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Vikas Group of Institutions [Affiliated to JNTU-Kakinada, Approved by AICTE] Nunna, VIJAYAWADA, Andhra Pradesh Landline # 0866-2469202 / 0866-2469222

Vikas College of Engineering and Technology Vikas Group of Ins tu ons


You are the ARCHITECT of your own DESTINY

B.Tech / Engineering Civil Mechanical Electrical & Electronics Computer Science Electronics & Communica on


Polytechnic / Diploma  Civil  Mechanical  Electrical & Electronics  Computer Science  Electronics & Communica on


FOCUS The more you focus on your academics and hone skills for employability, the more promising career you can experience. Your future career depends on the way you involve in academic and skill enhancement ac vi es. All that you need is FOCUS without any devia on.

Your FOCUS will take you to your DESTINATION

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Private Government Public Sector Banks Defence Services

1st Genera on Start Up Carry with Family Business  Industry - Manufacturing / IT / Infrastructure

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M S - Overseas / Abroad M.Tech in INDIA, through GATE or PGCET of respec ve universi es.  MBA - in INDIA or Abroad  



Higher Educa on

Research & Development

Choose your des na on, Campus would extend, all its support to you in realizing all your personal aspira ons. There is nothing called Limita on as long as your passion and ac vi es are aligned to accomplish promising personal and professional career.

Your focus and decision is important. Addi onally, support from your family play major role for your focus and decisions. Besides, your academic pursuit, par cipa ng in Sports, Arts and Crea vity ac vi es help you improve your mental and physical fitness. Today, if you are an all-rounder, you will get a special recogni on both at professional and personal life. Student Counseling & Career Services At Vikas Group of Ins tu ons, we enable and empower student to get that FOCUS by engaging them in Student Counseling and Career Services such as: ∙ Sensi ze students on employment and various other opportuni es currently available across the industries. ∙ Guide student's right from the 1st year onwards in proper direc on. ∙ Understand student aspira ons using Student Audits during 1st year and 2nd year and review them periodically (2/1 Student Audit). ∙ Prepare roadmap and enable students to align with the industry ver cal they have chosen during 2/1 itself. ∙ Extend all knowledge support services, so that they prepare and evolve on the chosen industry ver cal. ∙ Based on Audit result of the Student, invite industry experts to interact and conduct knowledge transfer sessions related to different business domains. ∙ Assign accountability based on Student Audit, Training and Placements. ∙ Align for enhancement of KSAs on industry specific KRAs with 92% to 96% accuracy. ∙ Explore associa on and mutual rela ons with Internet based Job / Placements portals for global deployment of resources through ERA members and other global Staffing and Placement Augmenta on. ∙ Training and Placement Officer (TPO) in consulta on with HODs / Teacher In-charges create work groups / clusters on each Sector (or) Sub Sector, comprising of less than 10 students in each based on Courseware (Vs) Job Descrip on (Vs) Industries u lity to accomplish maximum employability.

For more details, please contact Surya Mahadeva, Mobile: 9493183145 Director - Industry rela ons Vikas Group of Ins tu ons [AďŹƒliated to JNTU-K, Approved by AICTE] Nunna, VIJAYAWADA, Pin code: 521212 Andhra Pradesh Landline # 0866-2469202 / 0866-2469222 Email:

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