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Distrital University Francisco José de Caldas LEBEI Intermediate English Third semester



From Stairway: This semester we want to introduce to you our English class project STAIRWAY, a magazine dedicated to all the things that you as a student of the U:D are interest about. Here you`ll find information about different subjects such as fashion, health, music, etc. and its relation with the U.D. The images are also taken directly from the U.D. We hope you enjoy it... ?


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classic, fashionable and comfortable... that`s why they are OUR shoes


ALL WHAT OUR LOOK`S BEEN THROUGH Even though we use them every day few of us now how clothes evolved and why


he human being is the only rational animal, and we still don't know if that would be the explanation why it is the only one which get dressed. Since the beginning of the time, until nowadays, the way the human being dresses has suffered several transformations that, in the most of the cases, have been discussed due to the discovery of some new tissues, materials and, undoubtly, of some trends that are created by the designers and the fashion in general. The first clothes known by the human being were the ones made of leaves, grasses, bones, shells, fur and skin from some animals (that are the same as leather). They were used around the body mostly to warm, and some years later, to cover the intimate parts of the body. Then, a lot of years later, we can say that clothing is not only for warm or to cover some body parts, nowadays we can say that

clothing is more used to look good, however, it's only a subjective idea, not everyone in the world see the clothes as something to look good. In the last century, the way the people dress has changed a lot. Since 1900 until 1960, men and women used to wear elegant clothes, the objective for them always was to look fancy and high class. In the 60s and 70s, people started to left the habit of using elegant clothes, to start using some psichedelyc clothes. For people, the objective was to have a futuristic look and for the women, the objective was to be seen as an innocent girl. Women also started to cut their hair and started to use a hairstyle like the Beatles. Also there was seen some crazy disco looks, for example, the use of the afro hairstyle or the bright clothing. On the other hand, the hippie movement took a lot of strenght, and people started to like the 03

style STAIRWAY way they dressed.


n the 80s and 90s, people started to look uncomplicated, however, it was not for all the people. Adult men and women liked to worn some elegant clothes, this said or says that you have a job, and specially for women, it was a feminist movement. For young people, the uncomplicated style was the most seen, however, a little movement was born, it was the grunge, which consisted that people looked very slovenly and uncomplicated in an extreme way. Nowadays, waht we see about clothing, is very similar to 90s, however, we can notice that ther are much more urban tribes than before, and fashion has a lot of diversity, so it's a very big world nowadays, and it could be bigger


This is how people at the U.D dresses nowadays

tecno STAIRWAY LAPTOP OR NETBOOK, WHAT SHOULD I GET? A porteble PC is supposed to fit to our needs, so wich would do it better?


ately the computer is an important tool in the student's life, thanks to the explosion of netbook computers, one of the most common questions people is seeing is “Netbook or Laptop, which should I get?� Here, there are some essential characteristics of these types of computers, these can help you at the time of choosing the computer indicated for you.

Many people use their laptops at the U.D

NETBOOK Actually, it's easy to see why the netbook market has grown enormously over the last 12 months, with all the benefits the form factor provides. Usually, the first thing people notice is the price, as many netbooks fall in the 600000 to 900000 (pesos) range. The other striking feature is their portability, with most netbooks come with screens between 8 and 11

inches, making them easier to stuff in a backpack or purse. There are some downsides that must be considered. Due to the price and size, most netbooks are designed to conserve power versus performance. The primary use for netbooks is web surfing, email 05

tecno STAIRWAY productivity apps like Microsoft Word, not editing points, ranging between 1000000 for very basic video, watching HD movies or general multitasking. entry-level notebooks up to 2500000(pesos) for The other issue for some is the size of the screen advanced systems. and keyboard. Many netbook screens have a A laptop is a personal computer designed for maximum resolution of 1024 x 600. To match the mobile use and small and light enough to sit on screen size, the built-in keyboard is generally a person's lap while in use. A laptop integrates smaller with keys most of the typical that are usually components of a less than 80% desktop computer, the size of a full including a display, a size keyboard. keyboard, a pointing If you're looking device also known at a netbook, as a track pad, remember that speakers, and often it's generally including a battery, recommend as a into a single small second computer and light unit. The to be used rechargeable along battery is side a charged deskto from an AC "A laptop is more recommendable for a person p or adapter to laptop at home. run the laptop for who needs work with programs However, in those three to five hours in that include image design or video" situations, you its initial state, really can't beat depending on the the portability of having that second computer to configuration and power management of the bring with you wherever you go. computer. Laptops are usually notebook-shaped with thicknesses between 0.7–1.5 inches (18–38 mm) LAPTOP and dimensions ranging from 10x8 inches (27x22cm, 13" display) to 15x11 inches While laptops generally cost more than a netbook, (39x28cm, 17" display) and up. Modern laptops they do come in a much broader spectrum of price weigh 3 to 12 pounds (1.4 to 5.4 kg). 06



