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Habitats 2nd Grade Acrostic Poems Ms. Bergthold

Outstanding creatures Cuddle fish hide in caves Electric eels Anemones Naturally salty

Dry Extremely sandy and dangerous Some hot, some cold Every animal has a way to survive Really hot Thirsty animals

Pretty habitat Ospreys love it there Natural resource Ducks live there

Rocks and rapids Icy in the winter Variety of animals Everywhere in the world Relax in place

Terribly cold in the winter Usually not above 50 in the summer Negative degrees in the winter Does have reindeer Really icy and snowy Animals like seals live there

Rainy A lot of leaves Insects Not much sunlight Far away Orchids and ocelots Rabbits Equator Snakes like pythons Trees everywhere

Jaguars Unique landscape Not that dark Green leaves Liana vines Enemies prowling

Grass everywhere Rhinoceros Africa has them Sidewinder snake Super habitat Lions roam African elephants Need wet environment Desert near by Steppes in Asia

Strong and soft flows Tree trunks on side of water River type water Expect to see turtles Amazingly blue Many in the world


Look at our habitat book!


Look at our habitat book!