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Employment Preparatory Program EAMCET Code: VCTN [Vikas College of Engineering and Technology ] EAMCET Code: MCTN [ Vikas Group of Ins tu ons]

Vikas Group of Institutions [AďŹƒliated to JNTU-Kakinada, Approved by AICTE] Nunna, VIJAYAWADA, Andhra Pradesh

Success of 2014 Graduating Batch [15 Months in Advance] 112 Offer letters in IT & Software Industries Civil Engineering students 100% Placement

This is the handbook for Students, Training & Placement Coordinators, Head of Departments and Parents to know the processes and procedures involved in Fresher Recruitment Drives [Campus Hiring] conducted by various Corporate Organiza ons. We ENABLE, EVOLVE AND EMERGE our students successfully and connect them with more than 800 Companies, covering more than 24 Industry Sectors right from 2nd year of Engineering study. All the Engineering students, please do note that all you are preparatory should be over by 4th year – 1st Semester, because nothing would be under your control in 4th year 2nd Semester. You would be busy with hec c with ghtly scheduled academic ac vi es and future course of ac ons too.

Employment Scenario We start counseling students from day one of their enrollment into the College. We mo vate, guide, counsel and take necessary steps within our limita ons and make students achieve N O BACKLOGS HISTORY. Such history is the primary Eligibility Criteria for exploring employment opportuni es with Top Companies. In addi on to NO Backlogs History, companies also consider good percentages. Various companies have their own set of cut-off filters under Eligibility Criteria and we enable student understand the same from Day One he/she enrolls into the college and start a ending the classes. Industry Filters / Scru ny Process for 2013 Gradua ng Engineering Students ∙ 10th Standard – 70%, Intermediate – 70% and Engineering 3rd year or 4th year – 1st semester – 70% ∙ 10th Standard – 65%, Intermediate – 65% and Engineering 3rd year or 4th year – 1st semester – 70% ∙ 10th Standard – 65%, Intermediate – 65% and Engineering 3rd year or 4th year – 1st semester – 65% ∙ 10th Standard – 60%, Intermediate – 60% and Engineering 3rd year or 4th year – 1st semester – 65% ∙ 10th Standard – 60%, Intermediate – 60% and Engineering 3rd year or 4th year – 1st semester – 60% ∙ Few Core companies consider GATE Scores too. Some large MNC corpora ons that are opera ng in Core sector consider CAT and GATE Scores.

Selec on Process of Fresh Graduates Test

Ap tude

A tude





GD / JAM Session



Technical Interview



HR Interview




Every year we are able to connect students to few companies out of those 50+ companies that recruit freshers in INDIA [Please note THAT all THE companies DO NOT recruit / hire on Na onal basis]. In Andhra Pradesh, earlier sta s cs show that maximum number companies that Hire / Recruit Fresher's are only 9. Out of the 9 companies, only 2 to 3 companies recruit / hire fresher's for core opera ons. We learnt with experience and took all necessary steps to ensure placement of students aspiring for CORE Industries Employment.

Fresher Hiring Process The Company Recruiter has access to high volume of profiles across the country, exceeding more than 5 Lakhs Professional Graduates every year. There are more than 7500 Professional Colleges across the country. Hence, he can select the best candidates. Recruiters have many methods and tes ng mechanisms to assess the real capacity and suitability of candidates for the openings. Even though, some of the candidates get rejected in Test or Interview process, it will not hamper the overall hiring process. Selec on Procedure The selec on procedure for fresher candidates includes the following:  Ap tude, A tude and Technical Assessment Test  Technical Interview with the Offshore Technical Panel  HR Interviews, Job Offer and Joining (On-boarding) Levels of Test Recruiters may conduct one or more above tests to assess the overall personality of candidates, based on client's unique needs. Only those candidates who succeed in First Level Tests are qualified for next level Offshore Technical Interview. In such fresher recruitment process, they adopt all in-person interviews without any telephonic interviews. There may be an excep on in some very rare cases. In general, clients do not take part in interviewing process. It is only up to the Offshore Recruitment Company to decide to hire or reject a fresher based on his/her capabili es and clients' needs. Test Methods A tude Test Using this test, recruiters evaluate the candidate's analy cal behavior and overall personality. Even though all candidates have undergone same level of educa on, percentage, technical skills, etc., their approach towards a situa on / problem may vary. In such test, each ques on has FOUR or more different ANSWERS. Assessment of each candidate is based on the way he/she answered for each situa on. Thus, the recruiter gauges the a tude of the candidate. There are two kinds of A tude, i.e., Posi ve and Nega ve. Candidates with Posi ve A tude are selected in the test. Ap tude Test Ap tude Test is conducted to review the logical reasoning and thinking performance of the candidates. It is also known as the Psychology Test. This test includes Numerical Reasoning, Comprehension of Graphs, Table Reasoning, Diagramma c Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Computer Ap tude, Vocabulary Test, Team Work Test, etc. Candidates with good logical reasoning are selected in the test. Technical Test The Technical Test aims at evalua ng the technical ability of the candidate. The ques ons of such test are prepared on the skills required for the Opening or in-line with the exper se of the candidate's skill. Candidates with good scores in the list are selected.

Employee Facilita on In order to make students face for such compe ve job interviews, we train our students with adequate Knowledge, Skills and A tude [KSAs] to crack the Tests comprising of Ap tude, A tude and Technical, Group Discussions, Just a Minute, Interview facing skills, Resume Wri ng Skills, Presenta on Skills, Nego a on Skills, etc. Thus, we enable students to enhance their employability. We encourage, them to undergo the following industry standard 'Employment Facilita on Tracks' as shown below:

 Elitmus > Students take this assessment well in advance and prepare for 2nd level of assessments,

for securing salaries ranging from 4 Lakhs to 18 Lakhs per Annum.  AMCAT > Students' assessment is done thrice with the inten on that students do understand

their individual KSAs and improve by themselves by the me actual Hiring / Recruitment starts.  Cocubes > This test is conducted 9 mes with a gap of 3 to 4 weeks. Assessments are done with

real- me industry requirements to ensure secured employment for every student.  Ranksheet > Every Engineering Undergraduate can earn anything between Rs. 10,000 to Rs.

80,000 per month while pursuing educa on. To ensure this we equip the students with ranksheets to check for their core technical skills and knowledge and competency skills. Further, these sheets would be mapped with the Small Medium Enterprises, which give earning opportuni es at a very early stage.  Hackerrank > is a fun social pla orm for hackers to solve interes ng puzzles,

build quick hacks, code game bots and collaborate to solve real-world challenges.  Jombay > is the next genera on job site to change the way hiring is done in India. For

job seekers, it is the smartest way to apply for jobs.

For more details and queries on Placement ac vi es and recruitment drives, please contact Surya Mahadeva, Mobile: 9493183145 Director - Industry rela ons Vikas Group of Ins tu ons [Affiliated to JNTU-K, Approved by AICTE] Nunna, VIJAYAWADA, Pin code: 521212 Andhra Pradesh Landline # 0866-2469202 / 0866-2469222 Email:

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