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New York Cares brings volunteer power where it’s needed most. We run volunteer projects at 1,200 Community Partner agencies citywide*—benefiting 400,000 disadvantaged New Yorkers each year.

*Red dots indicate New York Cares’ Community Partners. Indicate New York Cares’ Community Partners citywide.

New York Cares New York Cares Report Annual New York Annual Report 2011 Cares Annual Report 2011

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New York Cares

65 Broadway, 19th Fl New York, NY 10212

25 Years

New York Cares | Annual Report 2011

Dear Friends, People talk a lot about “random acts of kindness,” but there is nothing random about the countless acts of kindness that happen each and every day in homeless shelters, underresourced public schools, soup kitchens, senior centers, and other agencies across New York City’s five boroughs, thanks to New York Cares. Throughout 2011, our army of 55,000 volunteers prepared low-income high school students to ace the SAT; practiced critical reading and math skills with homeless children; assisted adults entering the workforce with résumé development and interviewing skills; helped with the post-Hurricane Irene relief efforts – and the list goes on and on. In March, we offered a record 2,300 projects in a single month, which contributed to the year’s overall program growth of almost 10%.

Gail B. Harris Board President

While we are proud of our accomplishments, we recognize how much more there is to do. In 2011, our Community Partners – the 1,200 nonprofits for which we plan and manage volunteer projects – conveyed with unparalleled frequency that if not for New York Cares, they simply would not be able to fulfill their missions.

New York Cares

By the same token, we would not be able to fulfill New York Cares’ mission without the generous funders, incredible volunteers, committed partner agencies, and many other friends who comprise the remarkable New York Cares family. We thank you all. With your ongoing support, we will continue to meet the challenges facing our city for many years to come.

Our Mission:

New York Cares meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

With best wishes,

Gail B. Harris, Board President

Gary Bagley, Executive Director

Gary Bagley Executive Director


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New York Cares | Annual Report 2011

New York Cares | Annual Report 2011

Investing in the City’s Future In the late ‘80s, a group of friends wanted to take action against serious social issues in the city. They tried to volunteer at homeless shelters, hospitals, schools, and senior centers, but encountered many obstacles. They responded by creating a new organization dedicated specifically to volunteering: New York Cares. Our founders’ commitment to solving the problems of their day has become a trusted lifeline for nonprofits and city residents in need. New York Cares invests in the city 365 days a year, delivering resources where they’re needed most: •Human Capital: We run volunteer projects for 1,200 Community Partners, many of which lack the staff, money and know-how to use volunteers effectively, if at all. New York Cares’ team of 75 full time employees handles everything: we diagnose volunteer needs, develop programming, create curricula, order and pay for supplies, recruit the volunteers, train the project leaders, and conduct ongoing evaluations. In doing so, we allow our partners to outsource their volunteer needs to New York Cares, at no cost to the agencies or their clients.

•Return on Investment: New York Cares is a force multiplier for good. Our model is one of the most cost-effective ways to provide and maintain critical services the city relies upon. New York Cares delivers $6 in services to the community for every $1 it receives. Volunteers are more than nice to have: they are vital to the success of our community and the social sector. New York Cares enables all New Yorkers to participate in the process.

“New York Cares and its volunteers have proven that simple acts can make a profound and positive impact, and their efforts have exemplified community activism at its very best.” —Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor of New York



New York Cares | Annual Report 2011

How We Work

What We Do

A Lifeline for Community Partners

Local and National Partnerships

New York Cares uses the power of volunteerism to help our Community Partners achieve their missions, while accomplishing long-term impact in the neighborhoods they serve. Our innovative approach bridges the gap between partner needs and limited resources.

New York Cares is a leader in key city and national service initiatives, working with:

The Result: In 2011, we developed programs that helped 1,200 Community Partners fulfill their organizational goals, and then recruited, trained and managed teams of volunteers to deliver those programs.

400,000 New Yorkers Served

• NYC Service, Mayor Bloomberg’s initiative to increase volunteerism in New York City. NYC Civic Corps members help us expand our programs. • NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM). New York Cares is designated as the lead organization for ensuring that volunteers are quickly and effectively mobilized during citywide disasters. • Red Cross of Greater New York (ARC/GNY). New York Cares works with ARC/GNY to mobilize volunteers for recovery in the event of disasters.

55,000 Volunteers

• New York State Commission on National & Community Service

1,200 Team Leaders

• Points of Light Institute/HandsOn Network

1,200 Community Partners

Last year, New York Cares increased programs by almost 10% in response to the city’s growing needs. Our programs help struggling New Yorkers in two primary ways: Meeting Immediate Needs

Volunteers provide warm coats to people who are cold, companionship to seniors who are lonely, hot meals to people who are hungry, and care for shelter animals awaiting new homes.

Our Programs New York Cares is the city’s largest volunteer organization. Every year, we offer a full range of volunteer programs that engage New Yorkers in meaningful service and provide critical support for nonprofits, city agencies and public schools.

Making Service Easy

Our flexibly scheduled, team-based model makes it easy for volunteers to participate in hands-on activities that make a tangible impact.

Building Leaders in the Community

New York Cares’ 1,200 Team Leaders are specially trained volunteers who serve as group coordinators and onsite project managers. Community Partners recognize our Team Leaders for their excellence, professionalism, reliability and commitment.

Supporting Corporate Volunteerism

New York Cares designs customized service projects for New York City’s leading corporations. Companies, large and small, also participate in our annual citywide days of service—New York Cares Day Fall and New York Cares Day Spring. In 2011, New York Cares worked with 800 companies to engage employees in 22,000 volunteer opportunities.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Volunteers work with children to enhance their math and reading skills, help unemployed adults find jobs, teach immigrants English and much more.

New York Cares Program Areas Hunger, Homelessness, Health & Wellness 14%

Children 41% Adult Education & Job Readiness 24%

75 Staff Animal Care & Other 6%

Seniors & Adults with Special Needs 8%

Revitalization & Environment 7%



New York Cares | Annual Report 2011


What We Do... A Closer Look Children’s Programs

In 2011, 25,000 at-risk children participated in New York Cares’ arts and recreation projects.

One third of New York City children, ages five and younger, live in families whose total income is below the federal poverty line. These children are at greater risk of dropping out of school, turning to drugs and crime, and continuing a life of poverty. By reaching kids early, we can help break this cycle by setting them on a different path — one focused on learning and self-sufficiency. SAT Exam Preparation

Through our longstanding partnership with Kaplan, Inc., volunteers provided SAT preparation to 999 low-income high school students. As a result, these students improved their test scores — often by hundreds of points — and were accepted to such prestigious universities as Cornell and New York University.

Winter Wishes for Kids and Families

Volunteers answered 34,749 gift requests from children, teens and families during the holidays. The letters showed the continued impact of the recession, with many asking for basic needs such as “diapers for my baby brother.” This program was generously sponsored by Julie Turaj and Robert Pohly.

Number of Teens in the New York Cares Kaplan SAT Prep Program

Academic Support

One-on-one attention is key to enhancing academic performance. In 2011, our volunteers devoted 44,000 hours to helping public school students develop a love of learning and improve their skills in math, reading, writing and science.


Activities for Children with Special Needs

Volunteers worked with 3,200 children and teens with disabilities in 2011. Projects included teaching cooking and nutrition to autistic children, and running races, ice skating and more with children with developmental disabilities.

Arts and Recreation

New York Cares expanded the horizons of 15,900 children living in homeless shelters, hospitals and low-income neighborhoods through art activities, sports, and cultural outings. Our volunteers inspired creativity, built confidence, taught vital teamwork skills —and had lots of fun along the way.







The SAT Program continues to build capacity, enrolling 800 students in 2009, 844 in 2010, and 999 in 2011.


New York Cares | Annual Report 2011

Adult Programs Now more than ever, our adult volunteer programs act as a safety net for struggling New Yorkers, helping them build brighter futures for themselves and their families through free tax preparation services and intensive career skills development. Tax Preparation and Financial Literacy

Our volunteers provided free tax preparation services — delivered in partnership with ARIVA and the New York City Financial Network Action Consortium — to low-income New Yorkers, which resulted in 10,592 tax returns and $18 million in tax credits and refunds. Volunteers also helped participants enhance their fiscal awareness and develop family budgets through our financial literacy programs.