ost laptops are designed in the flip form factor to protect the screen and the keyboard when closed. Modern tablet laptops have a complex joint between the keyboard housing and the display, permitting the display panel to swivel and then lie flat on the keyboard housing. La p to p s w e re o r i g i n a l l y considered to be "a small niche market" and were thought suitable mostly for "specialized field applications" such as "the military, the Internal Revenue Service, accountants and sales representatives". But today, there are already more laptops than desktops in businesses, and laptops are becoming obligatory for student use and more popular for general use. A laptop is more recommendable for a person who needs work with programs that include image design or video. If you are still confused about what kind of computer you choose, keep in mind the usefulness and the handling that you'll give the computer.?





The music that people here et the UD lisent is quite different from one person to the other. The most acepted gender is Rock

Not only men but also many girls like Rock in the U.D


ll dare to talk about music. I say “dare� because it seems to be a little bit tricky to talk about this theme, at least here at the university, the relationship between the students and music goes from the ones who loves it (and are very passioned to it and defend their likings), to the ones to barely listen to it, but all of us like it.


It`s is quite difficult to get to choose one song we like the most, each person, it seems, likes a different type of music; metal (you can easily recognize them), electronic (as soon as their mobile phones rings you get to know), pop (over here!),and other few who enjoy not only listening but dancing salsa, merengue, hip hop, etc. However, there is a genre that most of us like, it`s Rock music. Rock are the whole of music flowings arisen in the middle of the XX century in the United States. Characterized by the use of electric and acoustic guitars and drums. Its roots are many, but it emerged mainly from the blues, the rythm and blues, the gospel and the country and western.One of its founders is the famous Elvis Presley. Other important artists of this movement are;



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Album covers: Innuendo by Queen Pablo Honey by Radiohead Remasters by Led Zeppelin

Other important artists of this movement are; The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, and so on. Led Zeppelin seems to be one of the most representative groups of this genre (the vocalist is considered for many as one of the best singers of all times) and one of the favorites among the university people, i mean, who hasn`t lisented Stairway to Heaven?!?

You can find it in BogotĂ at the Distrital University - Macarena, next to the square La Aburrida 09

leisure STAIRWAY


KEEPS ENTERTAINING US AFTER DEATH The Latin American Theater Fest was celebrated this year, here is a taste of how it was...


month ago in Bogotรก was celebrated the Latin American Theatre fest, wich was one of the biggest events in the country. It included thousands of performances of some artists frpm all over the world. This fest was mainly made to honor the deceased Fanny Mikey who passed away in August the sixteenth of 2008. In this fest people saw a lot of plays, performances, art and much more, however, the most important thing seen there was the Fanny Mikey`s giant figure, wich was showed at the inauguration of the fest in April.

A huge Fanny doll was created for the Fest 10

Fanny Elisa Mickey Orlanszky, most known as Fanny Mikey, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1930. All her life she worked as a theatre actress and she leaded her life to the theatre world. When she was 58, she decided to let the acting as a priority and she dedicated more to the direction of theatre plays. In the same year, she inaugurated the first Latin American Theatre fest, wich had a lot of colombianargentine talent and was considered as one of the biggest

leisure STAIRWAY theatre fest in the world. Since then, she was the director of these fests, wich are made every two years mostly at the same month.

The inauguration of the Fest was carried out downtown


he Latin American Bogotรก`s theatre fest is the most significant cultural event in Colombia and one of the biggest performing art fest in the World. It lasts 17 days. During this time, the streets are filled with colorful parades, Bogotรก is dressed with party and it becomes into a real theatre- city. During these weeks, colombian citizens and foreingers from all over the world come to Bogotรก to go to the theartres and to fill the streets of the capital, being part of this cultural adventure that has no comparison. This year the fest offered the most complete program of performing arts.In April there were not only presented the classical plays, but also were presented dance shows, circus shows, music performances, pantomime and stoning even concerts settings w i c h w e r e developed parallel in the theatres and in the streets if the city. Also there were organized s o m e specialized workshops and

conferences made by the biggest teachersof performing arts from the five continents. When Fanny Mikey created this fest, she wanted to showed as a sample of the diversity and plurality of the different genresand trends of the performing arts in the world confronting the different cultural expressions. This purpose has influenced in a direct way in the growth of the understanding and the tolerance in each of the colombians towns. ue to this fest, the Colombian artistic development has grown in a considerably way, and people have learnt how to respect the different cultures in the world. Thanks to Fanny Mikey and her fest Colombia has grown a lot as a theatre country, without leaving in a side the human values. Thanks to Fanny Mikey , who after death keeps helping our country to grow in the most entertaining way.?




