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How effective is the combination of your media main product and your ancillary texts? As you know my music video and ancillary texts are coming together to promote the song Street Lights, by Beth Guinness and the design of these products are to target the genres followers which are indie/hipster subcultures. My main media product, my music video is shot predominantly at night and is signifying a lonely unsure character, Beth who is wandering the streets of the urban city night life of London, lip syncing to her song. The lyrics are illustrating how the whole ethos of the city brings her back to it and maybe that special individual yet she feels she has lost faith in those who are close to her and they are all seen as empty vessels to her now, all acting the same. The colours in the music video consist of the oranges, browns, blacks and small glimpses of whites in the night, while her dress sense is original, slick and stylish. The main props and constructed props for the music video are the street lights and the mysterious manikin masks, and all of these themes have ran through into my ancillary texts to promote the music video.

The advert and the digipak- how they link Below are all the links between the digipak and the advert that help to form a house style/ brand style of the promotional package.

● Both the advert and the digipak have the same typeface/font design for the title of the album which allows the audience to seek the album in a shop or online once they have seen the advert in the magazine. Because I am focusing on the promotion of the album not the artist because she is aspiring and I want to try and promote her through her music, that’s why I haven’t made the artist name font/typeface the same. ● Both the digipak on the outside case and the advert use the same images which means that because the image is quite an original image the target audience are able to link these images together again which performs the same action as the above. ● The general colour theme/ house colours are browns, oranges, white and pale pinky/beige this start to tie them both together and create a house style leading to a brand style. ● Finally if the target audience are unsure of what they are looking for they know what the songs are on the digipak because they are displayed on the advert, so they can check the tracklist on the albums that are similar.

How the ancillary texts promote the main media product (music video) ● Firstly the image of the shadow cast through yellow/brown lighting signifies a street light which is the main theme that runs throughout the song, therefore the audience will see there is the formation of a house style for the music video in both the digipak and the advert. Plus inside the digipak there is an image of an old fashioned street light which present the lighting colour that was used in some of the music video’s chorus and in the advert/digipak front image. Also this image doesn’t present the artist which connotes the mystery in the masked ‘manikins’ and is helping to signify the type of song that street

lights might be; indie song with unique qualities especially because the artist is not visible in the image. It helps to draw the audience, especially the target audience into the song. ● In the advert another characteristic that helps to promote the music video is the use of the QR code, because my target audience is younger and will likely have a smartphone, so they can scan it and it will take them to her Youtube page to get the music video. ● The typeface I have used is quite slick yet you can see there is a variety of them in the advert and digipak (inside and out), this shows personality and originality because of the vast amount of fonts used, so the target audience which are indie/hipster subcultures look for these different personalities in their music. They want something to talk about with their friends and to share the original, new and upcoming artists, which in fold will help to distribute Beth’s music. ● I have created an iconic look, yet it is not the regular look, because it is normally the actual physical appearance of the artist, but in my case there is this strong link between the colour theme of browns, oranges and beige/light pinks which reflect the colours used in the music video in areas such as the start when there is the long, low angle, slow pull focus shot of Beth walking in and the colours are a mix of darker browns with oranges and her black clothing, which links to the digipak and advert colour theme straight away, so the audience will know they are likely watching the right video and they are more likely to enjoy it because they have chosen to research Beth from the type of advert or digipak they have seen- more likely to use it for their gratifications (Katz and Blumler 1978). ● The colours and use of soft focus and images like the shadow start to create this sort of motif when used together. They come together frequently in the music video and once they have seen the digipak and poster they will see there is repetition of these conventions, forming a motif. When it comes to the effectiveness of distribution and marketing of the main product the digipak has small characteristics like the record label, which allows indie people who take pride in their music knowledge to see where the artist has originated from and they may have had a band that has previously used this record label so will increase the publicity. Also the use of the institutional information will allow the target audience to see where the artist is based, so they can establish a relationship with them if for example to artist is using a label in London or publisher, even if the artist isn’t living in london. Because people seek friendship with fame, even indie people who would likely deny that they do. Finally the fact that the name of the artist will be know as ‘Beth’, it is simple to remember and on the advert is placed in a really large typeface, so subliminally will be easier for the audience to remember.

Q2 how effective is the combination of your media main product and your ancillary texts  

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