English Language Tutorials

Participants in our English language programs are recent immigrants who want to be successful in their new country and recognize the importance of speaking English to achieve this goal. Our volunteers played a critical role in realizing this dream by providing U.S. citizenship exam preparation and English training.

Job Readiness

Through one-on-one and small group career development assistance, volunteers helped adults prepare to enter or re-enter the job market. They worked with participants to create and revise résumés and cover letters, plan for job interviews, and learn computer skills essential to the job search process.

Programs for Adults with Special Needs

Volunteers worked with adults with disabilities to enliven their minds and spirits in a variety of ways. They created art and enjoyed recreational outings with developmentally challenged adults, recorded books for the blind and dyslexic and jogged with disabled and visually impaired runners.

Support for Elderly New Yorkers

Many elderly residents in nursing homes have no one to visit them other than their doctors. Volunteers provided much-needed companionship and engaged 9,000 senior citizens in recreational activities, such as reading, Bingo and other social events.

Total tax returns completed through the New York Cares Tax Prep Program 12,500

10,000 7,500 5,000


2010 2011

In 2009, volunteers completed 9,123 tax returns; 10,308 in 2010 returns; and 10,592 in 2011.

In 2011, New York Cares volunteers provided free tax preparation to low-income New Yorkers — resulting in $18 million in refunds.



New York Cares | Annual Report 2011

Community Programs Our volunteers helped individuals and families get by during challenging times, while ensuring that the city’s community parks, gardens and public schools were well taken care of. Parks and Gardens Restoration

New York City’s parks and gardens reduce pollution, provide recreational space and lift the spirits of all New Yorkers. From March through November, volunteers rolled up their sleeves to revitalize outdoor green spaces citywide.

Meal Services

Volunteers prepared and served 300,000 nutritious meals to New Yorkers in need at community centers and homeless shelters.

Disaster Readiness

When Tropical Storms Irene and Lee hit the East Coast in the summer of 2011, New York Cares to assist in relief efforts as part of our work with the Office of Emergency Management.

School, Community Center, Library and Shelter Revitalization

Throughout the year, New York Cares volunteers painted, cleaned and rejuvenated these important community spaces.

Animal Care

Volunteers spent 8,100 hours ensuring that 13,000 homeless animals at shelters citywide remained happy, healthy and socialized.

New York Cares | Annual Report 2011 New York Cares Day Spring (April)

Five thousand volunteers gave 71 parks and gardens a spring greening on the 17th annual New York Cares Day Spring (formerly known as Hands On New York Day), sponsored by HSBC. Volunteers raked leaves, pruned trees and bushes, repaired fences, planted hundreds of shrubs and bulbs and removed winter debris to prepare spaces for summer.

New York Cares Day (October)

Seven thousand New Yorkers transformed 111 public schools into inspiring learning environments by revitalizing classrooms and organizing libraries on the city’s largest volunteer day for schools. High school students also participated in our “Students Give Back” mural contest, with one lucky winner painting his mural design at a school in Manhattan.

New York Cares Coat Drive (November/December)

For 23 years, the New York Cares Coat Drive has provided desperately needed coats to homeless people, recent immigrants who arrived with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, seniors on fixed incomes and others in need. In 2011, with the support of presenting sponsor Health Plus, we collected and distributed 77,000 coats to help the city’s highest risk residents survive the winter.

National Days of Service

New York Cares offered a range of volunteer opportunities for New Yorkers eager to give time on MLK Day of Service (January), during National Volunteer Week (April), and on 9/11 Day of Service.


12 12

New York Cares | Annual Report 2011

Youth Service Program

“Volunteering is one of the best ways to inspire kids to be better members of their communities and develop future leaders.” —Teen Service Team Youth Volunteer

New York Cares’ award-winning Youth Service program cultivates the next generation of volunteers. Our goal is to inspire young people to become lifelong contributors to their communities by educating them about social issues, engaging them in youth-led volunteering, and developing their leadership skills. Youth Service Clubs

In 2011, we partnered with 47 schools in low-income neighborhoods to offer valuable volunteer opportunities and service-learning activities to 2,866 students. Youth volunteers participated in monthly service learning programs, followed by team-based volunteer projects.

Teen Service Team

This new program provided individual high school students with the opportunity to participate in community service. Students met weekly throughout the year to learn about and deliver a range of service projects citywide.

Number of Students in the Youth Service Program 3,000


Program focus areas for youth include: Crime Prevention

Students learned about the importance of crime prevention by painting murals that inspired their peers to find their “anti-drug” and teaching young children about personal safety.

Environmental Sustainability

New York Cares partnered with organizations to teach Youth Service students about ecological sustainability in an urban environment. Through a series of 61 hands-on projects, volunteers learned how to test water quality and identify and remove invasive species — knowledge that they then shared with elementary schoolchildren.


Student volunteers served more than 1,700 meals in food pantries and soup kitchens and learned how to combat hunger in their communities. They also learned about nutritional issues facing low-income populations and how food rescue operations work in New York City.

Leadership Development

New York Cares taught 134 students to plan, recruit and manage their peers at service projects — vital life skills that will have a lasting impact.


Youth Helping Youth 1,500


2010 2011

In 2009, 1,943 teens were involved; in 2010, there were 2,324 in the program; and in 2011, 2,866.

Youth Service Club volunteers completed 118 projects that served elementary schoolchildren. They provided added resources to afterschool programs and acted as positive role models by helping young children develop a love of science and reading.



New York Cares | Annual Report 2011

Financial Report

Statement of Activities

Statement of Financial Position

Year Ended June 30, 2011

Year Ended June 30, 2011


Temporarily Restricted


Operating revenue and support:

Total Assets:





Cash and Cash Equivalents





Pledges and Grants Receivable, net




Investments, at fair value




Special Events, net Contributed Goods and Services Investment Income Other Income


279,063 158,598 900,000

Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets



Property and Equipment, net











Total Operating Revenue and Support




Operating expenses: 6,982,546


Management and General








Total Operating Expenses

Total Assets




New York Cares, Inc. — This information has been excerpted from our audited 2011 Financial Statements conducted by our independent accountants EisnerAmper LLP. For a complete copy of our audited Financial Statements, visit or write to New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau, Attn: FOIL Officer, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271. Tax ID Number: 13-3444193.


LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS: Liabilities — accounts payable and accrued expenses


Deferred Rent


Total Liabilities


New York Cares transforms every $1 donated into $6 in value to the community through the power of our volunteers.

Net Assets: Unrestricted Board-designated fund Undesignated, available for general operations Total Unrestricted

Change in Net Assets



Net assets released from restrictions

Program Services


Temporarily restricted

2,900,002 1,667,807 4,567,809 1,914,671

Total Net Assets




New York Cares maintains a four-star rating — the highest ranking available — for sound fiscal management from Charity Navigator, the nation’s premier independent evaluator of charitable organizations.


New York Cares | Annual Report 2011

Financial Supporters

Financial Supporters Ground Breakers ($125,000+) Anonymous* Barclays Capital The Clark Foundation Credit Suisse Goldman Sachs Gives Health Plus HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Morgan Stanley New York State Senator John Sampson Ground Breakers In-Kind ($125,000+) 98.7 Kiss FM Captivate Network Metropolitan Transportation Authority People Magazine Foundation Sports Illustrated Time Warner Cable Titan Outdoor Toshiba America Inc. The Wall Street Journal Office Network Founder’s Club In-Kind ($100,000-$124,999) Cemusa NBC New York RMG Networks Show Media New York, LLC Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP Zoom Media and Marketing Chairman’s Club ($75,000-$99,999) Citi Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Taubman

Chairman’s Club In-Kind ($75,000-$99,999) CBS Outdoor New York City Department of Education Van Wagner Communications LLC President’s Circle ($50,000-$74,999) Aéropostale American Express Bank of America The Frances L. and Edwin L. Cummings Memorial Fund Deutsche Bank Andra and John B. Ehrenkranz* Forest City Ratner Companies Gail and Walter Harris* L’Oreal USA National Basketball Association News Corporation, Inc. Points of Light Foundation PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund Julie Turaj and Robert Pohly President’s Circle In-Kind ($50,000-$74,999) New York Media LLC. The New York Times Company USA TODAY Platinum Donors ($35,000-$49,999) 24/7 Real Media, Inc. Discovery Communications Gap Inc. The Moody’s Foundation Neuberger Berman, LLC Sidley Austin LLP Starbucks Coffee Company Time Warner Platinum Donors In-Kind ($35,000-$49,999) Clear Channel Outdoor Elite Island Resorts IKA Collective JWT Vornado Realty Trust Gold Donors ($25,000-$34,999) Anonymous (4) Barclays Nets Community Alliance

