player's money, attention and time well. Women still rule the roost when it comes to who plays bingo the most. Logged Since 1995 Since the invention of a virtual casino in 1995, the user profile in general has changed dramatically. More users go online to play this 'Game of Chance' and today hundreds of gaming websites are being launched globally every day. Now a typical young bingo user is a hip, young personality who is playing for the sheer fun. Women comprise of about 70% of the total bingo users. According to a recent report, email penetration of a traditional bingo user is 40% whereas a young bingo user is always accessible via phones, emails and iPhones. New web based exciting applications, Facebook fan pages etc have been able to get the young crowd rekindle with the modern version of this old game. With a growing competition and the economy slowly coming on track, the younger generation or the play station generation is surely up for fun and cash.

Online Bingo Games For The Xbox Generation