FOOD, DRINK AND MORE IN THE U.D Is it what we eat at the university healthy enough?


hen you are going to college, you know that your life will be different from the school or from work, because your social life will grow in an incredible rhythm, so it implies that a lot of your habits wiil change, like the way you eat, maybe you'll start drinking, if you haven't started, and maybe you're going to smoke, without mentioning a lot more habits that college people have. First at all, we must say that the way that young people eat generally is not because they want, most of the times it is because they are obligated to do it for different reasons. The people who study all the week, generally have to eat a lot of fast food, packed food and all the junk food, which obviously is not the healthiest one. The majority of college people don't have enough time to go to a restaurant because they have a lot of classes, they have


Fast food is what the students eat the most to work, they have a lot of assignments to do or they just don't have the enough money. Also, a young person obviosuly has a more active social life than people of other ages, so they like to go out, to eat a lot of fast food, they love alcoholic drinks, etc; and if you combine all of it in the wrong proportions, you'll start to feel

health STAIRWAY bad, you are not going to be fit, you are going to be tired at the beginning of the day and more bad consequences. A college person has to have a great feeding, because they need a lot of energy to study, to be fit, and to resist a long day of learning and, in some cases, of working. It´s advisable for these people to control their outputs, to control their food and to learn how to use the money in a good way. It´s advisable to try not to exceed the way they drink or eat. If you want to know more about how to have a healthy feeding, you can visit the website

www.alimentació . There you will find a lot of advises about how to eat in the healthiest way according to your age, your diseases or your interests.


t is also very common nowdays for university young people to smoke cigarette. You could say that at least two of your classmates smoke cigarette, and as everybody does it, and some with big frecuency, it seems like we have forgotten how bad it really is. According to many researches the consumption of the smoke of the cigerette represents a risk for health due to the great deal of harmful and adictive substances that it contains. The consumption of cigerette is the cause, in a big percentage, of many types of cancer, breathing diseases and increament of risk of suffering from brain colapses and abortions: ? In industrialized countries, the cigarette consumption has become into the first cause of avoidable death. ? Cigarette consumption is the cause of the 90% of deaths produced by lung cancer.

You can barely find healthy food in most of the stores

Well then, we would recommend you not to smoke or not to smoke so much, cause maybe now you might be healthy but consequences come later. If you want more information you can v i s i t .htm.




or university young people, it's very common to see them drinking a lot of alcoholic drinks. Generally, college people like to party a lot, they love drinking, dancing, spending a lot of time with their friends and enjoying it. So, for them, their behavior is going to change, and it maybe will affect their metabolism, bacause the majority of their habits are going to change. A university young person drinks a lot of alcoholic beverage, for exmaple, they drink a lot of spirits, rum, vodka, whiskey, etc., but specially, they drink the unhealthiest drink of all: beer. It's really common to see college people drinking beer, because it is the cheapiest drink, it calms down the thirst and it makes people feel great. ? Whether the stomach is full or empty When a person drinks an alcoholic Food slows down alcohol absorption. beverage, about twenty percent (20%) of the alcohol is absorbed in the stomach fter absorption, the alcohol enters in and about eighty percent (80%) is the bloodstream and dissolves in the absorbed in the small intestine. How fast water of the blood. The blood carries the alcohol is absorbed depends upon the alcohol throughout the body. The several things: alcohol, which is in the blood, enters and dissolves in the water inside each tissue of ? The concentration of alcohol in the the body. Once inside the tissues, alcohol beverage - The bigger the concentration, produces its effects on the body. The observed the faster the absorption. effects depend directly on the blood alcohol ? The type of drink - Carbonated concentration, which is related to the amount beverages tend to speed up the of alcohol consumed. The blood alcohol absorption of alcohol. concentration can rise



health STAIRWAY significantly within twenty minutes (20) after having a drink.


eople in college, usually, have these kind of habits, and these people could enjoy these habits only if they regulate the way they drink, the way they eat, and probably they way the smoke. If you're living in a college environment, and if you have some of these habits, the m0st advisable thing for you is not to exceed the way you do it, and probably, it will be good for you, to do some excersice, so in this way, you could keep healthy without leaving the things that make you feel happy. If you want to know more about health for young people, we recommend you to visist the following website (without the www). There you will find a lot of information about food, fitness, sexual health, drugs, alcohol and more interesting topics, and all of them are leaded to teens health.?

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horoscope STAIRWAY

Love, family and social life for Taurus people can be somewhat disappointing throughout the year. Immense marital and domestic trouble may brew in the first quarter of the year while the last quarter may act as a period of reconciliation. Due to the bad confluence of Mars and Saturn planets, Taurus people may undergo serious marital strain in the first half of the year. However, the legendary will power of Taurus will see these people recuperate from all possible domestic upheavals. People who are looking towards new relationship will need to plan very carefully. Social life for the New Year could be very disturbing while workplace relationship could see marked disturbance. In all, the last part of the New Year will bring hopes and encouragement to all Taurus people. Gemini:




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