Blackstone Charitable Foundation BNY Mellon Centerview Partners CNA Foundation Marni and Bill Cohen* Mary J. Hutchins Foundation Hyde and Watson Foundation International Strategy & Investment Group, Inc. KPMG Charles and Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc. SMBC Global Foundation, Inc. Staten Island Foundation Gold Donors In-Kind ($25,000-$34,999) Clear Channel Spectacolor Fuel Outdoor The Fur Vault at Macy’s National Football League New York Giants Vector Media VeriFone Systems, Inc. Silver Donors ($15,000-$24,999) Eric Altmann* Barclays Wealth BlackRock, Inc. Capital One Financial Corporation Centerline Capital Group Coach, Inc. Martin Elling Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP Liza Landsman Gold Robert G. and Ellen S. Gutenstein Foundation Inc. Jefferies & Co., Inc. Leisure Pass North America, LLC Lloyds Banking Group Loews Corporation Macquarie Group Foundation MetLife Foundation Volunteer Project Fund John A. Reisenbach Foundation Richemont Adolph and Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation Michael J. Swenson UBS The Warnaco Group, Inc.

Elisha Wiesel Jo-Anne Williams and Richard Bilotti Wells Fargo Silver Donors In-Kind ($15,000-$24,999) am New York Gas Station TV John McEnroe NBC Universal Ralph Lauren Bronze Donors ($10,000-$14,999) The Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation American Century Investments Foundation Avon Products, Inc. Banker Steel Company LLC Fran Bermanzohn BNP Paribas Veronica Bulgari and Stephan Haimo Cartier John Civetta & Sons Inc. Colgate-Palmolive Company Concept One Accessories DeVries Public Relations Dynamic Resources Exec/Comm Federated Media Publishing Andrew Feldman Foundation Fred Alger Management, Inc. Glaceau The Glastenbury Foundation Scott Gorran Dana and Frederic Gourtay* HealthCor Management, L.P. Edward D. Herlihy, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Hess Corporation IBM Corporation ImClone Systems Innisfree M&A Incorporated JANA Partners LLC Kaplan, Inc. Pamela and Robert Kindler Kirkland & Ellis LLP Brian Lee Karen and Allan Levine Yanina and Robert Levitan* Sara and Tami Luhby and Edward Purce*

Gifts recorded as of 1/15/12. When compiling our list of supporters, we made every effort to include and list each donor accurately. If we have made an error, please accept our apologies and let us know. Space limitations preclude us from listing all of our donors and corporate matching gifts.

Arielle and Ian Madover Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. McInerney Family Foundation New York Community Trust New York Life Insurance Company Stavros Niarchos Foundation The Nielsen Company Novo Nordisk Adam Oestreich* Ruth Porat and Anthony Paduano Posillico Civil, Inc./Tully Construction Company, Inc., A Joint Venture Regal Entertainment Group Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP Sony Corporation of America Bruce and Patti Springsteen State Street Corporation Donna and Robert Walsh* Trustees of the Nina W. Werblow Charitable Trust Janet S. Zagorin Bronze Donors In-Kind ($10,000-$14,999) Kaplan, Inc. John McEnroe Oz Moving & Storage Time Out New York Patron Donors ($5,000-$9,999) 3i Group Shari and Edward Adler* Anonymous Alcoa Foundation Roger Altman American Eagle Outfitters Foundation American Securities LLC ASM Mechanical Systems AXA Foundation, Inc. Gary Bagley* Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Kathy Behrens and Gerry O’Reilly* Cablevision Cargill, Incorporated CBS Interactive Citadel Alan Cohen Cheryl Cohen Effron Elizabeth Rabii Cribbs and Derek Cribbs Theodore Cross Family Charitable Foundation Cushman & Wakefield

E*Trade Financial Corporation Epoch Investments Partners, Inc. First Republic Bank Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto Emily and Harold Ford, Jr. Joele Frank, Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher Joel Friedman, Clearview Capital Management, LLC Joyce and Chris Frost/Riverside Risk Advisors LLC GE Foundation Justin Gmelich Sandy Goldshein Associates Ross Goldstein, DFJ Gotham Ventures Robert Halper HealthPass New York Mr. and Mrs. H. Dale Hemmerdinger/ The Hemmerdinger Foundation Hercules Group Claudia and Sheldon Hirshon* Todd Hollander* Hunt Construction Group, Inc. IMS Health Infinity Info Systems Kenmay Advisory Services Keystone Business Solutions BV Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC La Mer Bob Lanier Daniel Lewis Loehmann’s Executive Offices Mayer Brown McKissack & McKissack MDC Partners Joyce Menschel MFM Contracting Norman Minnear The Morrison & Foerster Foundation New World Travel New York City Council Member Annabel Palma Newmark Knight Frank NYSE Euronext Performics RDL Foundation Resolution Media, Inc. Terrence Roberts Libby and Seth Rosen* Roux Associates, Inc. May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation Meaghan and Carsten Schwarting

Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP/ Robert E. Spatt Esta Stecher Shircara Stewart* Elizabeth B. Strickler and Mark Gallogly Jeanne Straus* T&H Group Inc. Joyce and Vincent Tese Thomson Reuters Trilantic Capital Partners Troutman Sanders LLP Van Wagner Communications, LLC Verizon Wireless The Walt Disney Company Warburg Pincus Louise and Alan Weil Gail and Larry Wieseneck The Winston Foundation Patron Donors In-Kind ($5,000-$9,999) CMT-Creative Mobile Technologies, LLC. Todd Hollander indoorDIRECT, Inc. Keith Lloyd Couture Morgan Stanley Mustela National Basketball Association Outcast Benefactors ($1,000-$4,999) Stephanie Ackler* Ashish Aggarwal Jessica and Ian Albin* American International Group, Inc. Anonymous* Anonymous Apple-Metro, Inc. Arcade Marketing Fabiola H. Arellano* Axispoint Wendy P. and Frederick R. Bachman Bank Leumi USA Renee and Richard Barasch/ Universal American Corp. Mimi Barker* David Barnard Meredith Barnes Christopher Barry Jane Beasley* Bill Begert*


Janna Bellwin Lawrence B. Benenson David Berke Nathan Berkoff* Kurt Bermond* BET Networks Michele Bickford* Eve Birnbaum and Larry Goldberg* Bluewolf Ulrich Boerger Emily Boese Barry Boniface Philip Boroff Mimi and Michael Boublik Sandy and Jess Boyer Brandenburg Industrial Service Company, Michael Richman Brickman Associates Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. Larry Buchalter Calico Fund Danusia Cameron* The Andrew Hughes Chatham Foundation Chimera Securities Christine Paul Events Chubb & Son Carla Cinganelli City of New York Clermont Comm Corp. Sarah E. Cogan and Douglas H. Evans Jennifer Coghlan* Ellen and Casey Cogut Conway MacKenzie* Anne Corry* David Cox* The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper Foundation Nicole J. Dalvano* Vickram David David Fire Systems, Inc. Dayton Inspection Services, Inc. James Deitch Dentsu McGarry Bowen, LLC Kenneth deRegt Design Republic Deutsch Britt Dhawan Jonathan and Susan Dolgen Foundation New York State Senator Tom Duane Dynamic Logic Helen Ellis The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. Mindy Everett

*Hands On Heroes Society: We are proud to recognize donors marked with an * as members of New York Cares’ Hands On Heroes Society. These individuals have shown their support for New York Cares by making a generous, multi-year commitment to help us reach an even greater number of New Yorkers in need. To learn more about the Hands On Heroes Society, please contact Jennifer Goldschein at 212.228.1132 or


Financial Supporters Everpower Wind Holdings, Inc. Experian Sharon Fay Ferriday Fund Charitable Trust FGI Finance Fidelity Investments Deirdre Flynn and Robert Shepardson* Michelle Foster* Frederick P. & Sandra P. Rose Foundation Partners of Frontenac Co. FTI Consulting Samir A. Gandhi* Gannett Foundation Renyuan Gao* Genzyme Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc. Valerie and Mark Gerstein* Ken Giddon Pat Gilligan* Katy and Richy Glassberg* Barbara Glassman and Arthur Rubin* Glickenhaus Foundation Meg Goble* Judith and David Goldfinger Carrie Gonyo Sonia and Richard Gordon* Noah Gotbaum (in memory of Carol Anne Gotbaum)* Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company Edward Grebow/Amalgamated Bank Janet and Edward Greenberg* Greenhill & Co. Jill Greenwald and Gregory Adams Melanie Greenwood* Elizabeth Guillory and Stuart Oravetz Andrea Gulli* Susan and Robert Gurman* Beth Haggerty* Bette Ann Harris Scott Hauser* Walter H. Haydock Lissa Hirsch and Tibby Blum Karen H. and Jeffrey N. Hogan Marianne and Dan Holohan Steve Lazarus* Houlihan Lokey Alexia Howard Katie Hustead and Joe Weston* Toni and Edwin Hustead* Infosys Technologies LTD Rebecca Irwin and Charles Fisher* Jamakepe Foundation Melissa and Marc James Jefferies LoanCore LLC Barbara and Elliott Kanbar*

J.M. Kaplan Foundation The Kaplan Family Foundation Martin E. Karlinsky Eileen and Steven Kaufman Kefalas-Pinto Foundation Suzannah and Karl Kellner* Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kiam Brenda Kim Glenn Kinen Lauren Kogod and David Smiley Kohl’s Kim Kornfeld and Steven Kobre Joshua Kornreich Alexandra Korry* Kreisler Borg Florman Langan Engineering & Environmental Services Arthur Langhaus, KLS Professional Advisors Group, LLC Michelle and Andrew Levine* Erica Lewis* Liberty International Underwriters, Inc. Seth Lieber Philanthropic Fund Jack Lusk James Mannino WSP Cantor Seinuk Lucy McCabe James McDonnell McKenna Long & Aldridge Foundation, Inc. McKinsey & Company Linda Meaney* Helen Meates The Meredith Family Foundation The Morris and Helen Messing Foundation Metropolitan National Bank Metzger-Price Fund Elissa and Jeffrey Miller Milton Brown Foundation Mitsubishi International Corporation Jessica Moser and Eric Schwartz Christine and Thomas Motamed Sandy Moy Susan Nam and Michael Reese* Peter Nash* National Australia Bank Julie and Michael Naughton NY1 News New York City Council Member Margaret Chin New York City Council Member Vincent Gentile New York Jets Football Club, Inc. New York State Office of Children and Family Services Nintendo of America, Inc. Brian Norris

Northern Trust Bank Northpoint Solutions LLC Jennifer and David Oakes Na-Ri Oh Christopher O’Malley, Atlantic Engineering Labs of New York, Inc. Stephen Orr Michael Parrott Parsons Brinckerhoff Jason Pasieka Christine Paul and Kunal Mehta* Geoffrey Peck* The People’s Improv Theater Perry Capital Sonya Piggott* Courtney Potts and Jim Head Debra Putzer* New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn Rabobank International Daniel Raffe Petar Raketic Related, LP Luanne Rice Allwyn Richards* David Rockefeller Faith Rosenfeld Harriet and Eric Rothfeld Deborah and Chuck Royce Wendy Ruggiero John Ryan* The Saint Paul Foundation Ann Schaefer Judith and Martin Scherzer Lisa and Michael Schneider* Peter Schuck Kimberly and James Schwab Jess Scott* Vicki and Phil Seskin Jerold Shea SHoP Architects & SHoP Construction Joshua Silver Kathleen and Richard Simon* Justin Slatky Eleanore and Joe Slobodny Knighten Smit (in memory of Edna K. Smit) Christopher Snow Société Générale Gina Sohn and Gregory P. Lee The Stainman Family Foundation, Inc. The Standard, New York Stantec Consulting Ltd. Amy Starr and Matthew Ziehl State of New York The Donald O. & Bette F. Stein Charitable Foundation Trust Marjorie and Michael Stern

Ricki Stern and Evan Guillemin* Amy and Marc Strauss* Margaret Sung and Michael J. Schmidtberger* TD Charitable Foundation Melissa and Wray Thorn Thornton Tomasetti, Inc. Crystal Tiffany Michael Tiger Michele Tortorelli Kearns Marian and Christopher Toy Ching Tsai Dennis Tseng* David Tsin* Ting Tsung and Wei Fong Chao Foundation Unilock Unit Pavers & Retaining Walls Tanya Van Sant and Jeremy Sterritt* Amy Vennema/A.V. Max Matthew Verrochi* VivaKi Vollmuth & Brush Vornado Realty Trust Deborah Waldman and John Gatsos* Rick Walker* Mark S. Weekes* Adam Weinstein* Wells Fargo Foundation Erin Wietecha* William Morris Endeavor Willis Foundation Lisa Wilson* Robert Wychulis Evan Yellin* Melissa Young* Barbara and David Zalaznick Sarah Zgliniec Lynn Zises ZogSports Adam Zotkow* Ariel Zwang and Gordon Mehler* Benefactor In-Kind ($1,000-$4,999) Aqua Nicaragua The Benjamin Hotel Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowery Hotel The Box Brooks Brothers Buffalo Trace Distillery Christine Paul Events Crunch Gloss and Glam Beauty Services KIND Healthy Snacks Loews Hotels Mshop LLC New York Yankees

New York Cares | Annual Report 2011

Financial Supporters P&H/David Stricker – St. Honore Pastry Shoppe/Port Washington, NY Park Avenue Skin Solutions The Peninsula New York Reem Acra Tateossian London Julie Turaj and Robert Pohly Friends ($500-$999) Susan and John Abbot Suzanne Gaba Aisenberg Chris Alexander Alison P. Amdur Jing An and Rob Harrington Anonymous (2) Scott Baxter Felicia Bayliss Margie Becker-Lewin William Belinski, RSA LLC Elizabeth Bellemore BenchMarc Linda Blacken Anthony Blasi Michael Bloom Emily Bobrow Norman Bobrow Kelly and Mark Bradley Beatrice Branch Mary Braunsdorf Kristen Briggs Rene Brinkley Karen Bronzo and Jeff Rabb John Buran Tom Burke Florentine Calabia Robert Castrignano Centro Melissa Cheng Edwin Chin Columbus Restaurant Fund, IV LLC Millicent Cooley Asbury Corry Frank Costanzo Kathleen Crowley Lewis Cullman Terry Cummings Ross Cussen Raymond Dalio Thomas Davidson Glenn E. Davis Suzanne Davis Nicolas de Croisset

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Bill Lazaridis Christine Leas Susan Lentini Scott Levy Richard and Amy Lipton Family Foundation Erin Linnihan John Liu Curtis Livingston Helen and John Lobrano Jennifer Logue Marin Software Marjorie MacFarlane Rany Makaryus Edward McIntyre John McNiff Neil Meyer Eric Miller Magdalena Muszynska-Chafitz and Robbie Chafitz Herbert Nass, Esq. Daniel A. Neff Adam Nordin Jed Nussdorf Dimitri Offengenden Michelle Olave Philip Orlando Pamela and Vincent Pagano Sheryl Parker and James Grayer Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP Rachel Pellegrino Scott Peng F.W. Pennington Molly Peterson Guy Petrillo, Petrillo Klein LLP Sharon and Robert Pietrzak Tracy and Marc Porosoff Premier Retail Networks Ozzy Ramos Campbell Rankin Reed Smith LLP Sard Verbinnen & Co. Lisa and David Schlakman Scholastic, Inc. Andrea Schwartzman Elizabeth and Gaurav Seth Robert Shapiro Wendy Shapss, FTI Consulting Fred Shek David Sidman Jonathan Sills Sandi and Isaac Simon


Kawai Siu Johanna and Brian Snyder Dhuane Stephens Jeffrey Stockwell Alison Sullivan Jillwen Sung Paul Swem Crystal Thompkins Edward Toriello Thomas Toscano Joy Tutela Mark Ulberg Vera Wang Group Verizon Communications James Virga, ABCO Maintenance, Inc. Ebonya Washington Linda Weingarten Dana Weinstein Katherine Weinstein Staci and Glenn Weiss Barbara and Allan Wickstein Geoffrey Williams Curtis Willing Alan Winick Jessica Wohlers Joel Wojnilower Rachel Wolff Jim Wood, Andrews International, Inc. Laura Woodard Michael Wormke Ricardo Zubieta Friends In-Kind ($500-$999) Ascot Chang Brooke Churchill, Inc. Campo Marzio Designs Club Monaco Coach, Inc. The Distrikt Hotel New York City Equinox Fitness Clubs Foxwoods Theatre Hard Rock International Ivy Eyes Editing, Inc. Lenny’s Catering MetLife Stadium New York Mets Nintendo of America, Inc. Second Time Around Theory Wine Spectator

*Hands On Heroes Society: We are proud to recognize donors marked with an * as members of New York Cares’ Hands On Heroes Society. These individuals have shown their support for New York Cares by making a generous, multi-year commitment to help us reach an even greater number of New Yorkers in need. To learn more about the Hands On Heroes Society, please contact Jennifer Goldschein at 212.228.1132 or


New York Cares | Annual Report 2011

Community Partners

Community Partners 163rd Street Improvement Council* 92nd Street Y A Greater Purpose Organization A Stairway To Hope Abyssinian Development Corporation* Achilles International* Added Value and Herban Solutions* Adventist Community Services* African American Planning Commission African Refuge African Services Committee AIDS Center of Queens County AIDS Service Center Albert Einstein College The Ali Forney Center All Angels Episcopal Church All Saints Roman Catholic Church Alpha Phi Alpha Senior Citizens Center American Cancer Society American Museum of Natural History AmeriCorps Community Health Corps at Brooklyn Angelica Patient Assistance Program Animal Care & Control of New York City Animal Center of Queens Animal Haven Any Soldier Arab-American Family Support Center Archimedes Academy Ariva* ARTS East New York Asian Americans for Equality *

Association for Metro-Area Autistic Children Association to Benefit Children* Astounding Love! Atlantic Terminal Community Outreach Center Audrey Johnson Day Care Center Baby Buggy Bailey House Barrier Free Living Bay Family Domestic Violence Shelter and Church King of Kings Best Buddies New York Betances 146 Community Center Beth Israel Medical Center Bethel Emanuel Temple Church of God in Christ Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church Bialystoker Home for the Aged Bibleway House of Prayer Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City Bike New York Black and Latino AIDS Coalition Block Institute Bobbi and the Strays Body Sculpt New York Bottomless Closet The Bowery Mission Bowery Residents’ Committee* Boys & Girls Harbor Bread of Life Mission Breakthrough New York at the Town School The Brearley School Bronx AIDS Services Bronx Christian Fellowship Bronx Homeworks The Bronx Land Trust* Bronx Neighborhood Cluster Program Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center BronxWorks* Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts

Brooklyn Children’s Center Brooklyn Children’s Museum Brooklyn College Brooklyn Public Library: Brooklyn Heights Branch Bushwick Branch The Child’s Place for Children with Special Needs Crown Heights Branch Grand Army Plaza Branch New Utrecht Branch Saratoga Branch Brooklyn Queens Land Trust Brooklyn Rescue Mission Brooklyn United Methodist Church Home Brownsville Community Residential Center Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health Center Cabrini Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation* Cabrini Immigrant Services Caldwell Temple Soup Kitchen Calvary Free Will Baptist Church CAMBA* Carnegie East House The Carter Burden Center for the Aging Casa Promesa Residential Health Care Facility* Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education Cathedral of St. John the Divine Catholic Charities — Archdiocese of New York Center Against Domestic Violence* Center for Community Alternatives Center for Urban Community Services - Street to Home Outreach Center of Hope International Central Harlem Alcohol Crisis Center CFY Child Center of New York* Child Development Support Corporation The Child School/ Legacy High School Child Study Center of New York Children of Promise, NYC

Children of the City Children’s Aid Society* Children’s Arts & Science Workshops* Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center — Kennedy Center Children’s Rescue Fund* Chinatown Manpower Project Christ Church United Methodist Christ Fellowship Worship Center Christian Fellowship Life Center Church of God in Christ Jesus Church of St. Francis Xavier The Church of the Holy Apostles CitiWide Harm Reduction Citizen Schools New York City Harvest City Parks Foundation Citymeals-On-Wheels* Civilian Complaint Review Board Claremont Neighborhood Center Coalition for Hispanic Family Services Coalition for the Homeless Cobble Hill Health Center CodyCares for Kids Colonial Church of Bayside Common Cents Common Ground* Community Association of Progressive Dominicans Community Counseling & Mediation* Community Empowerment Network Community League of the Heights Community Options The Compound Foundation ComuniLife Concourse House Consortium for Worker Education Convent of the Sacred Heart Cool Culture CREATE, Inc.* Creative Arts Workshop for Kids Crossroads Food Pantry Crown Heights Service Center Crown Heights Youth Collective Garden

Cultural Renaissance for Economic Revitalization CUNY Citizenship Now!* Damascus Road Baptist Church Damon House New York Daniel’s Music Foundation Daughters of Jacob Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Dawning of a New Day Outreach Ministries Dawning Village Day Care Center De Colores Community Yard and Cultural Garden Department of Homeless Services Department of Juvenile Justice* Diocesan Cursillo Center Directions for Our Youth* Doc to Dock The Doe Fund The DOME Project Dominican Sunday The Door DOROT Double Discovery Center Dyckman Senior Center Earth Celebrations East Harlem Scholars Academy East New York Farms* East River Development Alliance East Side House Settlement East Village Community Coalition The Educational Alliance* Edwin Gould Services for Children El Divino Salvador Social Services Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center Elmcor Youth and Adult Activities* Emerald Isle Immigration Center of New York Encore Community Services Episcopal Social Services* Espoir Evangelistic Outreach Program Excellence Baby Academy Exponents F.E.G.S Health and Human Services System Faith Community Church International Faith In Action Ministries Faith Latin American Pentecostal Church Faith Ministries

Faith Mission Christian Fellowship Church Families, Fathers, and Children The Family Center Fashion Delivers Charitable Foundation The Father’s Heart Ministries Favor Ministries FDNY Exploring Program for Fire and Life Safety Federation Employment and Guidance Services* Fellowship Baptist Church Fifth Avenue Committee* First Calvary Baptist Church First Central Baptist Church First Reformed Church of Jamaica Flushing House For My People Empowerment Fordham Bedford Child Services* Fort Greene Park Conservancy Foster Parent Advocacy Foundation Frederick Douglass Senior Center Free Arts NYC The Fresh Air Fund Fresh Youth Initiatives Friends of Hudson River Park Friends of Island Academy Full Effect Gospel Ministries Full Gospel Christian Church Fulton Area Businesses Future Grads Futures and Options GallopNYC Gay Men of African Descent Gay Men’s Health Crisis George Daly House Shelter Gethsemane Garden Baptist Church Gladiator Sports* Glory of Christ Church Goddard Riverside’s Project Reachout God’s Divine Prayer Tabernacle God’s Love We Deliver Good Shepherd Services Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey* Gospel Assembly Church of Jesus Christ

Graham Windham* Grand Street Settlement Greater Faith Temple Greater Fellowship Church Ministries Greater Tabernacle Baptist Church Greater Victory Baptist Church Greater Zion Outreach Ministry Green Fort Greene & Clinton Hill Green Oasis Garden Greenhope Services for Women* Groove With Me Groundwork GrowNYC Hamilton-Madison House Hands On New York Harlem Children’s Zone Harlem United Community AIDS Center* Hartley House Harvest Fields Community Church The Harvest Life Center Health Plus HeartShare Human Services of New York Help USA HELP/PSI* Helping Hands for the Disabled of NYC Helping Hands Unlimited Helping is Easy Hempstead Adult and Community Education Program Henry Street Settlement — Administrative Offices* Highbridge Advisory Council Highbridge Community Life Center* Highbridge Woodycrest Center Holy House of Prayer Holyrood Episcopal Church Homes for the Homeless* The HOPE Program The Horticultural Society of New York Hospital Clinic Home Center Hour Children Food Pantry Housing and Services Housing Works* Hudson Guild* The Hudson River Park Trust I Challenge Myself


Iglesia Hispana de La Comunidad Iglesia Pentecostal El Divino Maestro Imani House Immaculate Conception School Incarnation School Indochina Sino-American Community Center Infiniti Family Residence Institute for the Puerto Rican Hispanic Elderly International Pentecostal City Mission International Rescue Committee Inwood Community Services Inwood House Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement House* Jewish Association for Services for the Aged* Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services* Jewish Community Council of Washington Heights-Inwood John Jay College of Criminal Justice Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club La Finca del Sur LaGuardia Community College Lantern Community Services Silverleaf Hall Leake & Watts Services* Lenox Hill Neighborhood House* Lenox Hill Senior Center Lions Club International Foundation* Living for the Young Family through Education* The Lower Eastside Girls Club Madison Square Boys & Girls Club* Make the Road New York Manhattan Crisis Center Manhattan Island Foundation Manhattan Land Trust* Manna of Life Ministries Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals Medicare Rights Center Mental Health Providers of Western Queens Methodist Home for Nursing & Rehabilitation

*Indicates agencies with which we work at multiple sites


Community Partners Metro Baptist Church and Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries Metropolitan Baptist Church Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty Metropolitan Hospital Center Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance Midnight Run Midtown Community Court* Miller Avenue Block Association MillionTreesNYC The Mission Continues Mission for Christ Holiness Temple Missionary Church of Christ The Momentum Project* Mommy & Daddy’s Little Angel’s OST & Youth Program More Grace Redemptive Center Moriah Older Adult Luncheon Club Morningside Area Alliance Mothers on the Move Mount Calvary United Methodist Church Mount Hope Housing Company Mount Neboh Baptist Church of Harlem Mount Sinai Hospital Mount Sinai Seventh Day Adventist Church Mrytle Avenue Revitalization Project LDC MSGR Robert Fox Memorial Shelter Narco Freedom National Council of Jewish Women National Museum of the American Indian Nazareth Housing* Network of Angels New Alternatives for Children New Alternatives for LGBT Homeless Youth New Beginnings Community Worship Center New Covenant Citadel Church New Creation Christian Church New Generation Outreach Ministry New Hope Community Resource Center New Hope for All Saints Lutheran Church New Hope For The World Ministries New Hope Shelter

New Jerusalem Pentecostal Church of God in Christ The New Open Door C.O.G.I.C. New Settlement Apartments* New Visions for Public Schools New York Asian Women’s Center New York Association for Blind Athletes New York City Department of Cultural Affairs: Materials for the Arts New York City Department of Education: Brooklyn CS 21 — Crispus Attucks PS 3 — The Bedford Village PS 4 @ 109 PS 4 @ 65 PS 4 @ 72 PS 4 @ 843 PS 4 @ 853 PS 4 @ PS 81 PS 5 — Dr. Ronald E. McNair PS 7 — Abraham Lincoln PS 19 — The Robert Clemente Magnet School of Global and Ethical Studies PS 24 — The Dual Language School for International Studies PS 25 — Eubie Blake School PS 34 — Oliver H. Perry PS 46 — Edward C. Blum PS 52 — Sheepshead Bay PS 53 PS 53 @ 384 PS 53 @ IS 88 PS 54 — Samuel C. Barnes PS 77 PS 81 — Thaddeus Stevens PS 84 — Jose De Diego PS 91 — The Albany Avenue School PS 94 — The Henry Longfellow PS 108 — Sal Abbracciamento PS 119 — Amersfort PS 133 — William A. Butler PS 135 — Sheldon A. Brookner PS 138 PS 149 — Dannyaye PS 169 — Sunset Park PS 177 — The Marlboro PS 196 — Ten Eyck School PS 214 — Michael Friedsam PS 230 — Doris L. Cohen

PS 243 — The Weeksville School PS 261 — Philip Livingston PS 262 — El Hajj Malik Shabazz Elementary School PS 268 — Emma Lazarus PS 270 — Johann DeKalb PS 289 — George V. Brower PS 290 — Juan Morel Campos PS 297 — Richard Stockton PS 298 — Dr. Betty Shabazz PS 299 — Thomas Warren Field PS 309 — The George E. Wibecan Preparatory Academy PS 325 — The Fresh Creek School PS 335 — Granville T. Woods PS 345 — Patrolman Robert Bolden PS 371 — Lillian L. Rashkis PS 373 — Brooklyn Transition Center PS 396 — Ramon Betances PS 399 — Stanley Eugene Clark PS 536 — Community Roots Charter School PS 636 — Young Scholars’ Academy for Discovery and Exploration PS 677 — East New York Elementary School of Excellence PS 734 — The Ethical Community Charter School PS 771 @ 225 PS 771 @ 236 PS 771 @ 329 PS 771 @ I98 PS/IS 137 — ­Rachel Jean Mitchell PS/IS 323 PS/IS 384 — Frances E. Carter PS/MS 282 Park Slope IS 228 — David A. Boody IS 281 — Joseph B. Cavallaro IS 318 — Eugenio Maria De Hotos MS 57 — The Ron Brown Academy MS 113 — Ronald Edmonds Learning Center MS 246 — Walt Whitman MS 353 — Elijah Stroud MS 354 — The School Of Integrated Learning MS 442 — New Horizons School MS 492 — Urban Assembly

MS 588 — Middle School for Art and Philosophy MS/HS 336 — Academy of Business and Community Development MS/HS 355 — Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School MS/HS 429 — Brooklyn School for Global Studies MS/HS 448 — Brooklyn Secondary School for Collaborative Studies MS/HS 690 — Brooklyn Studio Secondary School Harry Van Arsdale High School HS 337 — International High School at Lafayette HS 408 — Academy of Hospitality and Tourism HS 439 — Brooklyn International High School HS 454 — The Green School: An Academy for Environmental Careers HS 488 — Brooklyn Preparatory High School HS 499 — ACORN Community High School HS 510 — World Academy for Total Community Health High School HS 524 — International High School at Prospect Heights HS 528 — The High School for Global Citizenship HS 530 — Metropolitan Corporate Academy High School HS 535 — Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences HS 546 — High School for Public Service: Heroes of Tomorrow HS 569 — Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School HS 616 — Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service HS 625 — Paul Robeson High School HS 656 — Brooklyn High School of the Arts JHS 292 — Margaret S. Douglas John Jay Educational Campus

New York Cares | Annual Report 2011

Community Partners Manhattan DeWitt Head Start PS 2 — Meyer London PS 11 — William T. Harris PS 15 — Roberto Clemente PS 18 — Park Terrace PS 20 — Anna Silver PS 28 — Wright Brothers PS 33 — Chelsea Prep PS 37 — River East Elementary PS 50 — Vito Marcantonio PS 64 — Robert Simon PS 75 — Emily Dickinson PS 76 — A. Philip Randolph PS 84 — Girls Prep PS 94 @ PS 15 M PS 111 — Adolph S. Ochs PS 123 — Mahalia Jackson PS 124 — Yung Wing PS 140 — Nathan Straus PS 142 — Amalia Castro PS 145 — The Bloomingdale School PS 146 — Ann M. Short PS 152 — Children’s Aid Society PS 161 — Pedro Albizu Campos PS 163 — Alfred E. Smith PS 171 — Patrick Henry PS 180 — Hugo Newman PS 184 — Shuang Wen PS 185 — Early Childhood Discovery and Design Magnet School PS 188 — The Island School PS 198 — Isador E. Ida Straus PS 208 — Alain L. Locke PS 241 — STEM Institute of Manhattan PS 366 — Washington Heights Academy PS 375 — Mosaic Preparatory Academy PS 811 @ 149 PS 964 — Central Park East II PS/MS 96 — Joseph C. Lanzetta Democracy Preparatory Charter School PS/MS 861 — Future Leaders Institute Charter School MS 45 — S.T.A.R.S. Academy MS 131 MS 319 — Maria Teresa MS 324 — Patria Mirabal

MS 330 — Girls Preparatory Charter School of New York Middle School MS 378 — School for Global Leaders MS 825 — Isaac Newton Middle School for Math & Science MS 862 — Mott Hall II MS/HS 860 — Frederick Douglass Academy II Secondary School HS 283 — Manhattan Theatre Lab High School HS 294 — Essex Street Academy HS 296 — High School of Hospitality Management HS 298 — Pace High School HS 300 — The Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction HS 303 — The Facing History School HS 304 — Mott Hall High School HS 308 — Lower Manhattan Arts Academy HS 313 — The James Baldwin School: A School for Expeditionary Learning HS 435 — Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics HS 438 — International High School at Union Square HS 458 — Forsyth Satellite Academy HS 459 — Manhattan International High School HS 492 — High School for Law, Advocacy and Community Justice HS 543 — New Design High School HS 545 — High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies HS 575 — Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day School HS 580 — Richard R. Green High School of Teaching HS 586 — Harvey Milk High School HS 630 — Art and Design High School

HS 635 — Academy of Environmental Science Queens PS 2 — Alfred Zimberg PS 4 @ Skillman PS 11 — Kathryn Phelan PS 17 — Henry David Thoreau PS 19 — Marino Jeantet PS 20 — John Bowne PS 40 — Samuel Huntington PS 42 — R. Vernam PS 48 — William Wordsworth PS 50 — Talfourd Lawn Elementary School PS 60 — Woodhaven PS 76 — William Hallet PS 84 — Steinway PS 85 — Judge Charles Vallone PS 96 PS 111 — Jacob Blackwell PS 150 — The Sunnyside School PS 191 — Mayflower PS 212 — School of CyberScience and Literacy PS 215 — Lucretia Mott PS 254 PS 256 @ 831 PS 256 @ PS 253 PS 290 PS 306 — New York City Academy for Discovery PS 319 — Village Academy PS 330 — Giving Our All to Learning IS 145 — Joseph Pulitzer IS 230 IS 5 — The Walter Crowley Intermediate School MS 282 — Knowledge and Power Preparatory Academy VI MS 294 — BELL Academy HS 259 — Pathways College Preparatory School: A College Board School HS 264 — Academy of Finance and Enterprise HS 296 — Pan American International High School HS 301 — Academy for Careers in Television and Film HS 460 — Flushing High School


HS 475 — Richmond Hill High School HS 496 — Business, Computer Applications & Entrepreneurship High School HS 505 — Hillcrest High School HS 550 — High School for Arts and Business Staten Island PS 20 — Port Richmond PS 26 — The Carteret School PS 42 — Eltingville PS 45 — John Tyler PS 74 — Future Leaders Elementary The Bronx PS 1 — Courtlandt School PS 9 — Ryer Avenue Elementary School PS 18 — John Peter Zenger PS 33 — Timothy DwightPS 47 — John Randolph PS 48 — Joseph R. Drake PS 50 — Clara Barton PS 68 PS 73 PS 75 PS 84 @ 461 — Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School PS 105 — Sen Abraham Bernstein PS 107 PS 130 — Abram Stevens Hewitt PS 146 — Edward Collins PS 161 — Ponce De Leon PS 443 — The Family School PS 463 — Urban Scholars Community School PS 92 PS 94 — Kings College School PS 96 — Richard Rodgers PS/MS 280 — Mosholu Parkway IS 117 — Joseph H. Wade IS 123 — James M. Kieran IS 229 — Roland Patterson MS 142 — John Phillip Sousa Middle School MS 244 — The New School for Leadership and Journalism MS 289 — Young Scholars Academy MS 308 — Bronx Dance Academy

*Indicates agencies with which we work at multiple sites


Community Partners MS/HS 267 — Bronx Latin School MS/HS 271 — East Bronx Academy for the Future HS 239 — Urban Assembly Academy of History and Citizenship for Young Men HS 248 — The Metropolitan High School HS 250 — Eximius College Preparatory Academy: A College Board School HS 284 — Bronx School of Law and Finance HS 305 — Pablo Neruda Academy for Architecture and World Studies HS 388 — Pan American International High School at Monroe HS 405 — Herbert H. Lehman High School HS 418 — Bronx High School for the Visual Arts HS 439 — Bronx High School for Law and Community Service HS 455 — Harry S Truman High School HS 473 — Mott Haven Village Preparatory High School HS 477 — Marble Hill High School for International Studies HS 478 — The Cinema School HS 513 — New World High School HS 520 — Foreign Language Academy of Global Studies HS 546 — Bronx Theatre High School HS 600 — Alfred E. Smith Career and Technical Education High School HS 670 — Health Opportunities High School New York City Department of Homeless Services: Auburn Family Residence Jamaica Family Residence Tilden Hall Residence Urban Family Center — Henry Street Settlement New York City Department of Parks and Recreation: Alfred E. Smith Recreation Center

ARROW Community Center Asser Levy Recreation Center Astoria Park Bowne Park Bronx River Alliance Brooklyn Borough Sports Programming Brooklyn Bridge Park Brower Park Carroll Park Chelsea Recreation Center Claremont Park Coleman Oval Park Columbus Park Pavilion Conference House Park Cooper Park Crotona Park Cunningham Park De Witt Clinton Park Dyker Beach Park East 54th Street Recreation Center First Park Flushing Fields Flushing Meadows Corona Park Forest Park Fort Greene Park Fort Tryon Park Franz Sigel Park Greenbelt Recreation Center Hamilton Fish Recreation Center Hansborough Park & Recreation Center Hansborough Recreation Center Highbridge Park Highland Park Queens Horseshoe Playground Hunts Point Recreation Center Inwood Hill Park Jackie Robinson Park Jackie Robinson Recreation Center Kissena Park Kosciusko Pool Little Bay Park Lost Battalion Hall Recreation Center Lower East Side Ecology Center MacNeil Park Marcus Garvey Park Martins Field McCarren Park

McGolrick Park MLK Playground Morningside Park Owen Dolen Recreation Center Pelham Bay Park/Orchard Beach Pelham Fritz Recreation Center — OST Program Phil “Scooter” Rizzuto Park Prospect Park Red Hook Park Riverside Park Fund Rockaway Beach Rufus King Park Sara D. Roosevelt Park Seton Falls Park Preserve Seward Park South Beach Park Spring Creek Park — Gateway Estates St. James Park and Recreation Center St. John’s Recreation Center St. Mary’s Recreation Center Sternberg Park Stuyvesant Cove Park Sunset Park Recreation Center Theodore Roosevelt Park Thomas Jefferson Park Thomas Jefferson Recreation Center Tompkins Square Park Van Cortlandt Park/Friends of Van Cortlandt Park Victor Hanson Recreation Center Von King Park/Tompkins Park West Bronx Recreation Center GreenThumb: 6th Street & Avenue B Garden Bissel Gardens, Inc. Carver Community Garden Drew Gardens Edgecombe Ave/ Sugar Hill Garden Euclid Garden First Quincy Garden Harlem Rose Garden Hattie Carthan Garden New Vision Garden Orchard Alley Padre Plaza Success Garden Pavilion Horticultural Community Garden

Poppa and Mama Jones Garden Riverside Valley Community Garden (Jenny’s Garden) Tranquility Farm Triple R Garden William Harris Garden Wishing Well Garden New York City Department of Transportation New York City Department of Veterans Affairs: Project TORCH New York City Financial Network Action Consortium* New York City Housing Authority: 175 Eldridge Street Tenants Association Astoria Community Center Berry Tenant Association/Berry Community Center Boulevard Community Center Davidson Senior Center Eleanor Roosevelt Community Center Lafayette Gardens Community Center Manhattan Community Operations Polo Grounds Senior Center Tompkins Community Center New York City Mission Society New York City Rescue Mission The New York City Seventh Day Baptist Church The New York French American Charter School New York Harm Reduction Educators New York Methodist New York Presbyterian Hospital* The New York Public Library: Aguilar Language Learning Center Bloomingdale Branch Columbus Branch Countee Cullen Branch Fort Washington Branch Jefferson Market Branch Mosholu Branch Port Richmond Branch Webster Branch Yorkville Branch

New York Cares | Annual Report 2011

Community Partners New York Road Runners Foundation* New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation: East River State Park Gantry Plaza State Park Mt. Loretto Unique Area New York Theatre Church New York University New York University Medical Center New Yorkers for Parks Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation Northside Center for Child Development* Notre Dame High School Nourishing NYC NYPD Law Enforcement Explorers Post #2044 Office of the Mayor/City Hall Only Make Believe Open Doors Resource Center Operation HOPE Operation: Quiet Comfort Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow Overcoming Love Ministries Pajama Program Palladia* Paradise Theater Park Slope Community Church Parkchester Enhancement Program for Seniors Part of the Solution The Partnership for Inner-City Education* Partnership With Children Pathways to Housing Paul T. Matson Head Start* Per Scholas Perfecting Faith Church Perpetual Church Phase Piggy Bank Phipps Community Development Corporation* Pibly Residential Program Picture the Homeless THE POINT Community Development Corporation

Police Athletic League Positive Beginnings* Positive Health Project Postgraduate Center for Mental Health - Far Rockaway Praxis Housing Initiatives Presbyterian Senior Services* Project FIND* Project Harmony Project Hospitality* Project Renewal* Project Sunshine Promesa Youth Property Management Program Prospect Hill Senior Services Center Publicolor The Puppetry Arts Theatre Pure Gospel Miracle Revival Center Queens Borough Public Library: Central Library Far Rockaway Branch Long Island City Branch Steinway Branch Woodside Branch Queens Village Committee for Mental Health for J-CAP Queensboro Temple of Seventhday Adventists Ralph’s Educational and Recreational Computer Services Randall’s Island Reach Out and Read of Greater New York Rhema Family Center The River Fund New York Roca de Salvacion Church The Rock Community Church Room to Grow Rutgers Community Center Safe Horizon* The Salvation Army of Greater New York* Samaritan Village* Sammon Build Center Santa Maria School Sauti Yetu Center for African Women Scalabrini Migration Center Schervier Nursing Care Center School for Language and Communication Development

SCO Family of Services* Seek Ye First Ministry For All People Selfhelp Community Services Services for the UnderServed Settlement Housing Fund Shaolin Ryders Motorcycle Club Silent Voices United Silver Lining Outreach Single Parent Resource Center Soul Saving Mission Pentecostal Church Soundview Health Care Network South Asian Youth Action South Bronx Mental Health Council South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation South Queens Boys & Girls Club South Road Tabernacle Special Kindness In Packages Spirit of Christ Baptist Church St. Aloysius Education Clinic St. Anne & Holy Trinity Church St. Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction St. Ann’s Episcopal Church St. Augustine Community Youth Group St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church St. Bartholomew’s Church St. Jean Baptiste High School St. John’s Place Family Center St. Joseph’s Soup Kitchen St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center St. Mark the Evangelist School St. Mark’s Church of Christ Soup Kitchen St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children St. Nicks Alliance* St. Paul’s House St. Peter’s Church St. Raymond Community Outreach St. Stephen Outreach Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center* Staten Island Liberian Community Association


Staten Island Mental Health Society* Staten Island Project Homefront Steinway Child and Family Services Street LIFE Ministries The StreetSquash Organization StreetWise Partners Sue Rock Originals Everyone Sunnyside Community Services* Sunrise Drop In Center Sunset Park Community Church Supportive Children’s Advocacy Network New York* Sustainable South Bronx Tabernacle of Prayer For All People Tender Care Human Services Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center Tompkins Square Gospel Ministries Traxx Foundation Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Parish True Gospel Tabernacle Church Turning Point Twin Parks Tenant Association Tzu Chi Foundation Union Baptist Church Union Baptist Church Missions Ministry Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church Union Settlement Association* The Unitarian Church of All Souls United Cerebral Palsy of New York City* United Coalition Association United Holiness Temple United Neighbors of East Midtown Unity Faith Outreach Unity Fellowship of Christ Church, NYC University Community Social Services University Heights Educational & Cultural Development Community Center Upper Room Human Service Agency Upwardly Global

*Indicates agencies with which we work at multiple


New York Cares | Annual Report 2011

Community Partners The Urban Divers Estuary Conservancy The Urban Dove Urban Strategies* Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology Veritas Therapeutic Community Village Care of New York* Village Nursing Home The Village Temple Vineyard International Christian Ministries Violence Intervention Program* Visions from the Heart Ministries VISIONS Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired* Visiting Nurse Service of New York* Volunteers of America Greater New York* Washington Heights CORNER Project Washington Heights Nazi Victim Program

We Care for Our Communities We The Kids Foundation West End Collegiate Church West Harlem Group Assistance What About the Children Whitney Museum of American Art William Major Morris Community Center Women for Afghan Women Women In Need* Women’s Institute Women’s Prison Association* Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corp. Woodycrest Center for Human Development* Worship House and Outreach Ministries YMCA of Greater New York* Yorkville Common Pantry Young Men’s Empowerment The Young Women’s Leadership School of Brooklyn Youth Action Program and Homes Zion Baptist Church Zion Tabernacle Church

Board of Directors President

Gail B. Harris Retired Partner, Currently of Counsel, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett

Vice President

William Cohen Vice Chairman — Investment Banking, Barclays Capital

Vice President

Gary L. Ginsberg Executive Vice President, Time Warner Inc.

Rene Brinkley Brand Marketing Manager, CNBC

David Rabin Partner, The Lambs Club and The Double Seven

Frances Ferguson Managing Director & Chief Administrative Officer, BNY Mellon, Financial Markets and Treasury Services Sector

Vice President

Vice President

Ross H. Goldstein Managing Director and Co-Founder, Draper Fisher Jurvetson Gotham Ventures

Paul J. Taubman Co-President of Institutional Securities, Morgan Stanley


John Ehrenkranz Chief Investment Officer, E & E Capital Advisors


Joyce Frost Managing Partner, Riverside Risk Advisors LLC

*Indicates agencies with which we work at multiple sites

Steve Lazarus David A. Lehman Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Ken Giddon President, Rothman’s Union Square

Jeanne Straus President, Straus Newspapers, Inc.

For information about becoming a New York Cares partner, please contact us at or call 212-228-5000.

Kathy Behrens Executive Vice President, Social Responsibility and Player Programs, National Basketball Association

Richard Gordon Senior Vice President, Loop Capital Markets, LLC Noah E. Gotbaum Managing Partner, New Spirit Capital, LLC

Robert Walsh Chief Financial Officer, Evercore Partners Janet Zagorin Director of Practice Development, Sidley Austin LLP

Honorary Board Members Edward Adler Partner, RLM Finsbury Richard Bilotti Head of Technology, Media and Communications Research, P. Schoenfeld Asset Management LP Cheryl Cohen Effron Sheldon Hirshon, Esq. Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP Robert Levitan CEO, Pando Networks, Inc. Michael Schlein President and CEO, ACCION International



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Staff Gary Bagley

Executive Director

Anne Corry

Deputy Executive Director, External Affairs

Colleen Farrell

Senior Director, Marketing and Communications

Ed Lada

Senior Director, Finance and Operations                               

Meghan Moloney Senior Director, Programs

Irina Anilovich Abasi Aniton Jessica Beavers Samara Berger Damon Bolden Emily Burkhardt* Dorothy Caldone* Carol Chang Danielle Chery Ming Cho Stephen Chyi* Diane Conroy Susan Craine Elizabeth Crowley Mark Dato Raquel Davila Jeremy Davis Jaime Denniston-Merced Diana Deoki* Karen Diggs* Kelley Downey* Takisha Young Dozier Glenn Eisenberg Joshua Ehrlich

Chantal Emmanuel Suzanne Farrell Alisha Freeman Luigi Fu* Melissa Genadri* Barbara Glassman Jennifer Gonzalez-Goldschein Tiffany Haynes Leah Hoffman John Jerger Elizabeth John Allison Kenworthy Kate Kinsey Catherine Kost Priscilla Lam Rachel Liu* Kamel Lyons Lauren McConatha Heather McGreevy Brianna McGurran Kaitlin McTighe Wesley Moe Katheryn Mohr Heeyeon Park

Lia Papazoglou Derek Pappas* Brittany Perotti Andrew Perricone-Dazzo Hannah Perryman Eliza Rosenbaum Lauren Rothschild Joseph Salas Seth Shapiro Elizabeth Shipley Colleen Smallfield Jazzmine Smith* Allison Sterrett Megan Taub* Susan Torres Pamela Trzop Rachel Turnowski Sandra Velez James Dakotah West Amy Wickstein Kimberlee Wilson Joshua Winata Michael Wise Jamie Wolfe

*New York Cares is proud to count NYC Civic Corps and AmeriCorps members among our staff.

Credits Editors Anne Corry

Colleen Farrell


Jamie D’Andrea

Photography Rebecca Davis Christopher Duggan Lyn Hughes Katheryn Mohr Deidre Schoo

“Anyone can lead during good times, but real leaders emerge during difficult times. New York Cares is the real leader during this economic climate, and collaboratively, it has helped me become a better leader for my parents, my students and my community.” —Anju J. Rupchandani, The Educational Alliance

2011 Annual Report  

A look back at 2011 at New York Cares.